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2015 Holiday Dinner was at
Bungalow Lakeside Restaurant

We had a good gathering full of good food and chat:

And President's awards were presented to a couple active youth and members who helped the club over the last year:
Jacqueline, KG0ATS, Youth Net Control and VA QSO party champion

Spencer, K4IMP, Youth Net Control and VA QSO party almost champion

Paul, N4PD, Yahoo Reflector chair

Ken, KJ4GYL, Vice-president, Field Day co-captain, Oktoberfest co-chair


Ben, N3FQ, webmaster and field day chairman

LARG 2016 Membership Renewal: 2016 Application Form

Also consider participating in the ARRL Affiliated Club Dues Commission Program and process your ARRL Memership through our Treasurer:

ARRL Affiliated Club Membership Fee Benefit The American Radio Relay League continues to support the Club Commission Program. The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, as an Official Affiliated Club of the ARRL, can retain $15.00 for each 'NEW' regular membership or 'a rejoining regular member' who has not retained an ARRL membership for two or more calendar years prior to the application submission; and, can retain $2.00 for each 'renewing regular member including lapsed members of less than 2 years' submitted. See Details. You may obtain membership application form direct from the ARRL Membership Internet Site. Also see other ARRL Membership Level features including Family plans. Under this program all forms and fees are turned in to the club treasurer.

MONDAY LARG LUNCH AT WEGMANS - Every Monday around 1130 hours at Leesburg's Wegmams east of Leesburg and south of Route 7.

Hope To See You There.

LARG Seven Regular Weekly Radio Nets - Frequencies & Times:

Sunday Digital Net Sunday 2M FM Net Monday 220-MHz Net Tuesday CW Net
Wednesday 6M SSB Net Thursday 75M SSB Net Thursday 10M SSB Net Weekly Commuter Net


Due to health issues facing Jack Hammett, K4VV, the Virginia mountaintop station bearing his call sign that pioneered totally remote multioperator, multitransmitter (MM) contesting, has been shut down. The equipment is being dismantled and the equipment sold off. The K4VV remote multi-multi contest station project team won’t be disbanding, however. Instead, it will transition from “TeamK4VV” to “TeamW0YR,” operating from another Virginia station some 18 miles from the K4VV site, said Mike Lonneke, W0YR.

“This past winter’s brutal conditions caused serious damage to antennas on three of the towers at the big K4VV contest station, sitting atop Virginia’s Catoctin Ridge,” Lonneke told ARRL. Veteran contester Jack Hammett built K4VV, but health problems have prevented him from being actively involved in the station’s activities.” The group of 20 contesters calling itself TeamK4VV have been operating Hammett’s station for the past 5 years at his invitation, and the contest enthusiasts turned K4VV into the first completely remote MM contesting station.

With no operators in the K4VV shack, TeamK4VV finished 10th in the ARRL International DX SSB this past March, with a claimed score of 5.3 million points.

At the end of March, the team managed an 11th place claimed finish in the CQ World Wide WPX SSB, operating as AC3U, racking up 14.3 million points. “Then, things came apart,” Lonneke said. “The drive mechanism on K4VV’s Super Bertha failed, boom guys on the top 4 element 40 meter OWA Yagi worked loose and hung down, endangering other antennas, and several other serious problems came to light.” He said TeamK4VV members were ready to carry out the repairs, but when Lonneke approached Hammett to have the work done, he learned that, in view of Hammett’s worsening health, his family had decided to close the station.

“Just weeks before the CQ WPX CW — even as John, K3TN, was making a detailed presentation on K4VV’s Totally Remote Multi-Multi contesting effort at Dayton Hamvention — team members began the sad task of dismantling and selling the amazing panoply of equipment at K4VV,” Lonneke said. “The tower professional who handled the original antenna installations is involved presently in disposing of the antenna systems.”

But with a new name and renewed spirit, TeamW0YR has begun planning to resume its totally remote MM contesting activities in earnest this September. W0YR recently took delivery of a new, additional tower. In June, Lonneke upgraded his station’s vital Internet connection to equal the data throughput speeds that had been available at K4VV.

Up to five operators may log on, listen to, or operate any position at W0YR, Lonneke explained. He pointed out that team members won’t need to purchase any new gear or software in order to use two of the W0YR operating positions. “Team members who have Elecraft K3 transceivers and RemoteRig interfaces use the third position,” Lonneke said. All positions have fully automatic amplifiers. An antenna switching system designed by Top Ten Devices allows the remote operator to select any available antenna from any position, with a lockout feature. Any position can turn the rotators for the band it’s using. Four remote audio systems are available: RemoteRig audio, DF3CB’s RemAud, Mumble, and Skype.

The team also may use any of several call signs available to it, including W0YR, W0NA, W4YY, KK3TN, AC3U, and KT6V.

“The team is getting ready to work the IARU HF World Champsionship in order to ‘wring out’ any faults,” Lonneke told ARRL this week. “Even though there is no MM category in the IARU, we will run MM and turn in a check log.” — Thanks to Mike Lonneke, W0YR

Moving a tower to W0YR's QTH for additional antenna support.

VA QSO Party 2015

While logs as a whole were down for the clubs, there were a couple noteworthy accomplishments:

KM4IML (now KG0ATS) broke records for High Single Operator VHF and High VA VHF Only

LARG beat out FARA in winning High Club VA Only (both KG0ATS, her brother K4IMP, and dad, N3FQ, all contributed substantial scores) even though we lost the Club High.

Ben Packard - N3FQ LARG Outstanding Member for 2014

(Purcellville, Virginia, January 13, 2015)  
At our 2014 Holiday Dinner at the Hamilton Safety Center on December 6, 2014 Ben Packard, N3FQ, was awarded the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Outstanding Member for 2014.

The Certification

"The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognize the outstanding contributions of Ben Packard, N3FQ, of Purcellville, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, invaluable dedication and excellent stewardship of the LARG. Ben was the key coach and station captain for our Get-On-The-Air Station, N3FQ, in the K4LRG 2014 Field Day winning first place Class 5A operation. He provided public information at Field Day 2014. Ben registered and managed the 2014 Field Day Operators Big Board. He has steadily improved his home station and now operates in five weekly LARG radio nets. He also volunteered to serve out the Treasurer's 2014 term and serve as our 2015 Treasurer. Finally, he operated successfully in the Virginia QSO Party and LARG Marathon Contest; he sponsored the four 2014 Formula-2 LARG Marathon Contest Trophies." Read More

LARG Tech License Training - Saturday & Sunday, January 31 & February 1, 2015.

Loudoun County Amateur Radio Group (K4LRG) will be at the VFW 1177 in Leesburg on Saturday, Jan 31.from 8am-5pm for Tech Class, and Sunday, Feb 1 from 8am to 5pm for Tech Review and Test.

Coffee donuts in morning; HOT DOGs and chips and drink for LUNCH. Plus, Water, Soda, Coffee for adults and Hot Coco for children.

Since our last class, the VFW has better lighting, new tables, same chairs, and new bathrooms. The Class is Free.

No online reservation is necessary, just a head count is all I need please send your intent to attend to [email protected] .

Hope to see many attend. Best Regards, Jay Greeley,K I4UTB, Chairman, LARG Training Committee

Winter 2015 Tech Class Subject Schedule By Henry - K2BFY
Refer To ARRLTech Book For Subject Material. All times are approximate.

T1 Saturday 31 Jan, 0800 K2BFY
T2 Saturday 31 Jan, 0900
T3 Saturday 31 Jan, 0930
15 minute break 1000
T4 Saturday 31 Jan 1015
T5 Saturday 31 Jan 1045
Film Saturday 31 Jan 1300 K2BFY
Baofeng Radios Saturday 31 Jan 1330 K0BRA
T6 Saturday 31 Jan 1400
T7 Saturday 31 Jan 1445
15 minute break
T8 Saturday 31 Jan 1545
T9 Saturday 31 Jan
T0 Saturday 31 Jan

  Review Sunday 01 Feb 0800 to 1200

 Test Sunday 01 Feb 1300    

Frostfeat Richmond, VA. - Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 0800 hours


Happy New Year!

The Frostfest Committee, staff, and volunteers hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season.

And now we want to encourage you to head on over to and order your tables and tickets for Frostfest 2015!

We're in the Exhibition Hall at the Richmond Raceway Complex, the entire hamfest under one roof. This is a great improvement over years past!

Tables are going quickly, but some prime real estate is still available. We have Kay Craigie, N3KN and President of the ARRL, along with Bob Bruninga, WB4APR, the inventor of APRS and other ham radio developments, as keynote speakers; prizes, new vendors, and much, much more!

Don't miss the best hamfest of the year! We look forward to seeing you at Frostfest 2015 on Saturday, February 7!

Orders received on or after Saturday January 30, 2015 will be help at Will Call. All ordering will end on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. Don't wait! Order now!

LARG 2015 K4LRG Field Day Meeting #1
Saturday, February 5th at 1900 - 2100 hours - Get Map
Who: You
What: First Field Day Planning Meeting
Where: Ashburn Library, 43316 Hay Road, Ashburn, VA 2014
When: Thursday, Feb 5th from 7-9pm (avoiding the weekend contest times)
Why: So you can have input into the organization and plans for 2015 Field Day
I plan to go over our club objectives, discuss station/tower arrangements, and look start the ball rolling for another banner year!
If you have questions, let me know. Otherwise I'll see you there.
Ben, N3FQ, 2015 Field Day Chairman
p.s. I will work on securing teleconference capabilities for the meeting and post info before the meeting.

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, February 21 at 0830 hours - Get Map
Zeno Wahl, VE3ZAW, has agreed to speak at the February 21 club meeting on Mesh Networks. Some of you may remember that Zeno spoke a little over a year ago on the same topic. There is renewed interest from club members in mesh networking so we thought it would be good to have him revisit the topic. 73's, Ken - KJ4GYL

Virginia QSO Party - Saturday - Sunday, March 21- 22, 2015

39th Annual Winterfest Annandale, VA. - Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 0800 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, April 18 at 0830 hours - Get Map

DAYTON Hamvention- Friday - Sunday, May 15 - 17 - DETAILS

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, May 16 at 0830 hours - Get Map

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, June 20 at 0830 hours - Get Map

ARRL K4LRG Field Day - Friday - Saturday - Sunday, June 26, 27 28 , 2015.

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, July 18 at 0830 hours - Get Map

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, August 15 at 0830 hours - Get Map

LARG Monthly Meeting plus Fox Hunt - Saturday, September 19 at 0830 hours - Get Map

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, October 17 at 0830 hours

LARG Monthly Meeting - Saturday, November 21 at 0830 hours - Get Map

The 2014 CQ WW at KØZR

(Purcellville, Virginia, December 1,, 2014)   Jeff compares his 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 operations. This past weekend of November 23, 2013, was the CQWW CW contest. This was the third time I really "dove in" to try and work the contest as aggressively as I could. Each year has been different as I have progressively added antennas to my station.
By Jeff - K0ZR

My planning began over a year ago, actually, for this WW just completed. I had numerous examples since moving to my QTH in 2010 that illustrated I needed better hearing capabilities on 160m and 80m if I was to make a reasonable number of contacts. My "L" shaped lot, location of transmit antennas, and the 19.2 KV power line traversing close to E-to-W on one side of my property, all but eliminated from consideration a beverage system. So I began seriously considering an active four-square arrangement. I designed a suitable active antenna preamplifier, with one prototype completed, and had begun working out the details of the switching matrix to switch receive into four different directions, when I began having to travel extensively. I knew I had no chance of completing my own design in time for the 2013-14 contest season so I purchased the DX Engineering four-square system ( not the "full-up" system but most of it ). I completed the installation of the four-square in September. It is arranged with the diagonals of the square hitting Europe, South American, New Zealand, and Japan. Each side of the square is 70 ft.

The addition of the four-square completes my plans for antennas at my location. While I would like to have more antennas, an additional tower, and the like, I have done as much as I can without looking like the "Beverly Hillbillies". My XYL may not agree with that assessment, believing perhaps that the QTH already looks that way J . For the CQWW I used a Cushcraft XM-240 at 80 ft for 40m, a Force12 C31XR at 71 ft covering, 10, 15, and 20m, a DX Engineering 80/40m vertical with 90 radials on 80m, and an inverted "L" for 160m.

The 2014 LARG Berryville Campaign

Photo by Ken - KJ4GYL
(Purcellville, Virginia, September 22,, 2014)   Like is our practice, we formed up by 0515 hours; it is still O-Dark-Thirty. The Campaign was well organized. We had a nice 5-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville by 0525 hours local. Rick - AI1V (now N1RM) was point. There were no delays and our traditional spot under the tall trees was available. Again, some had spent the night after setting up on Saturday. The weather was great with no threat of rain. It didn't take long for the early birds to find us and the good stuff was gone by 8 AM. Dave - KE4S helped Norm find a nice 6M 100-watt multimode transceiver and very nice 5-elemnt 6M yagi antenna. Things slowed by 1130 hours and we "Closed Station and March Ordered." It was so nice to see so many of the Loudoun ARG and our other friends. As show below, if you need a nice radio or antenna then this is the place to shop around. We look forward to another in 2015.   READ MORE

The Great K4FW Lift At AI2C On Canby

(Purcellville, Virginia, July 22,, 2014 Reported and Photographed By Norm Styer, AI2C of Clarkes Gap, Virginia, Sunday, July 13, 2014)   My self-supporting crank-up TRI-EX W-51 tower and Telrex TB6-EM 6-element yagi antenna were installed here on Canby in August 1980 after arriving here from an assignment at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. This is an old, big and heavy system but a very reliable work horse purchased direct from Telrex Labs in Lakehurst, New Jersey in 1977 and operated at 432 Peskin Road, Farmingdale, New Jersey. This combination pretty well max-ed out what the Army would move for me. Some reviews here: EHam TB6-EM Reviews. The antenna has seen 3 rotors otherwise only the growing Eastern Ash trees have slowed it down. The reflector was hung up in the now taller broader trees. Earlier this year, several of my contest and DX-ing friends offered to do some climbing and trimming. I even thought about buying a 40-foot extension ladder at Home Depot. Well, in July 2014, Jim Stowers, K4FW, my neighbor up the road on Canby came to my rescue.  READ MORE


(Purcellville, Virginia, March 23, 2014)   Five members of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group teamed up to operate Jack Hammett's K4VV Super Station to operate in the Virginia QSO Party. Each of the five used a different call sign during the contest. Scores from the five members' logs will be submitted to VAQP sponsors in order to bolster the Loudoun group's contest score.

Pictured (top to bottom) in the photo are Rick-AI1V, Bill-KJ4VTH and Bud-KK4ULA. Also participating were Dan-KI4RSD and Mike-W0YR. Paul-N4PD spent many hours setting up the complex three-position, five operator arrangement at K4VV so that each operator's log could be kept and submitted separately.

Pictured here is one of the two TelRex "Big Bertha" rotating poles. Both "Berthas" are loaded with stacks of antennas for 10, 15 and 20 Meter amateur bands. Another tower, not pictured, hosts a stacked pair of full-sized four-element 40 Meter band yagi antennas. The team used a 106-foot high dipole on the 80 Meter band.

The group's operation during the second section of the contest, which ran on Sunday (16 Mar) had to be cut short by several hours as a winter storm descended on northern Virginia and dumped 16" of snow on the station's Catoctin Ridge location.

Photo Credits: Antenna picture by AI2C and shack picture by W0YR.

Best Regards, Mike - W0YR


16th Annual LARG Holiday Dinner

(Purcellville, Virginia, January 21, 2014)   Some thirty members and guests of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group met for it's sixteenth annual Holiday Dinner at the Arlington Army Navy County Club.

They were entertained with seasonal songs by the Chorus of the Old Dominion. We thank Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG, on the left in above photograph, for arranging this appearance.

Of course, special thanks goes to Henry Weidman, K2BFY, Jay Greeley, KJ4UTB and others for arranging this great event.

        Again this year, we did something very special by capturing First Place in 5A in the 2013 ARRL Field Day. Seldom does a radio club do a repeat. Congrads to all. Gary Quinn, NC4S, thanked all who supported Filed Day 2013.
        Awards were also presented by Gary Quinn, NC4S, for the LARG's DX Marathon. Some great records were set. We had seven participants; hopefully more will try in 2014.
         Henry Weidman, K2BFY, had some nice door prizes including several nice small 2/440 handheld transceivers. And, he had checked them all and programmed them with all the local repeater frequencies. Thanks Henry.          Finally, Henry Weidman, K2BFY, of Sterling, Virginia, was awarded the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Outstanding Member for 2.013. Thanks for a great year.
         All thirty-plus of us will remember this one. Thanks to all who pulled this one off !!!   READ MORE

2013 LARG Marathon Award Winners
(Purcellville, Virginia, December 7, 2013) 

2013 Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Marathon Awards
Unlimited Mixed Mode High Score: Norm Styer, AI2C
Unlimited CW Only High Score: John Unger, W4AU

Photo by AI2C
Formula 2 Mixed Mode High Score: Ben Pearson, KD7UIY
Formula 2 Digital Only High Score: Steve Greeene, KS1G

ALSO: Unlimted Digital Only High Score: Dave Putman, KE4S
& Formula 1 Mixed Mode High Score: Bill Robbins, KJ4VTH
Congrats to All

Henry Weidman - K2BFY OM for 2013

(Purcellville, Virginia, December 7, 2013)   At our 2013 Holiday Dinner at the Army-Navy Country Club in Fairfax, Virginia, on December 7, 2013, Henry Weidman, K2BFY, was awarded the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Outstanding Member for 2013.

The Certification

"The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognizes the outstanding contributions of Henry Weidman - K2BFY of Sterling, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, invaluable dedication and excellent stewardship of the LARG. Henry has participated in almost every event that LARG is active in, assisting with LARG training classes, helping new hams program their new handheld radios, started the weekly lunch at Wegmans and the 220 MHz Net, helped with the GOTA station and other Field Day operations, and put together a Field Day scavenger hunt for younger participants, with face painting. He set up the 2013 Fox Hunt. Each club meeting now has a new format that has drawn larger crowds at each meeting where the presentation is given first. He provided a door prize drawing at each club meeting, provided support for the Reston Century Ride, and has been an outstanding president for LARG." Read More

Signals de Loudoun©
Stories of Amateur Radio In Loudoun County, Virginia
Volume 2013 Edition 2 (Purcellville, Virginia, November 11,, 2013)

"W4AU Story of 2013 ARRL CW Sweep Stakes"

"Signals de Loudoun"

Here's A Very Special Report From One Our Supreme CW Operators

By John Unger,
W4AU of Hamilton, Virginia

"For the past few years I have always done a fair amount of preparation prior to the start of most contests but especially ARRL CW Sweep Stakes (SS). These chores are in addition to "normal" stuff like checking antenna SWR and amplifier settings, etc. I like to go through the last few years' logs and see what time and bands I worked some of the rarer, more distant sections, like NT, PAC, KP2, AK, etc. Then I also like to look at the rates sheets from these past SS's and try to see what bands I should be on and when to keep up good rates. I began listening to the bands about 30 minutes before the start and found that 20 seemed to be in good shape for both long and intermediate paths, i.e, good coverage of high population areas. So I started out at the bell running on 14043 and stayed there with good rates until about 2145 when I went up to the top of the of the CW activity and started an aggressive S&P campaign down that band. About 2200 with 70 Q's logged, I moved to 40 and started S&P'ing until I found a clear run frequency at 7045. I moved down a few kHz to 7033 where I basically stayed for the next 5 hours running and picking up 53 additional second radio Q's on 15 and 20 for an average of 59 QSO's per hour. I worked KP4, KP2, and KL7 on 20 with the second radio while running on 40. About 0300 I went to 80 and first found a good run frequency high in the band and then an ideal location at 3535 where I stayed for the next 3 hours running and picking up 23 second radio contacts on 40. I had good rates on 80 and so had not much time for listening to other bands. I went to bed at 0640 with 566 QSO's, including dupes, in the log and needing ND, NE, VY1, and PAC for a sweep...." Read More.

20th Anniversary of the LARG

(Purcellville, Virginia, October 31,, 2013)  
"Signals de Loudoun"

Happy 20th Anniversary To All !!!

A Very Special Thanks For All The Great Years

Here's A Very Special Message From One Of Our Founders, Gary Quinn, NC4S of Lovettsville, Virginia

"The roots or beginnings of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group go back to 1993 when a group of radio amateurs, that frequently used the 147.300 Bluemont repeater, decided to participate in the ARRL Field Day activities in June of that year. The group decided to hold the Field Day activities at Gary Quinn's farm in Lovettsville Virginia.

The participants at this Field Day were George Cotton (KD4PWR), Tom Carney (WB9RXJ), Mark Gilliam (N3GMW Now W3MDG), Roy Clark (KC4YGB), David Bachschmid (KD4TWR), Gary Quinn (NC4S), and Jack Fastnaught (KD4UDX). The majority of the hams that participated in the Field Day activity at Gary's farm had never done so before and it showed. We managed to have a low score because of dipole antennas at 20 feet, generator that quit because of water in the gas, thunderstorms shutting down operations, bending a two-meter antenna support mast during its raising, and an HF vertical antenna that was not connected properly. Despite all of the mistakes poor weather, and low score the group had a lot of fun together...." Read More.

The 2013 Berryville Campaign

(Purcellville, Virginia, August 9,, 2013)   At 0515 hours it is still O-Dark-Thirty. We had a nice 5-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville at 0520 hours local. Gary Quinn - NC4S was point with tanden-axle trailer loaded with Rohn and Hy-Gain, and Dodson and Marcia were trail. At 0545 hours, as in the past, we were some of the first units there and they were upon us as soon as we parked under the tall trees in the eastern end of the Clarke County Fair Grounds. Many had set up the night before and looks like they spent the night. There were signs of rain overnight. It didn't take long to part with the good stuff. Norm - AI2C parted with his 40-year old stash; he had many good bargains and by 1100 hours had some $250 to show for his effort. Gary - NC4S also did a nice job and he has several still thinking about picking up his 60-feet of Rohn 25 tower. Bill - K8SYH and Paul - N4PD also did good. It's estimated that LARG's haul was around a G-Note. It was so nice to see so many of the Loudoun ARG and our other friends. As show below, if you need a nice radio then this is the place to shop around. We look forward to another in 2014. See Many Photographs and Roster.

Earth - Moon - Earth Communications 
                                                          Moonbounce by Paul Bock, K4MSG

(Purcellville, Virginia, May 13,, 2013)   An outstanding article by Paul Bock, K4MSG, of his wonderful accomplishment of communicating around the world by bouncing signals off the moon is now available on K4LRG.ORG. In granting permission to publish here, Paul writes:

"For your information,, what I really want to do with this is show that, thanks to modern technology and the steady world-wide growth of EME popularity, it just really ain't all that technically difficult or expensive to do this and achieve some small measure of success.  I would love for there to be some hams in our club who could say, "Oh, yeah, I've done moonbounce a few times, it was fun and I learned some things doing it."  How cool would THAT be?   :-)  73, Paul"

Paul's report is available here.

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
K4LRG 2013 Field Day Exercise

Friday - Saturday - Sunday June 21, 22, and 23, 2013

Are You With Us ?

(Purcellville, VA. March 23, 2013)  Chris - W3CUM and Dave - KE4OKY, Co-Chairmen for the 2013 LARG - K4LRG ARRL Field Day Committee, held a early morning planning meeting at the Virginia Army National Guard Armory in Leesburg on Saturday, March 23, 2013. Considerable progress was made. See Chris's announcement here.

Meeting Presentation By Chris, W3CUM

Those in attendance, form the left, Paul - N4PD, Gary - NC4S, Dave - KE4OKY, Gene - N3EV, Nycole, Henry - K2BFY, Rick- KR9D, Frank - K0BRA, Ben - N3FQ, Jay - KI4TXP, Gene - WB8WKU, Luther - K5NOB, Jeff - KØZR and Rick - AI1V. Photo by Norm - AI2C.

The Co-Chairman's Message

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. March 3, 2013)  Welcome to the 2013 LARG Field Day! This year it will be held at the Westerman Farm (WB5ODJ) in beautiful and picturesque western Loudoun County. Field Day will be from June 22nd to 23rd with setup on Thursday evening, June 20th and Friday, June 21st for a maximum of 24 hours of setup.

LARG Field Day reflects the spirit of the club as a Fun place to operate radio and talk with folks who are happy to share their knowledge and experience with new and more seasoned Hams alike. Last year we were the top club in the country operating in the 5A category. This success reflects the dedication the Club and operators have to the hobby, but not at the expense of having fun while operating. If it wasn't fun we would not be doing it! We expect that the LARG 2013 Field day will have the same well balanced mix of fun, camaraderie, and competitiveness that we have enjoyed at past events.

Come on out and join us for a glorious 24 hours (plus set up and tear down) of simulated emergency operation. It is a great time for new and old hams alike to get on the air and flex those radio operator chops!

Don't forget to sign up on the BIG BOARD to get your operating time slot. They are going fast!

Even if you choose not to operate, come on out anyway and
HEAR: the CQs from around the country and around the world!
FEEL: the excitement!
SEE: Amateur Radio at its best!
We'll be looking for you!
LARG Field Day 2013
Co-Chairman: Chris W3CUM

Read More At Our 2013 Field Day Section of K4LRG.ORG

A Loudoun Amateur Radio Group 2013
Technician Class Amateur Radio Training Event

                                                                                            Rported by Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG

        (February 12, 2013, Purcellville, Virginia) On January 11 through 13, 2013, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia sponsored another of its popular amateur radio licensing preparation classes for Technician Class operators. The class was held at the VFW Post 1177 Hall in Leesburg, VA.

        Class attendees numbered 33. These included members of the Civil Air Patrol, the Virginian Defense Force, Boy Scouts, and no-affiliated persons. Four members of LARG, Jay Greeley, KI4UTB, Henry Weidman, K2BFY, and Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG, and Sean Sheedy, AI4ID, served as instructors; other LARG members assisted with photography by Norm Styer, AI2C, public address system by Paul Dluehosh, N4PD, and other essentials. A guest Instructor, Mark Braunstein, WA4KFZ, from the Old Virginia Hams Radio Club, W4OVH, in Manassas, VA., helped teach the course and answer the more technical questions.

Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG

Jay Greeley, KI4UTB

The 2013 LARG - K4LRG Calendar

Each year Denny Boehler, KF4TJI, produces an excellent record of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group with his annual calendar. It's full of photographs of our wonderful members and super operations and the calendar calls out all the great activities for the year. These are available from Denny for $5.00. These proceeds go to the LARG.

Get Your 2013 Calendar - Hot Off The Press

2013 LARG Programs

(Purcellville, Virginia, February 10, 2013)
January - Field Day Meeting by Henry, K2BFY
February - Ammo Can Radio by Henry, K2BFY
March - VA QSO Party by John, W4AU, and Henry, K2BFY
April - Hurricane Sandy by David, WA4TXE
May - ARC-5 by Gary, NC4S
June - Show and Tell by Everyone

Note: The MARCH Meeting will be on the 2nd Saturday of the month due to the VA QSO Party starting at 10 AM local time on the 3rd Saturday

LARG 2012 Net Reports & Stats Have Been Rolled

(Purcellville, Virginia, January 6, 2013)   The 2012 LARG Radio Nets Reports and Stats have been rolled. The Archives are here.  Our 2013 Operations are here.

The 15th Annual Holiday Dinner

(Purcellville, Virginia, December 27, 2012)   A Very Special Thanks to Carol Boehler - KF4TJJ and John Unger - W4AU for arranging this outstanding event !

The Fifteenth Annual Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Holiday Dinner was very special. Fine food, great friends, and many special awards for the very deserving highlighted the evening. And, we crowned another LARG Outstanding Member Of The Year.

We all met at the Harmony Hall in eastern Hamilton, Virginia on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Carol Boehler, KF4TJJ, arranged the announcements and invitations. John Unger, W4AU, secured the Harmony Hall. Everyone brought great potluck stuff. There was plenty for all. Thanks for a great job of setting everything up.

The evening awards program by Gary Quinn, NC4S, was special with many deserving receiving recognition.

Not often does a radio club have such great accomplishments in one year: 1st Place in 5A in the ARRL 2012 Field Day, capturing the Top Commonwealth CW Awards in the 2012 Virginia QSO Party and many special accomplishments in the 1st Annual Marathon Award.   Read More

John Westerman - WB5ODJ
Outstanding Member for 2012

(Purcellville, Virginia, December 25, 2012)   Awarded Annually for Individual Dedication, Singularly Valuable and Innovative Contributions to the Furtherance of the Goals and Ideals of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Virginia, John Westerman, WB5ODJ, of Lovettsville, Virginia is selected as the 2012 Louduon Amateur Radio Group's Outstanding Member. Bryan Stephens, KG4UPR, President of the LARG (on right), presents the Outstanding Member Award to John - WB5ODJ.

"The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognize the outstanding contributions of John Westerman - WB5ODJ of Lovettsville, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, invaluable dedication and excellent stewardship of the LARG and his hosting of the K4LRG Field Day Operation from 2009 through 2012, for his highly reliable Field Day WI-FI Network, for sponsoring and organizing the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's public service communications support for the 2008 through 2012 Lovettsville Oktoberfest, and for organizing the 2012 communications support and net control station for the Reston Bicycle Club's Century Ride across Loudoun County. He is also recognized for his recent achievement of Extra Class License status, his operating skills in the Virginia QSO Party, and his super participation in the weekly HF, Digital, and VHF Radio Nets of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group. "  Read More

In Case 147.300 Crashes This Winter
Use Alternates For Emergencies,
SkyWarn & NVTN

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. November 27, 2012)  The Bluemont Repeater, WA4TSC/R, on 147.300 MHz (PL 146.2 Hz) is the primary repeater for Skywarn and the Northern Virginia Traffic Net (NVTN) in Northern Virginia, and in parts of West Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia..

In case of electrical power failures this winter and the battery back-up on WA4TSC/R fails or is put on true stand-by to protect system, then be prepared to use alternate repeaters for Emergencies, Shywarn and the NVTN.


K4QJZ / R on 145.21 MHz Input Down 600 kHz  PL 141.3 Hz  at Linden, VA

KV3B / R on 146.955 MHz Input Down 600 kHz at Rockville, MD

Thanks, Chris - W3CUM

FLASH: It Feels Good - Thanks To Everyone !!!

# Call Score Category QSOs Power Mult GOTA Call Section Participants Club
1 K4LRG 15,916 5A 4,453 2 KE4OKY VA 35 Loudoun AR Group
2 K1T 14,078 5A 4,467 2 W1WQM NH 25 Port City ARC
3 W6NWG 12,082 5A 3,288 2 WD6FWE SDG 71 Palomar ARC
4 NG5A 10,832 5A 2,753 2 AD5NR NTX 23 BOARS RC
5 N8BC 9,822 5A 2,866 2 OH 25 Lake Cty ARA
FULL DATA AT: K4LRG - 1st in CLASS 5A in US & CANADA - ROANOKE DIVISION - VIRGINIA Total of 86 Station in Class 5A. Total of 2617 Stations - All Classes - in US & Canada K4LRG - 2nd OVERALL- ALL CLASSES - IN Virginia K4LRG - 3rd OVERALL - ALL CLASSES - IN ROANOKE DIVISION K4LRG - 12th OVERALL - ALL CLASSES - IN US & CANADA NNNN

Sadie's Race Communications Support

(Purcellville, Virginia, June 2, 2012)   The race and kid's events were held in memory of Sadie Ablard to raise money for Smile Train. This event was a kids run and walk, followed by the 5K run. I have been told that this will be an annual event.

We arrived on site at 0630 on Saturday, May 12, 2012, with registration being at 0700 and the event starting at 0800. The three of us were finished and on our way home by 0945. The three spots we covered were Shadow the Race Director, Registration and the one rest area. When the registration desk closed we then moved to the Kids play area and petting zoo. There were no instances that involved our expertise.

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group supplied radio support for this event.  Read More

This is KS1G Bicycle Mobile

(Purcellville, Virginia, April 23, 2012)   Steve Greene - KS1G made a wonderful presentation on his decade-long experience with developing a practical and effective bicycle mobile station to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on Saturday, April 21, 2012.

Steve traced his station's evolution from a simple VHF-UHF bicycle mobile operation starting around 2003 to a fully capable VHF-UHF-HF bicycle mobile station

How about 122 QSOs in the 2012 Virginia QSO Party!

Read More

The 2012 LARG - K4LRG Field Day Committee
                                 The Chairman's Report

(Purcellville, Virginia, April 10, 2012)   The first meeting for the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's 19th K4LRG Field Day Committee was held at the Purcellville Library Wednesday, April 4, 2012, starting at 7 PM. Thirteen members were present.

Gary started the meeting with a short presentation that he put together for the members to contemplate our past performance and what the goals are for the 2012 LARG Field Day.

The first order of business was to determine where we would have our Field Day exercise for 2012. Gary brought up the idea that several members had suggested that we go to Morven Park this year. A motion was made to not go to Morven Park and a good discussion followed with the pros and cons of going to Morven Park this year for Field Day. The motion was carried 11 yea to 2 no. Gary Quinn then indicated that he would set up a meeting with Judy to survey Morven Park as a possible site next year. He would ask Jay Ives and Chris Painter to go with him on the survey.

There was then a discussions and vote on whether to stay in the category of 5A for this Field Day. The vote was 12 yea to 1 no to stay in the 5A category.

The meeting was then spent gong over the Organization Table for this year's Field Day effort. A number of members at the meeting volunteered to fill empty positions. Please refer to the 2012 Organization Chart at:

Please contact me if you would like to fill one of the empty slots.

Discussions around the GOTA station and how to improve this years effort ensued during the organization table discussion. One item was the getting youth to come to our Field Day site and there was mention that Bob Rodrigues may be a good contact for the Blue Ridge Middle school (Apparently there is a radio club at Blue Ridge) and the boy scouts. Concern was expressed that Rick Miller would not be here to merge all of the logs after Field Day is over. I let the members at the meeting know that John Westerman and Rick were to get together and Rick was going to let him know the procedure of how to merge the logs. Discussion also concerning signing up members for two hour operating blocks this year ended with John Unger volunteering to do the log sign up process. There was also discussion regarding relief operators and how well that worked last year and if we could we would do it again this year.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 PM for the closing of the Library.

I am in the process of setting up the next meeting which will be at John Westerman's home so that we can discuss logistics and station equipment and antennas. The group requested a Saturday morning meeting.

If you read the organization chart above there are individuals who were not at the meeting who were volunteered for positions. Please let me know if you cannot fill that slot. Especially Randy, W4XJ, Chris, W3CUM, Dennis, kF4TJI, and Merc, N4TGA.

73 NC4S, Gary
Chairman, 2012 K4LRG Field Day Committee


The Battle of Ball's Bluff - 2011 Reenactment

(Purcellville, Virginia, February 25, 2012)   Introduction By Luther Guise - K5NOB, 2011 President, Loudoun Amateur Radio Group  On the 21st day of October 1861 the Battle of Ball's Bluff took place in Loudoun County, Virginia, between the town of Leesburg and the Potomac River.

It was notable for being a battle in which the only U.S. Senator in American history was killed in combat.

One hundred and fifty years ago the hams weren't there but they were for the sesquicentennial. Responding to a request by the Morven Park Event Coordinator, the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority and the Loudoun County Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Management Special Events Coordinator to provide communications support for the event, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) went in to action.

Besides a battle reenactment at Ball's Bluff Regional Park, the approximately 1,000 Civil War re-enactors were required to complete a mile long trek across US Route 15, along hilly unpaved farm roads and cleared woods from their bivouac area at Morven Park to the battle site at Ball's Bluff.  READ MORE ABOUT IT including a special collection of photographs by Gene Carnicom - KD7IAV and a special video by Bryan Stephens - KG4UPR.

2012 Technician License Training Class Report

                                    By Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG

On Friday evening January 13 and Saturday January 14, 2012, a Technician Class amateur radio operator class sponsored by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) was held at the Winmill Carriage Museum on the historic grounds of Morven Park in Leesburg VA. The purpose of the class was to:

1) Assist local Boy Scouts in earning the Radio Merit Badge, and

2) Familiarize all attendees with the material which could be covered in the Technician Class amateur radio license exam.

The VEC exam session will be held on Saturday January 21, 2012 in Morven Park's Hofmann Building at the Equestrian Center.

Five Boy Scouts and 10 adult trainees participated. The class was taught by instructors Henry Weidman (K2BFY), Jay Greeley (KI4UTB) and Bob Rodriguez (KJ4NXG).

ARRL produced Power Point and film clip presentations were used as the backbone training materials for the class. The Power Point material "teaches to the test" by familiarizing class attendees with the ~400 questions in the item (test question) pool, from which 35 are used in various versions of the Technician Class License exams.

LARG member (and trainee) Judy Wodynski provided the Morven Park training site and served as the training class hostess. Additional LARG members Norm Styer, Paul Dluehosh, Jay Ives, Sean Sheedy and others supported class logistics.

Serving as the BSA Radio Merit Badge Counselor, trainer and LARG member Bob Rodriguez will continue to assist those scouts who desire to complete their merit badge requirements, which include a mock QSO and a visit to a (ham) radio station.


Respectfully submitted, Bob Rodriguez - KJ4NXG

Radio Merit Badge and Amateur Radio Exam Training
Winter 2012 Tech Training Class

                                           By Bob Rodriguez, KJ4NXG

Click For PDF Version
Click For Printable MS Document Version

To "Be Prepared" means being able to communicate with family and friends during an emergency. One way is to have an amateur "ham" radio, and a license to operate it. Earning your BSA Radio Merit Badge takes you well on your way to becoming licensed as a "ham" radio operator.

A free Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) sponsored class is being held this Friday evening (January 13th) and Saturday (January 14th). The class is designed for anyone desiring to take the required FCC exam to operate on amateur radio. There is no fee for the class, and all responsible youth and adults are invited. Scouts who attend can all but complete the requirements for the Radio Merit Badge by bringing the Radio Merit Badge worksheets and a signed Blue Card with them. Download the Radio MB worksheet at: A BSA Radio MB Counselor and other LARG members will help scouts with their worksheets and with requirement #7.

Class Details:
"Technician Class" license exam preparation training is being held this Friday and Saturday at Morven Park's Winmil Carriage Museum off of Old Waterford Rd. on Southern Planter Lane in Leesburg. The Morven Park Mansion and Winmil Carriage Museum address is: 17263 Southern Planter Ln., Leesburg, VA 20176. Go here for directions:
The training class runs from 6:30 PM until 9 PM on Friday, and 8:30 am until 4 PM on Saturday. The Friday session will be repeated at 1 PM on Sunday.

There is no fee for the class, but attendees should either bring a lunch or $5-$8 for carry out which will be ordered during Saturday's class. Please note: There will not be time for leaving and returning to Morven Park during the lunch break. LARG will supply bottled water.

Attendees can be dropped off at the Winmil Carriage Museum, however there is no parking at the museum itself. Park in lot #3. Signs to the "LARG Class" will be posted and a ride to the Museum (about 2-3 blocks walk) from the parking lot will be provided before class (please be prompt).

The 35 question "Technician Class" amateur radio license exam will be given at Morven Park on the following Saturday (January 21st). A donation of $15 is requested for taking the exam. All exam questions can be previewed on-line, and practice exams can be taken on the Internet without cost. Learning Morse Code is NOT a requirement. (A 7 year old girl recently earned her license!)

Please refer to LARG's website under "Ham Training" for the latest info at or have them email [email protected] .

14th Annual LARG Holiday Party

(Purcellville, VA. December 20, 2011)  The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group held its fourteenth Annual Holiday Dinner on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at the Harmony Hall in Hamilton, Virginia. There was great fellowship and lots of fine food. It was so nice to see so many old friends.

Nancy Dluehosh - N1NCY of Leesburg arranged the invitations and dinner selections, John Unger secured the Harmony Hall, and Marcy Brown encouraged Nancy.

Bob Rodriguez - KJ4NXG of Round Hill and fellow members of the Chorus of the Old Dominion entertained us with great inspiring holiday songs.

We recognized John Unger - W4AU for his outstanding performance in the 2011 Virginia QSO Party with a new All Time Commonwealth-Wide High Score as Virginia Single Operator CW. See below. We held our Outstanding Member of the Year Ceremony. This year the Outstanding Members Committee selected Luther Guise - K5NOB of Leesburg. Luther, thanks for all you do. See below. Paul Dluehosh did an outstanding job on selecting gifts and running the door prize program. There were five special radio winners - congratulations. And, the Fifty-Fifty Drawing was valued at $72.00. All forty plus of us will remember this outstanding evening of fine entertainment, fine food, fine gifts, and fine fellowship. Thanks to all who helped pull this one off !!!

Luther P. Guise - K5NOB
     Selected Outstanding Member for 2011


(Purcellville, VA. December 10, 2011)  The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognizes the outstanding contributions of Luther P. Guise - K5NOB of Leesburg, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, invaluable dedication and excellent stewardship of the LARG as 2011 President, and the 2010 Vice-President, selfless Captain Duty for K4LRG Field Day, and outstanding coordination and management of Balls Bluff Battlefield Re-enactment Support.

The Group thanks Luther for his steadfast net manager performance for the every growing LARG Sunday Night 2-Meter FM Net. He is also recognized for his valuable support to the Leesburg Air Show Communications Support, the many Reston Century rest station and SAG support operations, and Leesburg First Night Public Service operations, and his participation in the LARG Berryville Hamfest Campaigns.    READ MORE

Spi-Ro T-40 Traps in a Multiband Dipole
                                   By Paul Bock - K4MSG


(Purcellville, VA. December 7, 2011)  Following a recent experience with a multiband trap dipole that failed due to a mechanical problem in one of the traps, I decided to create a new antenna using a different type of trap. The antenna that failed used Unadilla KW-40 traps, the mechanical design of which lends itself to failure if the plastic housing on which it is built fails by cracking apart, as happened with mine.

My initial thought was to design and build a new trap but I happened upon Spi-Ro Manufacturing, a company that sells antennas, antenna accessories, parts, etc. Among their products are antenna traps intended for multiband dipoles and one of them, the T-40, is for use in an 80/40 meter dipole that can also operate on 20, 15 and 10 meters with "somewhat higher VSWR."

Although more expensive than Unadilla traps ($76/pair versus $52/pair), the mechanical design seemed more robust so a pair was ordered.

Photo 1 illustrates the T-40 trap. The electrical components are housed inside a 7.25-inch length of 1.25-inch OD PVC pipe with PVC end caps glued on. Connections are made to threaded brass fittings on each end which carry 10-24 brass screws. A close-up of the wire connection to the brass fitting is shown in Photo 2. The trap has a design frequency of 7 MHz and is rated at 600 watts. 


Loudoun ARG To Support Reston Century
2011 Op Plan & Maps Available - Click Here

This gif is Royalty Free Copyrighted Animated Gifs for Non-Commercial Use only. de Bicycle Club Communications Support Operation. August 21, 2011.
 (Purcellville, VA. July 31, 2011.) The Reston Bicycle Club's 29th Annual Reston Century on Sunday, August 21th will featured as many as 1100 bicycle riders visiting Loudoun County. The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group will provide public service assistance and emergency communications support to this annual operation with primary support to the riders.

This is a real operation. Folks find themselves in all kinds of situations out on the roads and trails. Emergency support from the Loudoun Emergency Services are often called upon. Over the years more than one rider was evac'd and at least one rider lost  his life. Our support is important.

This operation will begin before dawn and will have our capabilities spread throughout Loudoun County. All available LARG members are asked to support this operation. There will be a FM Voice Fixed and Mobile Net, an FM VHF-UHF Crossband Repeater, an FM APRS Digi-Repeaters System, APRS Mobile Stations, SAG Shotgun Communications Riders, Bicycle Mobile Route Riders, and a Central Net Control Station to coordinate our support. This year the support system has been expanded with an additional Rest Stop in Lovettsville and an additional, 5th, SAG Vehicle. There is more than enough for everyone. See Gary Quinn's initial announcement and request for support and track planning at QST de K4LRG.

To volunteer and support this operation please contact Gary Quinn - NC4S - Assistant Emergency Coordinator - Loudoun County - ARES at [email protected]. Our operation will be much like the 2010 operation. This will be our 12th Reston Century Support Operation; prior operations are reported at  K4LRG.ORG - Public Service .

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group   
     Operators Focused On 2011 Virginia QSO Party

(Purcellville, VA. June 17, 2011)   The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) fielded several very focused operators with 25 submitted station logs for 1,280,218 points and placed a distant second to the Fauquier Amateur Radio Association (FARA) with 32 logs and a combined score of 2,243,633 points. The Central Virginia Contest Club finished third with 1,178,281 points.

The Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club (SPARC) has published the 2011 Virginia QSO Party scores and awards. These are available on their Internet Site. Gordon Miller - NQ4K's presentation at the Manassas Hamfest is also posted.

Two LARG members received Commonwealth Awards:

John Unger - W4AU operating Single Operator - CW - High Power made 579 QSOs and 1177 QSO Points for a score of 194,705 with 165 Multipliers. In setting a new Commonwealth All Time High Record, John surpassed the 135K point record set by Patrick Wilson, W4PW of Quinton, in 2009.

Norm Styer - AI2C operating Single Operator - All Modes - All Bands - High Power made 1345 QSOs and 1686 QSO Points for a score of 330,774 with 217 Multipliers.

Many LARG members made it into the fourteen year old 1998 - 2011 LARG Virginia QSO Party All Time Record Book
                                      LARG All Time Records (ATR) Virginia QSO Party Record Book
                                             Breaking into the "Top Ten" is not easy - Congrats !!!
                                                                    READ MORE

LARG Makes Manassas - 2011

(Purcellville, VA. June 17, 2011)   It was a slow one. Two vehicles pulled out of the plumping outfit on Route 15 south of Leesburg at 0520 hours - it was O-Dark-Thirty. Dave - KE4S was point and John - W4AU with Norm - AI2C as shotgun was trail. Traffic was lite except for several horse trailers and we closed at 0550 hours. They didn't start taking money until 0610 hours and the gates finally opened at 0620 hours. Dave was the only one who brought stuff and his 4-position coax switch was sold before 0645 hours.

We had some breakfast and made the rounds. About 0800 hours the commercial buildings opened and we picked up some PL-259's, RCA plugs, some RG-58 coax and a copper ground stake from RF Connections. Oh, I did buy some clip-on sunglasses; so, you know it was slow. That was it. I had brought a tomato stake to aid my twisted back, after mowing on the farm in Pennsylvania on Saturday; it really kept me the chair; the ground rod worked better.

Gordon - NQ4K came by and we learned the the Virginia QSO Party presentation was postponed until 1115 hours at best and by 0945 hours, John and I decided we had enough. Dick - W2YE promised to pick up our VAQP awards. So, we Closed Station - March Ordered.  READ MORE

or another adventure to the Hamvention in Dayton, OH by Luther Guise - K5NOB

(Purcellville, VA. June 13, 2011)   Each year a few Loudoun Amateur Radio Group members make the annual pilgrimage to Dayton. This year Luther - K5NOB report on their '"EM CITY Operation."

There are a few additional photographs provided by Paul - N4PD.

Sally (K4NOB), Luther (K5NOB), and Bill Frisbee (W3EMH) left the Guise QTH in Leesburg at approximately 0930 on Wednesday, May 18th. Other than the some severe rain and thunderstorms in the mountains the trip was pretty uneventful and gave everyone some time to chat and discuss their times in Tehran.

Arriving a day early Sally and Luther spent the day at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is a great museum even for a former Army wienie like Luther. While Luther was over taking photos Sally ran into Nancy (N1NCY) and Paul (N4PD).

Friday, the first day at the Hamvention was a beautiful day to be outdoors and enjoy the flea market. There was the usual cast of characters as well as a couple of new ones.

A few minutes were spent visiting with Meg (AI4UX) at the AMRAD booth but Frank (K0BRA) was AWOL, supposedly headed to the latrine (which is French for library).

After a lunch of barbecued brats the afternoon was dedicated the looking for "treasures" inside the arena.


K4LRG/B Flight 2009A Video
Receives Honorable Mention

(Purcellville, VA. April 4, 2011)   In February 2011, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group submitted their video of the launch of K4LRG/B Flight 2009A to the first ever ARRL Video Contest.

This was an amateur video contest with dollar awards for the first four winner.

The ARRL received 30 submissions and announced their selection on April 4, 2011:

Announcing the Winners of the ARRL Video Contest

Here are the winners -- and two Honorable Mentions -- of the 2011 QST Video Contest

Appearing in the K4LRG/B Flight video at the Launch Site:
Tom Dawson - WB3AKD, Round Hill, VA.
Suzanna Grobbel - XYL of WB3AKD, Round Hill, VA.
Jim Stowers - K4FW, Sterling, VA.
Chris Elmer - KD8MEZ, Shepherdstown, WV., from Shepherd University.
Gene May - WB8WKU, Ashburn, VA.
Two students from Shepherd University's Near-Space Group.
Thanks to everyone who helped pull this one off.  A full report on K4LRG/B Flight 2009A is available HERE.

Service Report on W4DLS Repeater

                      By Rick Miller - AI1V

(Purcellville, VA. February 26, 2011)   Executive Summary:   We found and replaced a missing bolt in the mounting sleeve of the antenna on the 145.31 repeater and it vastly improved the receiver behavior. Please start using it and report your observations to me at ai1v This was a team effort of Frank, KØBRA, Craig, N4FSC, and myself and was a very satisfying troubleshooting experience. Those interested in the details can read on...
       Details: This afternoon, Frank (KØBRA) and I went up to the 145.31 site. We had done some experiments in the past week and also consulted with Craig (N4FSC) to formulate some theories on why the receiver seemed so poor and plan our troubleshooting approach. The theory we thought most likely was that something mechanical on the roof in the vicinity of the antenna was turning the transmit energy coming out on 145.31 into energy in the receiver pass-band at 144.71, and interfering with the real received signal. Read More Of The Service Report - It Includes Several Videos. The fix was short lived and Frank Gentges - KØBRA returned on March 1, 2011, and applied another fix to the antenna mounting unit. His report is integrated into the above report.

LARG Balloon Flight Operations

Presentation By Rick Miller - AI1V At February 19, 2011 LARG Meeting

At the February 19, 2011, Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Monthly Meeting, Rick Miller - AI1V of Reston presented a program on the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Balloon Operations.

This is an outstanding presentation and was quite informative to all. Many more members are now getting ready for our next Flight or Fox Hunt.

This presentation was originally made to the Escondido Amateur Radio Society of California by Rick in early February, 2011. Rick says this club is also gearing up to "FLY."

This presentation is available here. For an Adobe PDF File Format - Click Here.

The video at Slide 22 is large - 70 MB. Start the download in WMV Player then come back to it when it starts playing.  A standalone copy of the video of the launch of Flight 2009A is available here.

ARRL 2010 Bill Leonard, W2SKE, Professional Media Award
Awarded To Washington Post Reporter
For 2010 K4LRG Field Day Coverage

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., January 31, 2011)   Allen Pitts - W1AGP, Public Relations Director for the ARRL, has advised us that our nominee, Phillip Lucas of the Washington Post won this year's Bill Leonard Award! The ARRL Board of Directors' selection reported in part: "While a staff writer for The Washington Post, Phillip Lucas covered the 2010 ARRL Field Day with the Loudoun (Virginia) Amateur Radio Club in his article "Loudoun Radio Fans Dash to Test Their Skills." Members of the ARRL's Public Relations Committee felt that Lucas captured the essence of Field Day by showing operators trying to make contacts across a variety of modes and conditions. The article was picked up by wire services, appearing across the globe. Lucas now works at The News Journal in Wilmington, Delaware."

The following link has more details on the ARRL award:

The 2010 Bill Leonard, W2SKE, Professional Media Award - Print/Text

Mr. Phillip's article is available here.  A full report on the 2010 LARG K4LRG Field Day is available here.

Congratulations to Randy - W4XJ for his great work as Field Day PR Captain.

Best Regards, Doug - KJ4BRN
LARG - K4LRG 2010 Field Day Chairman

First Night Leesburg - December 31, 2010

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., January 10, 2011)   The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group and Loudoun Amateur Radio Emergency Service volunteered twenty-three members and friends to Leesburg before sunset on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2010, for the annual public service communications support operation for First Night Leesburg. Jay - KI4TXP had published an Operation Plan that provided instructions, procedures, and guidance; further, an On-The-Air 2-Meter Coordinating Net was conducted two nights before deployment. Eighteen operational sites throughout downtown Leesburg were supported by our super communicators. The central control was established on the second floor of 1 East Market Street. Communications were conducted on a 442-MHz simplex radio frequency and the WA4TXE Leesburg Repeater was monitored as a secondary circuit. Site support communicators used hand-held transceivers equipped with headsets and separate microphones.

         The main duty was to conduct a site head count and forward it to net control at quarter past the hour. The peak total counts occurred at 8 and 9 PM when they was well over 2000 and some sites reported turning hundreds of folks away. The weather was nice and it was a quiet night with mostly site head counts being the only traffic. Though our support personnel were available to assist in other ways. The communication operation closed by 11:30 PM and many were home to see the New Year's Ball drop in Times Square on television.

         First Night Leesburg is a wonderful family event for the young and the old. Some estimate that over sixty percent were mom and dad with their kids. We all thank the families, churches, and shopkeepers of Leesburg for hosting this remarkable event. First Night Leesburg is coordinated by Bluemont Concert Series, the Cultural Spirit of Our Communities. First Night ® is a registered trademark of First Night Inc., P.O. Box 208, Leesburg, Virginia 20178.   READ MORE.

LARG Supports 28th Reston Century Across Loudoun

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., January 12, 2011  -  Finally A Report On K4LRG.ORG) This was the 28th Annual Reston Bicycle Club's Century Ride on the trails and roads of Loudoun County. Again, this was a big event with as many as eleven-hundred riders traveling across Loudoun County. See RBC Stat Report. Riders chose between a 34, 62 or 100 mile route with the longer ones going deep into the heart of Western Loudoun County.

Again this year, the Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group (LARG) provided on-site and on-route communications support for this operation. This was our eleventh year supporting the Century Ride.

Gary Quinn - NC4S, Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Loudoun ARES coordinated with the Reston Bicycle Club and led this communications support and directed the communications operations from his home station near Waterford, Virginia. On August 17, 2010, Gary - NC4S issued the Operations Plan that was published on K4LRG.ORG and at 1900 hours, August 19, 2010, there was an on-the-air coordination net to finalize planning. We met on-the-air on WA4TXE - 146.700 MHz Repeater.    READ MORE

2010 Leesburg Air Show - Public Service Communications

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., November 14, 2010) The annual Leesburg Executive Airport Air Show was held on Saturday, October 23, 2010.

It featured experimental aircraft and other static aircraft on display in addition to local and national aerial artists. The evening ended with the Annual 1940's Hangar Dance sponsored by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF).

For the first time, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group provided on-site supplemental back up communications support for the show with emphasis on parking and crowd control, and of course, back up support communications for air field and flight safety.

As many as 15,000 visitors were expected. Amateur radio communications among the several sites was provided by 440-MHz handheld radios. Thirteen members supported this operation.

This report along with his initial operations plan is provided by Jay Ives - KI4TXP of Lucketts, Virginia. Photographs are by Luther Guise - K5NOB of Leesburg, Virginia. 


Riley Hollingsworth - K4ZDH on the Amateur Radio Service

Riley Hollingsworth - K4ZDH at the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's October 2010 Meeting at the VFW Post #1177 in Leesburg, Va. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., October 20, 2010)  A Living Legend spoke to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group in October 2010.

Mr. Hollingsworth's address is all inspiring and is a great tribute to the American Way, our Amateur Radio Community and to Mr. Hollingsworth's outstanding service to the Nation.

He has allowed us to share his remarks.

We encourage everyone to take some time off and listen to this very remarkable spokesman for Amateur Radio.

His remarks are Here, or, via our Public and Community Service Section.

The YLRL & YL's of the LARG

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., September 28, 2010)  There are over a dozen Young Ladies in the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group. They participate in every aspect and every activity of our Group.

On August 21, 2010, Nancy Dluehosh - N1NCY and Carol Boehler - KF4TJJ presented a truly outstanding program about the Young Ladies Radio League, founded in 1939, at our monthly meeting. Both Nancy and Carol have attended YLRL's National Conventions and their presentations on their League and it's activities was an eye opener for all the OM's.

To encourage more radio activities by and to assist the Young Ladies of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, Nancy - N1NCY announced and has begun conducting a LARG Young Ladies' Communications Net. The weekly net currently meets on Monday nights at 7 PM local time on the WA4TXE/R Repeater on 146.700 MHz.  This net time and day may change as the YL settle in on an operating schedule. Check the latest net schedule here. All Young Ladies are invited and encouraged to participate.

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group is very proud of all their Young Ladies. We all know we couldn't do half the stuff we get involved in without their outstanding support. They are QRV - "33" 


The 2010 Berryville Campaign

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., September 11, 2010)    At 0515 hours it is still O-Dark-Thirty. We had a nice 8-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville at 0520 hours local. Tom - WB3AKD was unit 8 who joined as we moved by Round Hill. Gary Quinn - NC4S was point and Tom - WB9RXJ was trail. 

We were some of the first units there and they were upon us as we parked under the tall trees in the eastern end of the Clarke County Fair Grounds. It didn't take long to part with the good stuff. Gary - NC4S and Tom - NA4MA cleared everything by 1030 hours. If you need a nice radio then this is the place to shop around.

There were many - like at least twenty-six - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group current and past members who stopped by to say hello. Read More About Berryville 2010

LARG Makes Manassas - 2010

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., July 18, 2010)    It was a busy Spring 2010 but some were planning for this campaign. It's O-Dark-Thirty at F & L Plumbing south of Leesburg. By 0520 hours we had 6 units moving south with Dave - KE4S at Point and Rick - AI1V as Trail. We stayed on 147.48 MHz in case other wanted to join us. By 0555 hours we closed on the gate but they weren't ready to well after 0600. One or two set up in the tailgate area while K3CN and AI2C located their reserve table to display the gear from N4SSN.

     It appeared that there were more tailgaters than customers. But by noon, most of the N4SSN stuff was gone. And, there were some really nice old stuff but not all of it was amateur radio related. Many of us ate a lot. They have a big breakfast capability. At 1000 hours, we all took in the 2010 Virginia QSO Party presentation by Gordon - Miller - NQ4K. For Norm - AI2C, it was nice receiving his fifth high single operator award since 1998. This was his best effort with 1500 QSOs. We closed down the N4SSN table by 1330 hours and were home by 1500 hours. It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm - AI2C
 Read More About Manassas 2010

The Pilgrimage: Dayton 2010

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., July 18, 2010)    The Pilgrimage: The anticipation is high and it's a long ~450-mile drive through West Virginia and across Ohio; finally, there are signs.

     Several Loudoun Amateur Radio Group members made the annual pilgrimage to Dayton this year. Some drove and then went on to other cities and events. A member was reported visiting on Saturday after flying out in his POA - Personally Owned Aircraft. Those attending could not remember who. Anyway, John - W4AU drove with Gary - NC4S and Norm - AI2C as Shotguns. Nancy - N1NCY and Paul - N4PD, Sally - K4NOB and Luther - K5NOB, and Marcia - KJ4GYH and Dodson - AJ4EY were there. Maybe there were others. Oh, yes, our very good friend with the Propagation Xtal Ball, Lee Wical - KH6BZF attended. It was great to have another Eye-Ball QSO with Lee. Some stocked up on antenna and other small parts while others ordered up some big ticket items like a new Alpha. Of course, most made it to the Contest Dinner and the DX Dinner. Gary - NC4S and John - W4AU even won a few door prizes. This year, the DX Dinner's prize list topped $50,000. Everyone get lucky.
 Read More About Dayton 2010

The Great Little Fox Hunt of 2010
as reported by Denny Boehler - KF4TJI

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., June 1,, 2010)    Following the smallest LARG meeting I can remember on Saturday, May 15, 2010, LARG's smallest fox hunt commenced. There were only two hunters, Denny, KF4TJI and Doug, KJ4BRN. We decided to ride together. Doug moved his equipment to my truck. I set my radio to the fox's frequency, 145.560, and we were off.

We headed west on Rt.7 listening as we went. When we got to Rt. 601, I went south a ways. Doug was curious about the location of the Bluemont repeater, so I drove past it. Then I headed north on 601. No hint of a fox anywhere. Since I did not want to end up in West Virginia, I called Tom, WB3AKD, to check with him. This was supposed to be the easy fox. While talking to Tom, I realized the fox frequency was 145.650, not 145.560! Tom suggested we head back toward Leesburg.

Just east of the Hamilton exit, Rt. 704, we got a strong signal from the fox, but had to go to Rt. 9 to exit. If I had put the right frequency in, we would have found the fox much sooner! We drove back on old Rt. 7 and stopped to get bearings just north of Hamilton. The bearings pointed about 30 degrees. Within three blocks the signal disappeared. We drove a loop north and west of Hamilton without hearing the fox. Then we decided to try the road which parallels Rt. 7 just north of it. There we got a strong signal. We drove back to Rt. 704 and parked near the W&OD. We had no signal from that location. Doug headed west and I headed east on the W&OD. After walking over a quarter mile, I got a faint signal. When it improved a bit, I called Doug on the balloon frequency to tell him I had a signal. He had already started heading my way.
    Read More of Denny's Report Here

Successful K4LRG/B Flight 2009A

(Purcellville, VA., December 17, 2009)  The Balloon Committee of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group conducted a very successful launch, tracking and recovery operation of its K4LRG/B Flight 2009A on Sunday, October 25, 2009, in northern Virginia and Maryland. Preparations began in earnest in early August.

We flew two payloads 1) the Tom - WB3AKD K4LRG/B 145.650 MHz CW Beacon and 2) the Mike - KJ4KGB APRS Rocket Altimeter. Mike flew his package in preparation for a high altitude rocket flight scheduled for the southwest United States in 2010 or 2011.

We launch from Harrisonburg, Virginia and recovered the payloads east of Poolesville, Maryland. Launch was at 0932 hours eastern with a 1500 gram balloon. Burst was at 1050 hours at about 95,334 feet. Lost Of Signal (LOS) was at about 1135 hours and recovery teams were on site around 1200 hours. At least twenty-three individuals from several organizations participated in this flight.

Tom Dawson conducted several sessions with the Near Space and Beyond Alliance - A Working Group for Space Explorers - at Shepherd University in West Virginia including assembly of the altimeter payload and the flight train. Several Shepherd University students participated in the launch and they also traveled to the recovery site. Chris - KD8MEZ's Shepherd University's People and Websites is here. Chris Elmer describes preparation for and the Flight LARG-SUNSBA-1 here. He has photographs of the launch and recovery. Several have been incorporated into this report.

News about near space activities in local universities is available here.

Mike - KJ4KGB is associated with the Maryland Delaware Rocketry Association Inc. (MDRA) . Mike - N2GEG is associated with high altitude rocket projects.  Information about Mike is available here.


June 2009 - Loudoun County Amateur Radio Month

(Purcellville, VA., June 2, 2009)

County of Loudoun, Virginia
Board of Supervisors

Loudoun County Amateur Radio Month
June 2009

WHEREAS, Amateur radio operators have a long standing tradition of supporting their communities, responding to emergencies, and training the next generation of knowledgeable and experienced communications volunteers; and

WHEREAS, Loudoun County amateur radio operators have offered countless volunteer hours assisting with numerous local emergencies and supporting the Loudoun County Emergency Operations Center (EOC), the American Red Cross, including emergency efforts for hurricanes and on September 11th, 2001, the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority, and the National Weather Service; and

WHEREAS, Loudoun County amateur radio operators routinely support local community events such as the Reston Bike Club- Red Cross Charity Bike Ride, the Bluemont Concert Series' First Night Leesburg, Lovettsville Oktoberfest, the March of Dimes Walk, the Loudoun County Mental Health Walkathon, Potomac Safety Day, Purcellville Safety Day, Sterling Crime Prevention Evening, and other events as requested by the County or individual groups; and

WHEREAS, The amateur radio community is made up of a diverse group of residents of all levels of experience and the community provides training and mentoring to amateurs on new technologies and lost arts, camaraderie and encourages community volunteer support; and

WHEREAS, Amateur Radio Month will acknowledge the contributions the Loudoun County Amateur Radio Group and other ham radio groups make to the County and local communities and will also promote the continued support of these organizations and their activities in the County; and

LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors hereby recognizes June 2009 as Amateur Radio Month.

                                /S/ Scott K. York, Chairman                          /S/ Stevens R. Miller, Dulles District

       Large Printable Proclamation Version   (Or, resize your browser to 50% of full screen to read)      -        Browser Readable Proclamation Version

The Pilgrimage - Dayton 2009

(Purcellville, VA., May 18, 2009 - Reported and photographed by Paul Dluehosh - N4PD)   A few Loudoun Amateur Radio Group members made the annual pilgrimage to Dayton this year. Nancy - N1NCY and Paul - N4PD met a few from Loudoun County and some old friends and share these photographs.

Nancy picked up a new smaller VHF handheld transceiver. We don't know what Paul got yet. It maybe coming in by freight.

Luther - K5NOB and his newly licensed XYL, Sally - KJ4LWO, had a great time. And, of course, Dick - W2YE was there as usual. Maybe Buddy - K4CJB was also. At left: Sally Guise - KJ4LWO, Luther Guise - K5NOB, Don - W0DM - who sat with us while we all had some of that great Hamvention Pizza, Nancy - N1NCY, and myself. We hope more can make the Pilgrimage next year.  READ MORE

Sterling Park Crime Prevention Evening - 2009

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., January 16, 2009)  On Thursday, January 15, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group participated in a special Crime Prevention Evening in Sterling Park with Loudoun County Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio. Representatives were present from DEA, US Postal Inspectors Service, State Police and Loudoun Sheriff's Office. Congressman Frank Wolf and some Loudoun County Officials were also present.

The subject was keeping the citizens of Sterling Park safe and covered gang-related issues, postal fraud, identity theft, etc.

Supervisor Delgaudio made a special point to tell the audience of over 100 people of the important role Amateur Radio plays in the safety of the community and commended our work to them.

We had a display in the foyer. Several people indicated an interest in ham radio and we even connected with a few that were lapsed hams.

A great big thank you to Frank - K0BRA and Meg - AI4UX for staffing this event with me.

Best Regards, Randy - W4XJ    (  Larger Photograph )

Successful K4LRG/B Balloon Flight 2008A

     (Purcellville, VA. July 20, 2008)  The Balloon Committee of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group conducted a very successful launch, tracking and recovery operation of its K4LRG/B Flight 2008A Balloon Flight on Saturday, July 19, 2008, in northern Virginia. Preparations began in earnest in early July. Tom   - WB3AKD designed and built the flight package and launch hardware. Sean - AI4ID took over mission control duties and with a lot of help from all our members, they pulled off a nice flight tracking and recovery operation. Our preparations are recorded here. Throughout the week before launch, Tom monitored winds aloft and ran Balloon Track each day to determine the best launch site. Our target was west on the Blue Ridge in Clarke County and if necessary, Loudoun County east of the Blue Ridge. The Launch Team settled on a public park near Summit Point, in Jefferson County, WV.

        We deployed five tracking teams at sites which would look into the predicted flight path area. Norm Styer - AI2C was at Harpers Ferry, WV., Jay - KI4UTB was at Snickers Gap on the Clarke - Loudoun County line, Chuck - KE4IEO was in the south near Routes 17 and I-66. Denny - KF4TJI was on North Mountain west of Winchester and the launch team at Summit Point with Dave - KE4S also provided tracking data. We also had Charlie - K4LJH in Hamilton monitoring and recording the telemetry and assisting with bearings once the payload was down. Gary - NC4S assisted from his station north of Waterford and was the first to reach the LZ. Rick - AI1V provided reports of significant changes in the flight and 'punched in' all the CW telemetry data - now that's cool. Finally, many others throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania monitored and sometimes provided observations. We appreciated them all. Mission control operations on the WA4TSC/R repeater on 147.300 MHz was very smooth, mostly well disciplined and got better as the flight continued. Jay - KI4TXP was the voice of mission control and ran a tight net. The MP3 3 minute plus MP3 audio clip was recorded, produced and provided by Dan - NE3Z from his home in Arlington, VA. This is cool and we hope you all enjoy Dan's work. You may replay with the control above.

The flight are nominal - almost perfect. Launch was at 9 AM and the tracking teams had no trouble copying the 600 milliwatts old Radio Shack transmitter signal on 145.650 MHz. It was so nice to hear perfect 20-WPM Charlie Whiskey. We flew with a very old 1993 600-gram balloon but it did make it to 70,000 plus feet before fatigue set in - it gets very cold up there and the material get very brittle. By 10:30 AM morning winds have picked up and after burst they carried it well into Loudoun County.

Recovery was a breeze. It's always nice not to completely lose the signal and in this case many continued to monitor the payload at 5-plus miles. It was in good health battery power wise. So, we quickly drove to within a mile or two and then with great luck spotted it in a tree in a backyard just off Taylorstown road in northeastern Loudoun County.

After the proverbial cut-down ceremony, we all adjourned to the Talk of the Town in Lovettsville for lunch. It was a nice flight. You may read more about this operation   -   Click Here .

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Members
Visit Loudoun County Emergency Operations Center

Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA., February 11,, 2008)  Members of the Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) visited the new Loudoun County Government Emergency Operations Center (EOC) at 801 Sycolin Road, S.E. Suite 100, Leesburg, VA 20175 on Wednesday, February 6, 2008. We signed in and gathered in the main Conference Room of an introductory briefing by Tom - WB3AKD, the Emergency Coordinator of Loudoun County ARES. Tom presented Kurt - KI4FWB of Lovettsville with a special achievement award.

       The recently opened facility is a spacious, modern communications and coordination room equipped with as many two dozen dual screen communications terminals. There are three wall-mounted multi-screen video displays. Every element of the county government has representation. All positions operate on the WEB-EOC system and have access to all in the EOC, the regional and the state-wide emergency communications networks.

       The central operating room is semi-harden with concrete block walls and staff, meeting rooms and support facilities surround the central operating room. Standalone uninterrupted electrical power for the entire facility is further backed up with on-site electrical generators. Additional information is available on the Loudoun County Government Internet Site.     READ MORE .

The Dual Foxes Of 2007

(As Told By The Ghost Rider on July 21, 2007) The Ghost Rider was up at 0600 hours and was ready to roll off of Canby. He checked his handy Yaesu Model VX-170 2-Meter Transceiver that he kept by his bedside and there it was: a big beautiful Charlie Whiskey signal on 145.650 MHz. The tones made him feel good! It would be a nice day. It was two-thirds full scale. He thought it must be in his backyard or down in Digges Valley. He figured this would be a piece of cake.

As he listen to the Charlie Whiskey, he copied frames 5 then 6; so, it was just activated. Then there was something strange about the signal, there was a weaker set of tones resending everything again about 10 seconds after the first set of louder coded signals. That was really different. He thought no more of it, as maybe Tom - WB3AKD, the keeper of Foxes, had dreamed up a new modulation scheme or the Fox had blown a gasket.

Anyway, off to the IHOP in sleepy Leesburg and then to the LARG monthly meeting.     READ MORE  

LARG Contesting 101

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. May 21, 2007.)  John - W4AU of Hamilton and Paul - N4PD of Leesburg presented a program on Contesting at the May 21th meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group. There are several internet file versions of this program:


PDF Format (164 kb)        Power Point Format (71 kb)


Power Point Format (3 Megs)

Many thanks to John and Paul for a "'Bravo Zulu" presentation. Sign up for our June Field Day operation and practice your skills.

The Washington Dulles International Airport Emergency Exercise 2007

Communications Support Operations By Amateur Radio Emergency Service of Loudoun County and Other Northern Virginia ARES Entries

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. May 18, 2007.)   This was the second periodic emergency exercise since 9-11 at Dulles International Airport that amateur radio operators participated in as members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES). Unlike the 9-11 Operation but like the 2004 emergency exercise, planning and preparation were begun earlier in the year. Tom - WB3AKD of Round Hill, the Emergency Coordinator for Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, coordinated planning and participation by Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William, Arlington, Alexandria, Fall Church City, and other Northern Virginia elements of ARES.   READ MORE

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Of Loudoun County, Virginia

Participate In Virginia Emergency Response Team Exercise 2007

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. May 24, 2007.)   On April 25-26, 2007, Loudoun Amateur Radio Group and Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service members provided emergency communications support at the Loudoun County EOC during the Virginia Emergency Response Team Exercise - 2007.

At left, the ARES Position In Loudoun EOC is manned by Margaret - AI4UX of Great Falls and Carol - KF4TJJ of Leesburg.


W3ZI Multi-Multi Operation in the 2006 Pennsylvania QSO Party

Another eXtreme Adventure By The Guys and Gals Of The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia

This is the W3ZI Multi-Multi Station operating crew. This photograph taken on site on Saturday morning before start of the Pennsylvania QSO Party. Photograph by Larry Hughes - K3HE of Leesburg, Virginia. This photograph marked up by Denny Boehler - KF4TJi who will print this as the QSL card for this operation.

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, Virginia - December 11, 2006.)    This year, with the encouragement and leadership of Bill - K8SYH, a group of eleven members of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia organized and executed a Field Day style operation in the October 2006 Pennsylvania QSO Party. For many years, Bill - K8SYH had operated as a portable station in the PAQP from a campground in the rare Somerset County; John - W4AU had operated out-of-state from Virginia for many years; and Norm Styer -  AI2C, operated /3 from his family farm in Berks County in 2004 part time.

Originally, we thought it would be fun to mount a mini-M/M or M/2 operation from that same location in Somerset, but as interest was generated and it looked like we may have as many as a dozen operators, Norm - AI2C, generously offered to let us use his family farm in Berks for our 2006 PAQP operation. However, we were not going to have the luxury of just showing up and operating at a "real" M/M station. The only permanent antennas at Norm's farm are 40 and 80 meter dipoles.

The planning evolved over a couple of months, and we finally zeroed in on a M/M station with 5 HF rigs. Mark - W3ZI decided to accompany us and let us use his fine business callsign; that made things easier.

          Our team shown to the left were (front left - right) Norm Styer - AI2C, Chester - WA9LAZ, Tom - NA4MA, Mark - W3ZI, Gary - NC4S, (rear Left - right) Denny - KF4TJI, John - W4AU, Carol - KF4TJJ, BA - QM and Chief Cook, Bill - K8SYH, and Larry - K3HE. READ MORE

The Visitors To Our Main Internet Site: WWW.K4LRG.ORG

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The Boiler Plate - What's Up ?

Next LARG Monthly Meeting - April 18th

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA November 25, 2014)  A Regular Monthly Meeting on the Loudoun ARG will be held on on the third Saturday of Jan-Nov at 8:30 AM, at the Leesburg Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 605 West Market Street. Note, in March we meet the 2nd Saturday to avoid conflict with the VA QSO Party. Get Map

       The church is located at the intersection of Market Street and Catoctin Circle on the west side of town. It is just east of the bypass. From the Bypass, take the Leesburg exit at the bottom of "Leesburg Mountain," on the west end of town and the church is on the right just past the traffic light.

      Early Birds meet at the Leesburg IHOP for breakfast near the Leesburg Wal-Mart at 7:30 AM.


The LARG K4LRG Radio News

The most recent issues of the LARG K4LRG Radio News Newsletter by John Unger - W4AU of Hamilton, Virginia, are available on K4LRG.ORG - Click Here

Minutes of LARG Monthly Meetings

The minutes of LARG Monthly meetings are available on K4LRG.ORG - Click Here

Treasurer's Report Available To Members

Members may review the monthly Treasurer's Report - Click Here

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Sunday Night 2-Meter Net

(Loudoun ARG, Purcellville, VA. January 31, 2009 - Revised November 2, 2010)  The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Sunday Night 2-Meter Net. Each Sunday night, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group conducts an On-The-Air-Get-Together at 8:30 PM local times.

This Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Sunday Night 2-Meter Net operates on two outstanding local 2-Meter repeaters. If necessary, we switch to our Group's simplex frequency in Loudoun County, Virginia. Please refer to our operating schedule below.

The Repeaters and Group's Simplex Net are:

       - The Dulles Amateur Radio Group's W4DLS/R Repeater at 145.310 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with a PL of 77 Hz. This repeater is located in eastern Loudoun County at the intersection of US Route 28 and the Dulles Toll Road. We all thank the Dulles Amateur Radio Group and Craig Brown - N4FSC of Sterling, VA.

       - The WA4TXE/R Repeater in Leesburg, VA. that operates on 146.700 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with no PL. We all thank Dave Boltson - WA4TXE of Charles Town, WV. As of November 2010, the WA4TXE/R Repeater has additional coverage west of the Leesburg Mountain Range:

The 146.700 repeater network now can be heard West of the mountains on an aux frequency of 145.170 MHz. This is a frequency that duplicates the output normally on 146 700 MHz.

HOW TO USE 145.170 MHz on WA4TXE/R:

The Leesburg repeater VHF input Frequency is and WILL stay on 146 100 MHz.; this is a Standard Frequency Split of 600 kHz. If one needs to hear the repeater over the mountains, then SET a new memory in your radio with a channel pair using 145.170 MHz as THE PAIRED receive frequency for a transmit frequency with 146.100 MHz. Basically one is setting A non standard split for the second channel associated with the Leesburg repeater. Use this paired combination when 146.700 MHz gets noisy heading West on RT 7 over the mountains.

Currently a courtesy beep is not in use on the frequency and the carrier will drop after each transmission. Ultimately it will sound and operated as the main system but is still in the test mode but totally active 24/7. This Frequency plan and procedure was selected as no new standard VHF frequency repeater pairs are available and therefore has been recommended by TMARC (The Mid Atlantic Frequency Coordination Group) which assigns and approves repeater operations in our coverage area. As changes and improvements are made information will be available on QST de K4LRG Yahoo LARG Reflector and on the LARG weekly radio nets. Best Regards, David - WA4TXE November 2, 2010.

         - The LARG Simplex Net on 147.480 MHz simplex with no PL.

Operating Schedule:

       On Sundays that occur in odd numbered months, we will use the 145.31 machine - W4DLS/R. On Sundays in even numbered months, we will be on the 146.70 machine - WA4TXE/R. If you can't remember which to use, here's a hint: 145.31 ends in 1, which is an odd number, and 146.70 ends in zero, which most mathematicians throw in with the even numbers. For example, February, April, June, August, October and December are the even numbered months and during these months, we'll meet on the WA4TXE/R repeater.

       Of course, if the designated machine is ever down for any reason, we will automatically switch to the other - what a luxury! And, if both are inoperative, then we will meet on our Group's Simplex Net frequency of 147.480 MHz with no PL.

       Everyone is welcomed to join this event . Hope to meet you there!

LARG's Yahoo eMail Reflector - "QST de K4LRG"

Thanks to Norm Styer, AI2C, and the folks at eGroups (in the late 90s) and now Yahoo, we have a list-server where club news, activities, ideas and other topics are discussions. If this sounds like fun, you are welcome to our LARG 'QST de K4LRG' Reflector Web Site and you may join at that site - just click on  "Join This Group."

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Reflector and Internet Sites

To facilitate notifications to the Loudoun County ARES memberships, and provide a central archive facility, I've initiated a Loudoun VA ARES reflector on Yahoo Groups. To subscribe send an email to: ARES Loudoun at Yahoo. To learn more please visit ares_loudoun_va group. 73, Tom Dawson - WB3AKD, ARES EC, Loudoun County, VA - 2 Dec 2003. You may join Virginia ARES by submitting an application to Tom Dawson - WB3AKD, our Loudoun ARES EC.

As of July 2008, additional information about Loudoun County ARES is also present on the Internet at

The Virginia ARES - RACES Internet Site is at

LARG Name Tag

Fred Atkinson, WB4AEJ has had a unique individual LARG name tag developed. These are now available on the Internet from The Sign Man500 for a modest amount. (de WB4AEJ, Fred Atkinson, August 8, 2001.)


ARRL Affiliated Club Benefit

The American Radio Relay League has recently revised the Club Commission Program. The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, as an Official Affiliated Club of the ARRL, can retain $15.00 for each 'NEW' regular membership or 'a REJOINING REGULAR MEMBER' who has not retained an ARRL membership for two or more calendar years prior to the application submission; and, can retain $2.00 for each 'RENEWING REGULAR MEMBER' including lapsed members of less than 2 years' submitted. A RENEWING MEMBER can renew at anytime, even before their current membership term expires. See Details.

W1AW - ARRL Live CW Training

The American Radio Relay League conducts several daily on-the-air CW training broadcasts on weekdays from W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station, in Hartford, CT.

Inspiring Charlie Whiskey operators who haven't got their ticket yet can tune in free. There's nothing like copying live on HF.  See W1AW Transmission Schedule  . If you got your ticket then just get on and operate; folks will slow down for you until you get up to speed - shoot for 25 WPM. Good Luck.

How's DX

The Internet home site of The DailyDX  lists major on-going and rarer DX-Peditions:  Click Here . On-going DX activity is listed here on the Internet Site of DXScape .


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Also, Check The LARG Weekly Nets

-->  Sundays 8:30 PM at 145.310 or 146.700 or 147.48 MHz
-->  Sundays 7:30 PM at 3582.750 kHz - Digital Watering Hole Net
-->   Mondays 8:00 PM at 224.2 MHz & PL of 123 Hz - The 220 Experiment
-->  Tuesdays 8 PM 3545.00 kHz - Slow Speed CW Net
-->  Wednesdays 8 PM 50125 / 50130 MHz 6M Net
-->  Thursdays 8 PM 3675.00 kHz - HF SSB Net
-->  Thursdays NLT 8:45 PM 28405.00 kHz - HF SSB Net
        Listen on 3675.0 kHz for the 75-Meter Net to Close and QSY to 10-Meters
-->  Join our Weekday Commuter Nets on 147.480 MHz Simplex or 145.310 MHz W4DLS/R or 146.700 MHz WA4TXE/R - Peak Hours:   0700-0830 and 1600-1800 hours local.

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Weekly Operational Nets

                        Records Of Master Check-In Rosters For Past 8 Years of LARG Radio Net Operations Are Available: (Click Here)

                        Additional Operating Instructions are available here: LARG Net Operational Matters

7073.25 kHz Olivia 500/8

Digital Advisor and Coordinator:  Bryan - KG4UPR - 2008 - 2015
            -  Established August 26, 2008  -

Nov 1, 2015: The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group will call a Digital Net with Olivia 500/8 on Sundays at 1930 hours local time.Through the winter season (end Daylight Savings) the LARG digital net will shift to 80 meters using Olivia 500/8 mode on center frequency 3582.75 kHz. The net will return to 40 meters on March 8th 2015 to align with the start of Daylight Saving Time.We will call the net at 19:30 local eastern time on center frequency of 3582.74 / 7073.25 kHz using Olivia 500/8 (Hz/tone). If that frequency is in use we will call the net on the nearest clear spectrum available. Please configure your RSID to Receive-only mode (RxID), and align your waterfall marker to the NCS frequency. Also, please be patient when listening for replies to allow gaps for stations attempting to check-in, and to accommodate decoding delays (e.g., using long integration periods).If necessary, please use WA4TXE/R on 146.7 MHz for coordination. It will be monitored a few minutes before net start at 19:30 EDT.Hope to see you on the digital net. 73, Bryan - KG4UPR

JUNE 16, 2014
: We've move the LARG Digital Net to 40 meters. I will call the net at 19:30 EDT on center frequency of 7073.25 kHz using Olivia 500/8 (Hz/tone). If that frequency is in use I will call the net on the nearest clear spectrum available. Please configure your RSID to Receive-only mode (RxID), and align your waterfall marker to the NCS frequency. Also, please be patient when listening for replies to allow gaps for stations attempting to check-in, and to accommodate decoding delays (e.g., using long integration periods).

If necessary, please use WA4TXE/R on 146.7 MHz for coordination. I will be monitoring WA4TXE/R a few minutes before net start at 19:30 EDT.

Hope to see you on the digital net tonight. 73 Bryan - KG4UPR

BACKGROUND:          On August 26, 2008, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group established a High Frequency Radio Digital Communications Net that meets on Sunday evening at 7:30 PM Local Eastern Time on the digital sub-band frequencies on 80-Meters with a center frequency of 3582.750 kHz.

The Digital Net is initially called on Olivia 500/8. Sometimes it switches to PSK31.

Gary Strong - AI4IN of Ashburn, VA. was our first LARG Digital Net Manager. In November 2011, Gary turned the duties over to Bryan - KG4UPR.

Hope to meet you all there.

The Sunday Night 2-Meter Net Frequency

Net Manager:
2016 Ken -
2013 - 2015 Henry - K2BFY
2012 Bryan - KG4UPR
2011 Luther - K5NOB
2010 Jay - KI4TXP
                          -  Established 1998  -

          Each Sunday night, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group conducts an On-The-Air-Get-Together at 8:30 PM local times.

This Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Sunday Night 2-Meter Net operates on two outstanding local 2-Meter repeaters. If necessary, we switch to our Group's simplex frequency in Loudoun County, Virginia. Please refer to our operating schedule below.

The Repeaters and Group's Simplex Net are:

- The Dulles Amateur Radio Group's W4DLS/R Repeater at 145.310 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with a PL of 77 Hz. This repeater is located in eastern Loudoun County at the intersection of US Route 28 and the Dulles Toll Road. We all thank the Dulles Amateur Radio Group and Craig - N4FSC of Sterling, VA.

- The WA4TXE/R Repeater in Leesburg, VA. that operates on 146.700 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with no PL. We all thank Dave - WA4TXE of Charles Town, WV.

- The LARG Simplex Net on 147.480 MHz simplex with no PL.

Operating Schedule:

On Sundays that occur in odd numbered months, we will use the 145.31 machine - W4DLS/R. On Sundays in even numbered months, we will be on the 146.70 machine - WA4TXE/R. If you can't remember which to use, here's a hint: 145.31 ends in 1, which is an odd number, and 146.70 ends in zero, which most mathematicians throw in with the even numbers. For example, February, April, June, August, October and December are the even numbered months and during these months, we'll meet on the WA4TXE/R repeater.

Of course, if the designated machine is ever down for any reason, we will automatically switch to the other - what a luxury! And, if both are inoperative, then we will meet on our Group's Simplex Net frequency of 147.480 MHz with no PL.

Everyone is welcomed to join this event. Hope to meet you there!

Check the reflector for 2m net assignment info (currently using a signup genius)



Prepared By Jay Ives - KI4TXP
Download A Copy
Listen to the frequency for 10 minutes.

5 minutes before Net - "This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight's meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group.

"Is there anyone who needs to use this frequency for any business before the net's 8:30 start?"

"This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight's meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group

We thank the Dulles Amateur Radio Group for the use of their Repeater 145.310 on odd numbered months and Dave - WA4TXE for the use of his repeater 146.700 on even numbered months.

If for some reason the designated repeater is down check the other one.

We will take two rounds of comments but no formal traffic is taken or passed.

Any amateur is welcomed to join us.

When checking in please give your call and first name.

Check-ins please call now."


"Thanks to all that checked in tonight.

Thanks to the Dulles Amateur Radio Group for the use of their Repeater OR Thanks to Dave - WA4TXE for the use of his Repeater.

For those that would like more information about Loudoun Amateur Radio Group you can go to our web site at

Have a good week and we will look for all of you on the commuter net.

We now will turn this frequency back to normal amateur operations. 73 all"

220 Net Manager
2012 - 2015 Henry Weidman - K2BFY

            -  Established December 3, 2012  -

          On December 3, 2012, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group established the Monday Night 220 Net that meets weekly at 8 PM local time.

The 220 net meets on the K3MAD Frederick MD Repeater because it has better coverage of Loudoun County. The frequency is 224.200 with a 123 Hz PL tone.

These will not be formal nets, especially on the repeaters, since we do not have permission at this time to conduct formal nets on the repeaters. However, both repeaters are open and I have used them with no issues. There will be no net control station. Just get together and call another station and leave a pause between transmissions for other stations to join in the conversation. The combination of repeaters and simplex frequencies will allow us to try different radios, antennas, and operating locations. This is an experimenters net in keeping with the history of 220 mhz in the 1950s when 220 mhz stations were, as I remember, homebrew. This is a great opportunity to do something unique and different.  Best Regards, Henry - K2BFY, November 18, 2012.


Net Manager:
2001 - 2015 Bill - K8SYH

           -  Established March 27, 2001  -

"In The Year 3545 There Will Still Be Charlie Whiskey On 3545 kHz On Tuesdays At 2000 Hours Local   --  May The Morse Come To You !!!" -  Norm Styer - AI2C August 29, 2007

          Since February 2004, the LARG CW Net has met on 80-Meters. Our new operating frequency as of December 19, 2006, is 3545.00 kHz +/- the QRM - look 5 kHz. We meet at 8 PM each Tuesday evening. Look for one of the 'Regulars as NCS' or call "CQ LARG de 'Your Call'. Once we are checked in, members conduct a nice Round-Table QSO.


6M SSB Net Advisor and Coordinator: 
2014 - 2015 Bryan KG4UPR
2014 Dale K3CN

-  Established February 23, 2014  -

          BACKGROUND HISTORY: On February 23, 2014, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group established a 6 Meter SSB Net that meets on Sunday evening at 6:00 PM Local Eastern Time on the 50.125 MHz Calling Frequency. In the spring on 2014 the 6M net was moved to 8 PM on Wednesdays.

CURRENT SCHEDULE: Wednesdays nights at 2000 Hours local on 50.125 MHz. After check-in the net movesto 50.130 MHz.

Hope to meet you all there.


Net Manager:
2008 - 2014 Norm AI2C (SK)
2015 Dave KE4S

       -  Established on 3675 on January 24, 2008  -

The LARG Thursday Night SSB Net - Operating On A Clear-Channel Frequency of 3675.00 kHz from Loudoun in Northern Virginia - meets on 3675.00 kHz on LSB at 8 PM Local Time on Thursday Evenings.  The net will start up on this frequency or +/- the QRM in the Extra Class Subband on 75-Meters. The NCS will listen for General Class Operator check-ins on an announced frequency above 3803.00 kHz. This is Session 1 on 75-Meters. In addition, at or before 8:45 PM, Session 2 will be conducted on 28405.00 kHz for additional check-ins by Technician and Novice Class Operators.

          See the Revised Signal Operating Instructions on the LARG Thursday Night HF SSB Net Rev 7 dated May 6, 2010, replacing Rev 6 dated August 20, 2009. So, try to check-in weekly.

Thursday Night NCS Duty Roster

Aug 11 - Bryan KG4UPR
Aug 18 - Dave KE4S
Aug 25 - Dick W2YE
Sep 1 - Bill K8SYH
Sep 8- Jeff K0ZR
Sep 15 - John W0MPM
Sep 22- Paul N4PD
Sep 29 - John W5ODJ
Oct 6 - Bryan KG4UPR
Oct 13 - Dave KE4S
Oct 20 - Dick W2YE
Oct 27 - Bill K8SYH
Nov 3 - Jeff K0ZR
Nov 10 - John W0MPM
Nov 17 - Paul N4PD
Nov 24 - John W5ODJ
Dec 1 - Bryan KG4UPR
Dec 8 - Dave KE4S
Dec 15 - Dick W2YE
Dec 22 - Bill K8SYH
Dec 29 - Jeff K0ZR



  LARG Commuter Net
Members of the LARG meet Monday through Friday on 147.480 MHz Simplex, the W4DLS/R Repeater on 145.310 MHz or
the WA4TXE/R Repeater on 146.700 MHz from 6:30 to 8:00 AM and again at 4:30 to 6:30 PM.

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