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The LARG Conducts Six Weekly Operations On HF CW, HF Digital, HF SSB-Voice,
and VHF FM Voice Amateur Radio Bands

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Loudoun County EOC

On February 6, 2008, members of the Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service visited the new Loudoun County Government Emergency Operations Center.

Sunday Night 2-Meter FM Voice Net
See operating schedule and net frequencies at left.

2010 Net Manager:Jay Ives - KI4TXP
2011 Net Manager: Luther Guise - K5NOB
2012 Net Manager: Bryan Stephens, KG4UPR
2013 Net Manager: Henry Weidman, K2BFY
2014 Net Manager: Henry Weidman, KB2FY


Prepared By Jay Ives - KI4TXP
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Listen to the frequency for 10 minutes.

5 minutes before Net - "This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight's meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group.

"Is there anyone who needs to use this frequency for any business before the net's 8:30 start?"

"This is (your call and name) Net Control Station for tonight's meeting of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group

We thank the Dulles Amateur Radio Group for the use of their Repeater 145.310 on odd numbered months and Dave - WA4TXE for the use of his repeater 146.700 on even numbered months.

If for some reason the designated repeater is down check the other one.

We will take two rounds of comments but no formal traffic is taken or passed.

Any amateur is welcomed to join us.

When checking in please give your call and first name.

Check-ins please call now."


"Thanks to all that checked in tonight.

Thanks to the Dulles Amateur Radio Group for the use of their Repeater OR Thanks to Dave WA4TXE for the use of his Repeater.

For those that would like more information about Loudoun Amateur Radio Group you can go to our web site at history.k4lrg.org.

Have a good week and we will look for all of you on the commuter net.

We now will turn this frequency back to normal amateur operations. 73 all"

Each Sunday night, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group conducts an On-The-Air-Get-Together at 8:30 PM local time. The Sunday Night 2-Meter FM Net is our most popular operation with folks joining from many places in northern Virginia. The net opens at 8:30 PM local time on one of the local repeaters in Loudoun County. The net alternates monthly between the two repeaters.

       - The Dulles Amateur Radio Group's W4DLS/R Repeater at 145.310 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with a PL of 77 Hz. This repeater is located in eastern Loudoun County at the intersection of US Route 28 and the Dulles Toll Road. We all thank the Dulles Amateur Radio Group and Craig Brown - N4FSC of Sterling, VA.

       - The WA4TXE/R Repeater in Leesburg, VA. that operates on 146.700 MHz with negative 600 kHz offset and with no PL. We all thank Dave Boltson - WA4TXE of Charles Town, WV.   As of November 2010, the WA4TXE/R Repeater has additional coverage west of the Leesburg Mountain Range:

The 146.700 repeater network now can be heard West of the mountains on an aux frequency of 145.170 MHz. This is a frequency that duplicates the output normally on 146 700 MHz.

HOW TO USE 145.170 MHz on WA4TXE/R:

The leesburg repeater VHF input Frequency is and WILL stay on 146 100 MHz; this is a Standard Frequency Split of 600 kHz. If one needs to hear the repeater over the mountains, then SET a new memory in your radio with a channel pair using 145.170 MHz as THE PAIRED receive frequency for a transmit frequency with 146.100 MHz. Basically one is setting A non standard split for the second channel associated with the Leesburg repeater. Use this paired combination when 146.700 MHz gets noisy heading West on RT 7 over the mountains.

Currently a courtesy beep is not in use on the frequency and the carrier will drop after each transmission. Ultimately it will sound and operated as the main system but is still in the test mode but totally active 24/7. This Frequency plan and procedure was selected as no new standard VHF frequency repeater pairs are available and therefore has been recommended by TMARC (The Mid Atlantic Frequency Coordination Group) which assigns and approves repeater operations in our coverage area. As changes and improvements are made information will be available on QST de K4LRG Yahoo LARG Reflector and on the LARG weekly radio nets. Best Regards, David - WA4TXE November 2, 2010.

         - The LARG Simplex Net on 147.480 MHz simplex with no PL.

Operating Schedule:

       On Sundays that occur in odd numbered months, we will use the 145.31 machine - W4DLS/R. On Sundays in even numbered months, we will be on the 146.70 machine - WA4TXE/R. If you can't remember which to use, here's a hint: 145.31 ends in 1, which is an odd number, and 146.70 ends in zero, which most mathematicians throw in with the even numbers. For example, February, April, June, August, October and December are the even numbered months and during these months, we'll meet on the WA4TXE/R repeater.

       Of course, if the designated machine is ever down for any reason, we will automatically switch to the other - what a luxury! And, if both are inoperative, then we will meet on our Group's Simplex Net frequency of 147.480 MHz with no PL.

Sunday Night Digital Watering Hole
7073.25 kHz at 7:30 PM EST Local

Net Manager: Bryan Stephens - KG4UPR

The LARG conducts a weekly Operational Digital Net using Olivia 500/8 Mode on Sunday Nights at 7:30 PM Local Time on 7073.25 kHz. Sometimes other digital modes are tested. Monthly there is a LARG Bulletin sent to the net using MT63L mode (8-bit extended and long integration). Instead of the MT63 convention using a fixed audio offset with lower tone at 500Hz we will remain centered on the net frequency of 7073.25. Make sure to select the appropriate software option to allow centering MT63 on the net frequency (e.g., for fldigi "Allow Manual Tuning"). MT-63L 1000 will be used if adjacent spectrum is clear, otherwise MT-63L 500 will be the fallback to avoid QRM. M

Monday Night LARG YL Communications Net
146.700 MHz on WA4TXE/R Repeater at 8 PM Local

Net Manager:Nancy Dluehosh - N1NCY

Discontinued August 27, 2012

The Young Ladies of the LARG conducts a weekly Monday Night YL Communications Net at 8:00 PM local time on the WA4TXE/R Repeater on 146.700 MHz in Leesburg, Virginia.

Monday Night 220 MHz Net
K3MAD/R on 224.200MHz with a 123 Hz PL tone at 8 PM Local

Net Manager:Henry Weidman, K2BFY

On December 3, 2012, the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group established the Monday Night 220 Net that meets weekly at 8 PM local time.


http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/l_a_r_g/conversations/messages/15788:The 220 net has moved to the K3MAD Frederick MD Repeater because it has better coverage of Loudoun County. The frequency is 224.200 with a 123 Hz PL tone. -- 73, Henry K2BFY

Tuesday Night HF CW Net
3545.0 kHz at 8 PM Local

Net Manager: Bill Buchholz - K8SYH

The LARG conducts a weekly Operational CW - Morse Code Net on Tuesday Nights at 8 PM local time on 80-Meters HF CW at 3545.0 kHz.

Wednesday Night 6-Meter SSB Net
50,125.00 kHz at 8 PM Local

Net Manager: Dale Harrison - K3CN

The LARG conducts a weekly SSB CW on 6-Meters. The net forms on 50,125.00 kHz with call for check-ins. After check-in the net moves to 50,130.00 KHz for a round of comments. He discuss conditions, signals, and equipment. Hope to see you there.

Thursday Night HF SSB Voice Nets
3575.0Khz at 8 PM Local
28405.0 kHz at 8:45 PM

Net Manager: Norm Styer - AI2C

The LARG conducts weekly Operational Nets on Thursday Nights at 8 PM Local on 75-Meter - 3675.0 kHz - and 10-Meter - 28405.0 kHz - SSB Voice. See the operating and net procedures.

Suggestions For 10-Meter Band Antennas

The Matter of Two Antennas For the LARG THursday Night HF SSB-Voice Net

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