The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Of Northern Virginia & Its Radio Station K4LRG

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
K4LRG 2010 Field Day Exercise
Operating from the farm of John Westerman - WB5ODJ in Northern Loudoun County

(Purcellville, VA. November 9, 2010)   This was our 17th K4LRG American Radio Relay League Field Day Operation. Everyone in our Group operates or helps in many other ways. This year, under the outstanding leadership of our 2010 Field Day Committee Chairman, Doug Johnson - KJ4BRN and a great team of Captains, over 57 folks planned, organized, installed, supported, and operated Amateur Radio Station K4LRG to a 1st place in the ARRL Virginia Section, 1st place in the ARRL Roanoke Division and 2nd in the United States and Canada in the 5A Operating Class. And, K4LRG placed 14th out of 2617 among all entries. Congratulations to all.

This is the record of our great emergency communications exercise. There are over twenty-five sections covering the many aspects of this successful operation. We record this so we may show others that "Just In Case, You Can Count On Us!" We report here so our many super communicators and unselfish support personnel may be recognized. Imagine doing this for real. Imagine being called out as we have in the past and so, we look to show our members and others how we will respond.

Use the Silver-Blue Menu and Drop-Down White-Yellow Link Tabs in the upper left of each page to navigate. There are thirty-one separate pages for the following aspects of the 2010 LARG - K4LRG ARRL Field Day Operation:

FD Package
Fri.Nite Set Up
Op Schedule
Station #1
Special Training
AB-577 Mast Drill
24-Hour Support
Field Day Roster
Station #2
Claimed Score
CMTE's Message
Captains Meeting
Press Release
Station #3
Directions - Map
2008-09 QSO Map
Station #4
9-Year 5A Review
ARRL FD Locator
Site Survey
Station #5
GOTA Station
Press Coverage
Network Staging

Some 500 photographs, video files, and graphic images were provided by members of the LARG including Denny Boehler - KF4TJI, John Westerman - WB5ODJ, Bob Kemner - K5RWK, John Unger - W4AU, Bob Rodriguez - KJ4NXG, Bob Hyatt - KJ4KIE, Jim Stowers - K4FW, and Norm Styer - AI2C. There are 323 photographs, charts and video files in this report. Photographic credits are contained in the photo file name that is accessible from the Property Tab; just right click on any photograph. In addition, there are some fifty specially prepared charts and graphs that help tell the story. Clicking on a video tab will download an MP3 type video file for playing on your computer's MP3 player.

For most images, hovering your cursor will pop up a short title, description, and a credit line.

Again this year, the unheralded Scoring Committee of Rick Miller - AI1V, John Unger - W4AU and Norm Styer - AI2C, spent two-weeks scrubbing the log of 3900+ QSOs. We made quite a few mistakes and a lot of duped QSOs. We will use this data in future training programs.

A very special thank you goes to John Westerman - WB5ODJ who, again this year, allowed us to wander his family farm. A special thanks goes to members of A Co, 33rd Battalion, Black Horse Brigade, Virginia Defense Force for providing the great General Purpose Medium Army Tent for our support operations.

It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Canby - Clarks Gap - Loudoun - Virginia

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