The 2010 Berryville Campaign
AKA: The 60th Annual Berryville Hamfest
Always the first Sunday in August! - By The Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club

Photographed By Z - KU1T ( & Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.
Reported by Norm Styer - AI2C       Released To The K4LRG.ORG Internet Site on September 10, 2010

O-Dark-Thirty in Purcellville, Virginia

LARG - K4LRG Convoy Forming For The 2010 Berryville Campaign

Gary Quinn - NC4S      Tom Garasic - NA4MA      Chris Fristad - KT9N      Dave Putman - KE4S      Denny Boehler - KF4TJI

           At 0515 hours it is still O-Dark-Thirty. We had a nice 8-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville at 0520 hours local. Tom - WB3AKD was unit 8 who joined as we moved by Round Hill. Gary Quinn - NC4S was point and Tom - WB9RXJ was trail.  We were some of the first units there and they were upon us as we parked under the tall trees in the eastern end of the Clarke County Fair Grounds. It didn't take long to part with the good stuff. Gary - NC4S and Tom - NA4MA cleared everything by 1030 hours. If you need a nice radio then this is the place to shop around.

           There were many - like at least twenty-six - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group current and past members who stopped by to say hello and chat:

AI2C - Norm de Clarkes Gap
AJ4EY - Dodson de Leesburg
AJ4LN - Eric de Sterling
K0ZR - Jeff de Leesburg
K2BFY - Henry de Sterling
K4MSG - Paul de Hamilton
K4SRX - Gary de Sterling
K5NOB - Luther de Leesburg
KC1AT - Don de Waterford
KE4FYL - Allon de Leesburg
KE4OKY - Dave de Sterling
KE4S - Dave de Leesburg
KF4TJI - Denny de Leesburg

KF4TNX - Tom de Slanesville, WV
KI4UTB - Jay de Leesburg
KJ4GYH - Marcia de Leesburg
KJ4GYL - Ken de Herndon
KT9N - Chris de Leesburg
KU1T - "Z" de Ashburn
N4TGA - Merc de Leesburg
NC4S - Gary de Lovettsville
NA4MA - Tom de Manassas
W2YE - Dick de Leesburg
WB3AKD - Tom de Round Hill
WB4ACC - Bill de Winchester
WF1L - Bill de Reston

           The Loudoun Radio Row had some nice stuff that went for some reasonable prices. Again this year, we heard some of our members being called to pick up their door prizes; we hope they were still around. We might think about pooling tickets as folks depart early.  Most folks pulled out by noon. We were home on Canby by 1330 hours. It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.

Loudoun ARG's   "Radio Row"   At   Berryville   2010

The Ad hoc Meeting of the LARG
Henry - K2BFY, Dave - KE4S, Denny - KF4TJI, Tom - WB3AKD, Gary - NC4S and Tom - NA4MA

Tom Garasic - NA4MA of Manassas
He Sold It All !!!

Ken - KJ4GYL

de Herndon

Henry Weidman - K2BFY

de Country Side

Can You Copy His Code ?

Dodson - AJ4EY
Marcia - KJ4GYH

de Leesburg

Dave - KE4OKY

de Sterling

Gary - K4SRX

de Sterling

Don - KC1AT

de Waterford

Tom - WB3AKD
Gary - NC4S

Vintage Stuff

Ask Him About His Alpha

Love Those Power Poles

A Little Digital Traffic

Hubert - K3HU

de Bowie, MD.

Clean Kenwood

He Must To Upgrading

A Few Scopes

This One Is Here Every Year

Henry - K2BFY and Jay - KI4TXP

Need A Radio ?
Everyone Starts With One Like this !!!

Gary Quinn - NC4S With His Ten-Tec
It Sold Early

Z - KU1T of Ashburn & West Virginia's Mountains

It was a nice day to look around


They Bring These Ever Year
I Always Wondered If They Work


HQ, Virginia Defense Force

You Should Not Go Hungry

This Is Still The Best Local Hamfest !!!
Hope To See You Next Year
It was nice riding with you all.
Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia