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Antique Wireless Association

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Virginia   ARES

Virginia Emergency Management

Emergency Links

Northern Virginia Traffic Net

Skywarn - 147.300 MHz

JFK International Airport - ATC

White House - Homeland Security

Hurricane Watch Net

Virginia Sect ARES/RACES District Map

National Homeland Security

Emergency Net. Com

US Northern Command


ARRL Members Only

ARRL VA Section

ARRL Newsletter Online

ARRL FCC Database Search Site

RF Exposure Safety

VEC Exams Within 50 Miles

Balloon Flights

Airman's Info Man FAR-101


Balloon Tracking

Balloon Track

Radiosonde Skew Analysis

Topo Maps In Real Time

How To Read Skew-T Diagrams

UNISYS Sounding Data

Upper Air Soundings de UWYO

Upper Air Soundings de UW

Find Your Declination

Spirit of Knoxville

''Dancin' With Charlie Whiskey''

F. I. S. T.

Telegraph Lore

G Marconi

Samuel F.B. Morse

Beginners Guide To CW QSOs

Morse Code Used By Human Cells?

Coast Guard CW Operators Association


Automatic Position Reporting System

Digi and Path Selection 101

UI View Resources


FAQs On Restructuring

FCC Daily Digest

FCC Internet Site

General References

Amateur Radio References - Amateur Radio

Radio Mobile

Today's Calendar and Clock Page

What You Need To Know

Original Famous Hams and ex-Hams List

WM7D's FCC Data + Much More

N1BQ's APRS Tracks Page

US Frequency Allocations

Internet Tools

Internet Traffic Status

Your Own Ham Domain


News and Engines

CQoogle Search

Leesburg Today

The Sydney Morning Herald

Radio 1200 - WAGE

Centre Daily Times

OnLine Newspapers


Coast To Coast AM

DogPile Search Engine

Facts On The Net

Global Security

Northeast Intelligence

Yahoo News

Reading Eagle

Google Search Engine

Loudoun County Government

The Washington Post

The Huffington Post - Latest News

Outlook Afghanistan

Space es Earth

International Space Station

Near Earth Objects

Living Earth With Gray Line


Recent Earthquake Activity in the World de USGS


Weather Resources

Coast - To - Coast WX Radar Loop

Washington DC WX Radar Loop

Accu Weather - Leesburg Radar

Accu Weather - US Radar Sites

Va DEM WX Links

Hurricane Watch Net

DXing es Contesting es Propagation Links
"Those Far Away Signals From Strange Sounding Voices Keep Calling, Calling and Calling!"
de  "Dancin' With Charlie Whiskey" by Norm Styer, AI2C February 3, 2000

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