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Solar X-Rays
Solar X-ray Status de NOAA

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Geomagnetic Field
Geomagnetic Field Status de NOAA

CLICK FOR MORE  ---  The K index indicates the condition of the Earth Geomagnetic Field and is recorded evry 3 hours. When particles arrive from a disturbance on our Sun, they settle into the north and south poles of our geomagnetic field causing it to become disturbed and thus disrupt communications paths passing near or over our poles. More intense disdurbances will increase the electron density in the higher latitudes and manifest themselves in aurora activity. Higher K Index numbers reflect these conditions. The best shortwave communications occur during quiet conditions - K equal to 1 or 0. You should never miss a k = 0 conditions since communications will be super. Get More Details On Solar Activity. Good Luck Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C
Planetary K-Index 3H de NOAA
AKA: Conditions

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XRAY FLUX Levels at 5 Minute Intervals. CLICK FOR ENLARGED VIEW
GOES X-ray Flux 5M de NOAA

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