An ARRL Club Benefit

$15.00 - $2.00 Commission
For New & Renewing ARRL Members

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, as an Official Affiliated Club of the ARRL,can retain $15.00 for each 'NEW' regular membership or 'a REJOINING REGULAR MEMBER' who has not retained an ARRL membership for two or more calendar years prior to the application submission; and, can retain $2.00 for each 'RENEWING REGULAR MEMBER' including lapsed members of less than 2 years' submitted. A RENEWING MEMBER can renew at anytime, even before their current membership term expires.

If you qualify as a NEW ARRL Member, obtain an application form at ARRL Membership Application Forms  or from our Treasurer. Mail the completed form and the full amount of the ARRL dues to our Treasurer. Our Treasurer will complete the second section of the Affiliated Club Rebate Reconciliation, retain $15.00 for our Club and forward your ARRL membership application with the remaining dues to the ARRL.

Requests for assistance or questions may be directed to the LARG Treasurer: