The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
14th Annual Holiday Dinner

 Reported & Photographed By Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia

Happy  Holidays  To  All !!!
A Very Special Thanks to Our Host, Nancy - N1NCY

To All Who Attended the LARG Holiday Party: Thank you all for coming! Special thanks to John, for coming early to let us in, for staying late to lock up, and for behind the scenes organizing, to Luther, for running the show, for all who helped with set up and clean up, to Marcy, who gave me so much support and encouragement, to the Dominion 4 who again put us in the holiday spirit with their wonderful music, to Paul, who shopped for the fabulous door prizes and helped so much with check-in, to Jeff who took care of the financial end of the party,and to anyone else I missed. We had a great evening. Happy Holidays to everyone!
                                               73, Nancy - N1NCY, December 11, 2011

         The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group held its fourteenth Annual Holiday Dinner on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at the Harmony Hall in Hamilton, Virginia. There was great fellowship and lots of fine food. It was so nice to see so many old friends.

         Nancy Dluehosh - N1NCY of Leesburg arranged the invitations and dinner selections, John Unger secured the Harmony Hall, and Marcy Brown encouraged Nancy.

         Bob Rodriguez - KJ4NXG of Round Hill and fellow members of the Chorus of the Old Dominion entertained us with great inspiring holiday songs.

         We recognized John Unger - W4AU for his outstanding performance in the 2011 Virginia QSO Party with a new All Time Commonwealth-Wide High Score as Virginia Single Operator CW. See below.

         We held our Outstanding Member of the Year Ceremony. This year the Outstanding Members Committee selected Luther Guise - K5NOB of Leesburg. Luther, thanks for all you do. See below.

         Paul Dluehosh did an outstanding job on selecting gifts and running the door prize program. There were five special radio winners - congratulations. And, the Fifty-Fifty Drawing was valued at $72.00.

         All forty plus of us will remember this outstanding evening of fine entertainment, fine food, fine gifts, and fine fellowship. Thanks to all who helped pull this one off !!!

NOTE:  You are also referred to Nancy's After Action Report.

The Chorus of the Old Dominion
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Old Friends & Fine Food 
(There are 27 photographs - let them flip)

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
Outstanding Member For 2011 Award

The Annual Outstanding Member Award

Individual Dedication, Singularly Valuable and Innovative Contributions
to the
Furtherance of the Goals and Ideals
of the
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Virginia.

The Outstanding Member Of The Year Award Selection is a secret vote by all previous recipients
and is presented at our annual holiday dinner.


Luther P. Guise - K5NOB of  Leesburg
The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
Outstanding Member For 2011

~~~  The Citation   ~~~

    "The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognizes the outstanding contributions of Luther P. Guise - K5NOB of Leesburg, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, invaluable dedication and excellent stewardship of the LARG as 2011 President, and the 2010 Vice-President, selfless Captain Duty for K4LRG Field Day, and outstanding coordination and management of Balls Bluff Battlefield Re-enactment Support. The Group thanks Luther for his steadfast net manager performance for the every growing LARG Sunday Night 2-Meter FM Net. He is also recognized for his valuable support to the Leesburg Air Show Communications Support, the many Reston Century rest station and SAG support operations, and Leesburg First Night Public Service operations, and his participation in the LARG Berryville Hamfest Campaigns."

Signed:  LARG Outstanding Members Committee,    December 10, 2011

Selected By The Outstanding Members Committee
The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
December 10, 2011

Paul Dluehosh, N4PD - Outstanding Member for 1998
Gary Quinn, NC4S - Outstanding Member for 1999
Tom Dawson, WB3AKD - Outstanding Member for 2000
Norm Styer, AI2C - Outstanding Member for 2001
John Unger, W4AU - Outstanding Member for 2002
Carol Boehler, KF4TJJ - Outstanding Member for 2003
Tom Garasic, NA4MA - Outstanding Member for 2004
Dennis Boehler, KF4TJI - Outstanding Member for 2005
Charles Preston, K4LJH - Outstanding Member for 2006
Jeff Slusher, KE5APC - Co-Outstanding Member for 2007
Dave Putman, KE4S - Co-Outstanding Member for 2007
Jay Ives, KI4TXP - Outstanding Member for 2008
Rick Miller, AI1V - Outstanding Member for 2009
Jay Greeley, KI4UTB - Outstanding Member for 2010

John - W4AU Recognized For New Commonwealth Record


John Unger - W4AU


Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club's 2011 Virginia QSO Party
Virginia Single Operator High Power CW


Norm - AI2C Presents John His Record Setting Award

Door Prizes & Gifts

        This year, Paul - N4PD arranged a super selection of very fine door prizes. There were some big ticket items. The winner pulled the next ticket. And, the Ladies took home the Poinsettias.

And The Radio Winners Are:

Carol - KF4TJJ

Henry - K2BFY

Jay - KI4TXP

Dave - KE4OKY

Bryan - KG4UPR

2011 Was A Great Year for The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group.
Thanks To All Who Serve Our Communities. May We Have Many More.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all !!!
Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia


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