LARG Makes Manassas - 2011
--- Now Always The Second Sunday in June ---
Dateline - Purcellville, Virginia, June 17, 2011         Photographed & Reported By Norm Styer - AI2C

 The 2011 Manassas Campaign

      It was a slow one. Two vehicles pulled out of the plumping outfit on Route 15 south of Leesburg at 0520 hours - it was O-Dark-Thirty. Dave - KE4S was point and John - W4AU with Norm - AI2C as shotgun was trail. Traffic was lite except for several horse trailers and we closed at 0550 hours. They didn't start taking money until 0610 hours and the gates finally opened at 0620 hours. Dave was the only one who brought stuff and his 4-position coax switch was sold before 0645 hours.

      We had some breakfast and made the rounds. About 0800 hours the commercial buildings opened and we picked up some PL-259's, RCA plugs, some RG-58 coax and a copper ground stake from RF Connections. Oh, I did buy some clip-on sunglasses; so, you know it was slow. That was it. I had brought a tomato stake to aid my twisted back, after mowing on the farm in Pennsylvania on Saturday; it really kept me the chair; the ground rod worked better.

      Gordon - NQ4K came by and we learned the the Virginia QSO Party presentation was postponed until 1115 hours at best and by 0945 hours, John and I decided we had enough. Dick - W2YE promised to pick up our VAQP awards. So, we Closed Station - March Ordered.

      We did meet a few fellow LARGers and several folks from the VA QSO Party. That was nice. I met Tom - NA4MA and tried to talk him in to coming to K4LRG FD; he said he might. We could use a few more operators like Tom. The roster below reflect folks we met and those reportedly being there.

      By 1030 hours, we were home on Canby. It was nice riding with you all.

John - W4AU Making The Rounds
LARG Members - Past and Present - At  Manassas
AI2C - Norm de Clarkes Gap
AJ4EY - Dodson de Leesburg
AJ4LN - Eric de Sterling
K2BFY - Henry de Sterling
K6PS - Paul de Leesburg
KE4S - Dave de Woods Road
KE4OKY - Dave de Reston
KJ4BRN - Doug de Potomac Falls
KJ4GYH - Marcia de Leesburg
KJ4GYL - en de Herndon
KJ4VTH - Bill de Oak Hill
KW4H - Steve de Haymarket
NA4MA - Tom de Haymarket
N4PD - Paul de Leesburg
W2LEK - Mike de Leesburg
W2YE - Dick de Leesburg
W4AU - John de Hamilton
WA4TXE - Dave de Charles Town, WV.
WB4ACC - Bill de Winchester

Breakfast At 0700 Hours

Close Station - March Order

We closed out the 2011 Edition of the Campaign to Manassas very early. There wasn't much going on. By 1030 hours we were home in Loudoun.

It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.