The 2013 Berryville Campaign
AKA: The 63rd Annual Berryville Hamfest
Always the first Sunday in August! - By The Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club

Photographed By Paul - N4PD de Leesburg & Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.
Reported by Norm Styer - AI2C       Released To The K4LRG.ORG Internet Site on August 9, 2013 Updated August 11, 2013

O-Dark-Thirty in Purcellville, Virginia

LARG - K4LRG Convoy Forming For The 2013 Berryville Campaign

Marcia - KJ4GYH      Dodson - AJ4EY      Paul - N4PD      Gary - NC4S      Bill - K8SYH      Dave - KE4S

           At 0515 hours it is still O-Dark-Thirty. We had a nice 5-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville at 0520 hours local. Gary Quinn - NC4S was point with tanden-axle trailer loaded with Rohn and Hy-Gain, and Dodson and Marcia were trail.  At 0545 hours, as in the past, we were some of the first units there and they were upon us as soon as we parked under the tall trees in the eastern end of the Clarke County Fair Grounds. Many had set up the night before and looks like they spent the night. There were signs of rain overnight. It didn't take long to part with the good stuff. Norm - AI2C parted with his 40-year old stash; he had many good bargains and by 1100 hours had some $250 to show for his effort. Gary - NC4S also did a nice job and he has several still thinking about picking up his 60-feet of Rohn 25 tower. Bill - K8SYH and Paul - N4PD also did good. It's estimated that LARG's haul was around a G-Note. It was so nice to see so many of the Loudoun ARG and our other friends. As show below, if you need a nice radio then this is the place to shop around. We look forward to another in 2014.

Rollin' West

Dodson - AJ4EY & Marcia - KJ4GYH
de Leesburg

           There were many - like at least thirty-five - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group current and past members who stopped by to say hello and chat:

AI2C - Norm de Clarkes Gap
AJ4EY - Dodson de Leesburg
AJ4LN - Eric de Sterling
KØBRA - Frank de Great Falls
KØZR - Jeff de Purcellville
K2BFY - Henry de Sterling
K4FW - Jim de Clarkes Gap
K4MSG - Paul de Hamilton
K4NBO - Sally de Leesburg
K4YND - Don de Sterling
K5NOB - Luther de Leesburg
K8SYH - Bill de Potomac Falls
KC1AT - Don de Waterford
KE4FYL - Allon de Leesburg
KE4OKY - Dave de Sterling
KE4S - Dave de Leesburg
KE5APC - Jeff de Leesburg
KI4KXJ - Richard de Manassas

KJ4GYH - Marcia de Leesburg
KJ4GYL - Ken de Herndon
KJ4VTH - Bill de Oak Hill
KK4RLE - Joshua de Leesburg
KK4RLF - Christa de Leesburg
KS1G - Steve de Reston
KU1T - "Z" de Ashburn
N4PD - Paul de Leesburg
N4TGA - Merc de Leesburg
N4TS - Bill de Herndon
NC4S - Gary de Lovettsville
W2YE - Dick de Leesburg
WA4TXE - David de Charles Town, WV.
WBØPOH - Kevin de Chantilly
WB3AKD - Tom de Round Hill
WB4ACC - Bill de Winchester
WF1L - Bill de Reston

           The Loudoun Radio Row had some nice stuff that went for some reasonable prices. Norm unloaded many old things. He really appreciated the help in setting up and manning his stand by Marcia and Dodson. Berryville is the place to part with those old CB Radios and Johnson Match Box Antenna Tuners. His collection of resisters, capacitors, switches and other parts kept folks looking. But again, the Heath HW-Series Single Banders are back on Canby. Next year, he plans to add power supplies, mics, and antennas and demo each.; they should go for sure. Much of our time was spent visiting with many of our friends. It was nice catching up on "how are you doing?" Norm was gone by 1200 hours for an afternoon series of birthday parties; the others followed within the hour. It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.

Loudoun ARG's   "Radio Row"   At   Berryville   2013

The Well Appointed Stand by Dave - KE4S

Paul - N4PD Had Some Cool Stuff

He Sold A Lot Of It !!!

David - WA4TXE

Mr. Leesburg+ Repeater
de Charles Town, WV.

Henry Weidman - K2BFY

de Country Side

Dick - W2YE

de Leesburg

Eric - AJ4LN

de Sterling

Frank - KØBRA

de Great Falls

Jeff - KØZR

de Purcellville

Paul - K4MSG

de Hamilton

Guess Who ?

Paul - N4PD

Jeff - KE5APC

de Leesburg

Jeff - KØZR, Jim - K4FW, Norm - AI2C & Bill - KJ4VTH

Marcia - KJ4GYH, Gary - NC4S & Dodson - AJ4EY

Merc - N4TGA

de Leesburg

Bill - WF1L
de Reston

Gary - NC4S, Tom - WB3AKD, Norm - AI2C, Dave - KE4S & Z - KU1T
Waiting For The Multitude

Dave - KE4OKY, Jim - No Call & Don - KC1AT

Jeff - KØZR & Jim - K4FW

Tom - WB3AKD
de Round Hill

"Z" - KU1T
de Hedgesville, WV.

A Nice New Dinning Facility

This Fellow, Next To Norm's Stand, Didn't Sell His HWs Either

One of Several Venues For Indoor Shopping
They Were Wall-To-Wall

Some Nice Old Radios
 Everyone Starts With One Like This!!!

It Was Sure A Nice Morning - Some Spent The Night

Stuff Was Being Carried Off Pretty Fast

These Guys Were Up Before We Arrived
Three Truck Loads  

Like New By Howard Mills - W3HM
de Harpers Ferry, WV.

Love It !!!

Really Shiny Inside

Everyone Need One Of These
I Cut My Teeth On One These in '43

There Was An Over Flow Crowd

This Is Still The Best Local Hamfest !!!
Hope To See You Next Year
It was nice riding with you all.
Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia