The 2014 Berryville Campaign
AKA: The 63rd Annual Berryville Hamfest
Always the first Sunday in August! - By The Shenandoah Valley Amateur Radio Club

Photographed By Paul - N4PD de Leesburg, Ken - KJ4GYL of Herndon, and & Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.
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Reported by Norm Styer - AI2C       Released To The K4LRG.ORG Internet Site on September 22, 2014

O-Dark-Thirty in Purcellville, Virginia

LARG - K4LRG Convoy Forming For The 2014 Berryville Campaign

Bill - K8SYH                  Paul - N4PD                  Rick - N1RM                 Dave - KE4S

           Like is our practice, we formed up by 0515 hours; it is still O-Dark-Thirty. The Campaign was well organized. We had a nice 5-unit convoy out of the old IGA parking lot in eastern Purcellville by 0525 hours local. Rick - AI1V (now N1RM) was point. There were no delays and our traditional spot under the tall trees was available. Again, some had spent the night after setting up on Saturday. The weather was great with no threat of rain. It didn't take long for the early birds to find us and the good stuff was gone by 8 AM. Dave - KE4S helped Norm find a nice 6M 100-watt multimode transceiver and very nice 5-elemnt 6M yagi antenna. Things slowed by 1130 hours and we "Closed Station and March Ordered." It was so nice to see so many of the Loudoun ARG and our other friends. As show below, if you need a nice radio or antenna then this is the place to shop around. We look forward to another in 2015.

           There were many - like at least twenty-five - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group current and past members who stopped by to say hello and chat:

AI1V Rick de Reston
AI2C - Norm de Clarkes Gap
AI4UX - Meg de Great Falls
AJ4EY - Dodson de Leesburg
AJ4LN - Eric de Sterling
KØBRA - Frank de Great Falls
K2BFY - Henry de Sterling
K3SEN - Dale de Ashburn
K4FW - Jim de Clarkes Gap
K8SYH - Bill de Potomac Falls
KE4S - Dave de Leesburg
KG4L - John de Lovettsville
KJ4GYH - Marcia de Leesburg

KJ4GYL - Ken de Herndon
KJ4VTH - Bill de Oak Hill
KK4NMR - Shannon de Ashburn
KK4ULA - Bud de Wheatland
KR9D - Rick de Lovettsville
KU1T - Zbigniew de Hedgesville, WV.
N4PD - Paul de Leesburg
N4TGA - Merc de Leesburg
W2YE - Dick de Leesburg
W5ODJ - John de Lovettsville
WA4TXE - David de Charles Town, WV.
WB3AKD - Tom de Round Hill

  • Norm - AI2C

Just A Little Slow By Mid Morning

This Is Still The Best Local Hamfest !!!
Hope To See You Next Year
It was nice riding with you all.
Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia