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Riley Hollingsworth - K4ZDH
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       A Living Legend spoke to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group in October 2010. Mr. Hollingsworth's address is all inspiring and is a great tribute to the American Way, our Amateur Radio Community and to Mr. Hollingsworth's outstanding service to the Nation. He has allowed us to share his remarks. Luther Guise - K5NOB has prepared an audio recording and you may access the one hour MP3 audio presentation here.

       Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, joined the Enforcement Program of the Compliance and Information Bureau (formerly the FCC's Field Operation Bureau) in January 1998, as Legal Advisor for Enforcement, he was placed in charge of coordinating enforcement in the Amateur Services after that program was transferred to the Enforcement Bureau in October 1998. Riley then became Special Counsel with the new Enforcement Bureau and managed the Amateur Radio Service enforcement and the Land Mobile Service interference resolution programs.

       Prior to joining the Enforcement Bureau Riley was an enforcement trial attorney and later Deputy Chief of Licensing and Assistant Bureau Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau.

       In 1987, he managed the FCC 800 Mhz Lottery Task Force in which the 800 MHz spectrum was assigned to 13 cities. He also organized the FCC's program in which underutilized radio channels were recovered for reassignment in major cities.

       In 1992, Riley participated as a Member of the Delegation from the US State Department to Bucharest, Romania, where radio licensing in the United States and opening foreign markets to American manufacturers were addressed.

       Riley acted as Co-Chairman for the FCC PCS Broadband and Narrowband Licensing Task Force in 1994. He received the "Hammer Award" for efficiency in government from Vice President Gore. Riley retired from the FCC in July 2008.
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       He holds a Master Degree from University of South Carolina and a Law Degree from Wake Forest University. He is Assistant Director for the ARRL's Atlantic Division. He's a member of the Quarter Century Wireless Association. Riley was first licensed in 1960. His home QTH is Gettysburg, PA.

Riley Hollingsworth - K4ZDH at the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's October 2010 Meeting at the VFW Post #1177 in Leesburg, Va. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.

Click here to access the Mp3 File of Mr. Riley Hollingsworth's Presentation to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on October 16, 2010

Published with Mr. Hollingsworth's permission on October 20, 2010.