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     Well, the First Annual is "Next Year." The LARG was ready but the Antique Cars never left the starting gate, in fact, they never got to Leesburg.
     We had, as planned, established a VHF Net Control Station and an Antique 40-Meter AM Wireless Station.  And our operators had assembled at the Douglass Community Center for final briefings before going to their assigned check  points. Then about 10:30 AM we got the final word: "Shut it down."  There were no cars.
     Paul, N4PD made a 40-Meter QSO with Charlie, K4LJH in Hamilton and Norm, AI2C made contacts  with several of our members standing by at home or distant check points.
     We all had a good time getting together and demonstrating once again that we can move into a site and be on the air in an hour.  Larry and others took some pictures and  they will be posted to this site as they arrive.

Larry - KG4CGR's Pictures

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