Community Emergency Preparedness Fair
For Hamilton and Purcellville, Virginia
Saturday, July 17, 2004

Emergency Prepareness Fair - Hamilton, VA July 17,2004. Photo by Norm Styer - AI2C.

With Participation By The
Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service
and Loudoun Amateur Radio Group

Location: LDS Church in Hamilton, VA - 15 Reid St. - Close to Harmony School
                   Event Coordinator: Robert Hyatt

Keynote Speakers and Slide Show Presentations:

          Traci Winfree - American Red Cross - Loudoun Chapter
          Kevin Johnson - Loudoun Co. Emergency Preparedness Operations Center
          Robert Hyatt - Church of Jesus Christ of Later-Day Saints - The Bare Necessities
          Bill McGann - Chief, Hamilton Fire Department
          Dale Harrison - Loudoun Amateur Radio Group

Booths and Tables With Information:
          American Red Cross Understanding National Threat Levels.
          Loudoun Co. Emergency Preparedness Operations Center - Be A Volunteer.
          Food Storage - Canning, Bottling, Storing Food for Emergencies.
          Gardens - Information from the County Extension Office.
          72 Hour Kits - See a Kit on Display for Home, Car, and Animals.
          Emergency Supplies - Learn what to have in your home for emergencies
          Water & Electric Generators - Learn how to store and purify water. Learn about Generators and safety issues.
          Amateur Radio Emergency Communications - Learn how local Radio Operators  aide during Emergencies.

     The above billing was true: Everything you need to know and do to survive. The credit and a special thanks to Robert Hyatt for packaging and coordinating this event. More folks should have attended and those that did now have an advantage. Many thanks to Tom Dawson - WB3AKD the Emergency Coordinator for Loudoun County Amateur Radio Emergency Service and Dale Harrison - K3CN, President of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group for recognizing the value of us participating and to all who helped spread the word about the Amateur Radio Service. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C.

      Tom Dawson - WB3AKD released the following message to the LARG and Loudoun ARES Reflectors of Saturday evening.

FROM:        Tom Dawson - WB3AKD - Round Hill, VA, July 17, 2004 5:16 PM
SUBJECT:  LARG/ARES at EP Fair in Hamilton

     "Today was, without question, a very successful day for LARG Community relations. As usual, LARG/ARES members Gary, NC4S, Bill, W3EMH, and numerous others arrived promptly and had the trailer-tower parked, vertical, and equipped, with the ARES repeater operating in less than a half hour, which has got to be a record for us, and certainly was an outstanding demonstration of our emergency preparedness capabilities."

      "The weather was quite nice, and Dave, KG4KZZ, set up an APRS display near our outdoor display."

      "Red, K0RAJ, provided a very professional example of a mobile communications setup, and made several contacts on HF and successfully demonstrated Ham Radio via internet as well. Denny, KF4TJI, set up a cross-band repeater between UHF and VHF successfully extending the range of the portable repeater to the eastern limits of Loudoun County. Thanks to Randy, K4RSA, and Elena, KD4DEI, for providing eastern Loudoun outstations for our demonstrations. Randy also joined us in Hamilton."

      "Dale, K3CN, presented to the whole group, while Larry, K3HE, set up an excellent literature table with ARRL brochures, and some posters made by Allon, KE4FYL."

     "The ARRL video with Walter Cronkite, KB2GSD, and a Slide Presentation prepared by yours truly were available during the breakout sessions. Thanks to Allon, KE4FYL, for providing the projector."

      "Perhaps due to the fine weather, overall attendance was light, although we did present our materials a couple of times and there were several opportunities to demonstrate the equipment outside. Those who stopped by the various ham radio activities were, without exception, favorably impressed and some inquired about lessons in the fall."

      "The organizers and fellow presenters also went away with a very favorable impression of the group and our Emergency preparedness capabilities."

       "Finally, Bill and I agreed, after careful study, that the baked goods were outstanding."

       "The list of participants, in no particular order, follows:

K3CN, Dale  NC4S, Gary    W3EMH, Bill    KE4FYL, Allon    K3HE, Larry    WF1L, Bill    KG4KZZ, Dave    K0RAJ, Red    NA4MA, Tom    AI2C, Norm    K4VV, Jack    KD4AIF, Merk    KD4DEI, Elena    K4AJA, Ray    K4RSA, Randy    K4ARP, Dave    KF4TJI, Denny    KF4TJJ, Carol"

      "Today was an example of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's commitment to emergency preparedness, and the reliability of the LARG/ARES membership in all areas of ham radio endeavors."

"Thanks to all
Tom Dawson - WB3AKD
ARES EC Loudoun County, VA
(540) 454-0520 (Cell)
(877) 790-3115 (Pager)
[email protected]"


The LARG Mobile Tower Supported ARES Repeater

ARES and LARG members assemble at 8 AM. Photo by Norm Styer - AI2C.

Gary Quinn - NC4S of Lovettsville had brought in the LARG mobile tower and with the help of several veteran antenna men, the WB3AKD/R - Loudoun ARES Repeater was operational on 440 MHz. Dave Putman - KG4KZZ of Woods Road - Leesburg tailgated his APRS Demo next to the tower and had his own portable mast erected for his operation. And Red K0RAF displayed his neatly packaged mobile comm van.



APRS Demonstration
Do You Know Where Everyone Is?

          Dave Putman, KG4KZZ of Woods Road - Leesburg had a full APRS Station and Server tracking Allon Stern - KE4FYL of Purcellville in his mobile and Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap in his mobile. For demo purposes an AC-Powered Display was also available; otherwise, everything was operated from deep-cycle 12-volt batteries.

APRS Node by Dave Putman - KG4KZZ with Allon Stern - KE4FYL assisting. Photo by Norm Styer - AI2C.
CrossBand_Repeater By Denny Boehler - KF4TJI operating on ridgeline southeast of Hamilton. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C.

Cross Band Repeater - KF4TJI

          Denny Boehler - KF4TJI of Leesburg deployed his mobile VHF - UHF station to the ridge southeast of Hamilton and established a portable cross band repeater to extend the range of the WB3AKD ARES 440 MHz Repeater into eastern Loudoun County. Communications were conducted with mobiles and fixed stations east of Route 28.


The Mobile Comm Van of Red Davidson - K0RAJ of Hamilton

The Mobile Comm Van of Red - K0RAJ of Hamilton, VA. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C.

Red Davidson - K0RAJ of Hamilton brought his well equipped and neatly arranged communications van. It's equipped with HF, VHF and UHF packages and through his home repeater, Red can extend communications via the repeater or via an operational Internet-Based Echo link to other parts of the county, the state or the country.



Red - K0RAJ of Hamilton with his elink - VHF - UHF Capabilities. Photo by Norm Styer -AI2C of Clarkes Gap,VA.

Red Davidson - K0RAJ

K0RAJ's Mobile Capabilities. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap, VA.

HF Capabilities of  Red - K0RAJ of Hamilton, VA. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap, VA.

Mobile HF Voice


VHF - UHF Between The Front Seats


The ARES and LARG Information Briefs

Tom Dawson's ARES - Amateur Radio Breakout Briefing. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap, VA.

Tom Dawson - WB3AKD of Round Hill made a slide show ( Click Here - 472K PDF File ) and video brief to those that stopped by during the breakout sessions. He was assisted by Allon Stern - KE4FYL of Purcellville.

Information Table manned by Gary Quinn - NC4S, Dale Harrison - K3CN and Larry Hughes - K3HE. Photograph by Larry Hughes - K3HE of Leesburg, VA.

In the main briefing room, Gary Quinn - NC4S of Lovettsville, Dale Harrison - K3CN of Leesburg, and Larry Hughes - K3HE (not shown) provide information on Amateur Radio and Loudoun ARES and the LARG.




An Important Critique From Jay Greeley, Loudoun ARC
As Posted To The LARG Reflector On July 18, 2004

FROM:        Jay Greeley - In Northern Iraq, July 18, 2004, 2:22 AM

         "Almost four years ago I was at a number of meetings where they were saying that they didn't need the ham operators anymore with, cell, vhf radio's, and all the comm gear. I reminded everyone there how important the ham's are and we did our first exercise, the bike ride together, and we invited the County to participate, for three more years they started to take note. I told them we placed these rest stops at or close to shelters, and that by doing the set ups and running the communications we have made the bike ride one of the safest in the area, I am proud of my association with this club, and look forward to coming home in a few days be it a short visit and then back to Iraq for the rest of my tour. Back to back CBT tours are tough on family, but I think they are tougher on the community as you know many of our soldiers are deployed from VA. Many ARNG personnel are here serving with me everyday. They too are teachers, coaches, construction workers, police, and local volunteers for their fire and rescue departments."

         "So thanks again, for your support to the community for all of us deployed its great to know you got our backs. Just remember we got yours here."

        "So say a prayer for those that were wounded here this last week, we had several killed, two young soldiers, in a vehicle accident they where in a Stryker that rolled over, 3 others were hurt, and 6 others were ok with minor scrapes and bumps. I know these kids, they are young and they know they are doing their part  Make sure you write your leaders, local too, to support them while they are deployed. So many are getting hassled, about car taxes, I know, I was one of them, we sent in our stuff got our stickers, only to find out they were trying to garnish my wages with a hearing, in violation of VA and US law, I got it stopped and fixed it with a phone call to the County. I knew who to call, but what about a private, with three kids, a wife and he is not next to the Communications that I have at my rank. So please if you know of soldiers that are deployed take care of their families, see what you can do. L
et the Guard know you care. I am sure they won't call you, but just the fact that you will."

         "Well I will be home in 72 hrs but who is counting.. that's if the planes fly and the dam doesn't brake."

         "See you at I HOP for breakfast some morning. After the 26th as you know 2LT Jay Jr. is getting married on the 24th in Richmond and Mrs Greeley (Bonnie) has told the PRESIDENT that he better get me home for that one... being from TEXAS he knows who is the boss, well that's just a quick joke. Hoped you laughed."

"God Bless you all"




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