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Communications Support at Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008

The LOGO of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service - An organization of the American Radio Relay League. Members of the Alpine Dancers of New Carrollton, Maryland at the 2008 Lovettsville Oktoberfest. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ of Lovettsville, VA.

Members of the Alpine Dancers of New Carrollton, Maryland

The LOGO of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia.

Another Loudoun Amateur Radio Emergency Service & Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Communications Operation
Photographed by John Westerman - WB5ODJ. Edited by Norm Styer - AI2C
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       German Heritage In Northern Virginia    Lovettsville's heritage dates to the early 1730's and the Treaty of Albany with the Iroquois Nations signed in 1722 that marked the territories of the American indians and provided more safety for the tens of thousands of the arriving white Europeans to North America. In this area, the Blue Ridge Mountains was the dividing line and many settlements sprung up in the Loudoun Valley. These were small farming settlements that were attracted to the rich fertile soil. Our migrating German ancestors traveled through New York and Pennsylvania to settled together here. They were here with other European settlers well before Loudoun County was formed in 1757. Their strict adherence to the Reform Church contrasted with the more dominate English communities. In the 1820's the land holdings of David Lovett were used to create what was called Newtown and later renamed in 1828 to Lovettsville. The Commonwealth of Virginia recognized it as a town in 1836 and Lovettsville was incorporated in 1876. As you can imagine this was a close knit society with rich German traditions with a high regard for family,  the church, hard work and community. This culture still resides here around Lovettsville in Northern Loudoun County. At the beginning of this century, there were some 800 folks in some 200 families residing here. This rich German-cultured community celebrate Oktoberfest that began in Munich, Germany in 1810 with great joy, great horse racing, fine food and plenty of beer to mark the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig - later King Ludwig I - and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildurghhausen.  You may read more about Lovettsville.

The Call For Emergency Communications Service

John Westerman - WB5ODJ CHOP at Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008.
      This was the second year that John Westerman - WB5ODJ organized our support for the Lovettsville Oktoberfest. As last year, we were responding to a request for emergency communications service from the Loudoun County Battalion Chief Mike Deli and the Lovettsville Fire & Rescue Company 12. Both Tom Dawson - WB3AKD, Emergency Coordinator (EC) for Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and Gary Quinn - NC4S, Assistant EC for Loudoun County ARES, outlined the practical experience to be gained and the opportunity to help one of local jurisdictions by supporting this operation. Kurt Reber - KI4FWB also pointed out that this is a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY for those who have recently earned their license to develop public service skills and begin putting that newfound knowledge (and HT) to work.

      John Westerman's call for assistance and distribution of planning and status reports were accomplished via the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's "'QST de K4LRG" eMail Reflector. See his message traffic: August 26, August 27, August 29, September 10, September 22, September 22, September 26, September 27, September 27, and September 28, 2008.

John Westerman published the roster of volunteers on September 26, 2008.

The following people have volunteered for the Oktoberfest event:
John Westerman, WB5ODJ
David Putman, KE4S
Gene Carnicom, KD7IAV
Kurt Reber, KI4FWB
Bill Bowman, KA4UFI
Chuck Graham, KI4IEO
Frank Gentges, K0BRA
Meg Gentges, AI4UX
Dave Wendland, KE4OKY
Paul Dluehosh, N4PD
Nancy Dluehosh, KE4RTP
William Buchholz, K8SYH
Bettieanne Buchholz, KI4WSO
Jeffery Slusher, KE5APC
Jay Ives, KI4TXP
Luther Guise, K5NOB
Rick Miller, AI1V
Chris Guthrie, KJ4BRX
John's final plan also included these assignments and instructions.
9am to 11am
John Westerman, WB5ODJ
David Putman, KE4S
Gene Carnicom, KD7IAV
Kurt Reber, KI4FWB **** TENTATIVE
Rick Miller, AI1V

11am to 1pm
John Westerman, WB5ODJ
Bill Bowman, KA4UFI
Chuck Graham, KI4IEO
Frank Gentges, K0BRA,
Meg Gentges, AI4UX,

1pm to 3pm
John Westerman, WB5ODJ
Dave Wendland, KE4OKY
Paul Dluehosh, N4PD
Nancy Dluehosh, KE4RTP
William Buchholz, K8SYH

3pm to 5pm
John Westerman, WB5ODJ
Bettieanne Buchholz, KI4WSO
Jeffery Slusher, KE5APC
Luther Guise, K5NOB
Chris Guthrie, KJ4BRX
      You will note there is one extra person in the morning and one extra in the afternoon. With all the people moving in and out of the event I figure that is the highest likelihood of when our services might be needed. If you are on a shift that doesn't work for you please respond via e-mail (with this subject unchanged) or call me on my cell phone at 703-431-9148 to coordinate a different time. I know there were some of you who said you were tentative. If that is still the case please let me know.

      Parking. There are three places to park:
            1) Lovettsville Fire Department (this is quite a walk to Lovettsville, maybe a mile)
            2) Lovettsville Community Center (take bus to main street or walk)
            3) Lovettsville Game Club (take bus to main street or walk)

      You are also welcome to park at my house. My address is current in all the places you would find it. If you need a ride please let me know beforehand. My house is over 3 miles from Lovettsville!

      Directions: From Leesburg, head west on route 7. Take route 9 to route 287. Take route 287 north for about 5.5 miles. You will see the fire department on your left. If you keep driving you will see the game club on the left. Keep driving and you will drive into the 7-11 parking lot. We will be set up to the east of 7-11 (right next door).

      From Frederick, take Route 15 south to Lovettsville road. Keep driving until you come to the stop sign at 7-11. We will be right there.

      After parking and getting into town we will meet initially at 8:45am on Saturday morning at the restaurant named "The Talk of the Town". They have coffee, etc., and we can get to know each other before we are called into service. We will then meet the fire and rescue team at 9am in the fire and rescue area where we'll do introductions with the Loudoun County team run by Mike Deli's team. We have a little over an hour with them to work through any details of the event with them. It won't take an hour so we can mingle as necessary before the event starts. Who works with the fire and rescue team on both shifts will be decided at the 9am meeting Saturday.

      If you are not on the morning team please just report to the Loudoun County fire department area and you will start from there.

      The frequency chosen for the event is 147.48 MHz with no PL. I will be listening starting at 8am from my station here in Lovettsville if you need any help.

      Do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail. Just make sure you put Oktoberfest in the subject or your e-mail will be lost in my in box forever!!!

      No doubt I have forgotten something so please keep an eye on your e-mail for updates later in the week!

      Look forward to working with each of you. Regards, John, WB5ODJ

      In summary, a base of operation was established next to the Fire & Rescue Station with a 12-volt battery powered 2-Meter Mobile Unit and a tripod-supported mobile vertical antenna. There were few if any incidents throughout the operation as paired and single man-portable units moved throughout the area.

   A Successful Public Service Event - A Thank You Note

"I am the Chief of the Lovettsville VFD and have been planning this response for some time with the help of John Westerman. I'm at work once again this year but wanted to say THANKS to all of you from LARG for your hard work and enthusiasm. We appreciate all you do for us and the Town of Lovettsville. I hope to be able to participate next year and meet you folks." - Mike Deli, September 28, 2008

The Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008

John Westerman - WB5ODJ at Lovttsville Oktoberfest 2008.

John Westerman - WB5ODJ on the streets of Lovettsville on Saturday morning.
Everyone who participated received the very distinct Red LARG cap

The Alte Kameraden German Band at the Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ.

Put Your Hands Together

Clap Your Hands

The Alte Kameraden German Band at the 2008 Lovettsville Oktoberfest. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ.

The "Alte Kameraden" German Band

Dancing at Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ.

Dancin' to the "Alte Kameraden" German Band

The dining crowd at the 2008 Lovettsville Oktoberfest. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ.

Fine music, fine food and fine beer.

The streets of Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008. Photograph by John Westerman - WB5ODJ.

The streets of Lovettsville - Can you spot the LARG Guys?

And, A Special Thanks From John Westerman
       Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Many thanks to all who participated yesterday in the Lovettsville Oktoberfest 2008 event. In particular to the following members who gave their time throughout the day to help us with the event coverage, setting up and breaking down the tent and it's contents.

David Putman, KE4S  -  Rick Miller, AI1V  -  Chuck Graham, KI4IEO  -  Paul Dluehosh, N4PD  -  Nancy Dluehosh, KE4RTP
Kurt Reber, KI4FWB - Gene Carnicom, KD7IAV  -  Chris Guthrie, KJ4BRX  -  Luther Guise, K5NOB  -  Jeffery Slusher, KE5APC

We all look forward to helping again next year.
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