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Service Report  (#2)
March 1, 2011
By Frank Gentges - KØBRA

Great Falls, Virginia
March 1, 2011

Well, our fix the other day seemed to work until the next day of high winds. The problem of noise was back much as we saw before.

I went up today and as before, the mounting bolt was loosened. Our effort to tighten it just did not do the job.

Today, I did a combination of things to try and make the bolt secure.

This included a longer bolt and shake proof nut, blue Locktite and finally tie wrapping an open end wrench in place to hold the bolt from turning.

Try out the repeater and let me know if it is now working as it should or if the problem returns in a few days.

If it returns, I am going to get a new antenna and modify it to try and fix it for once and all.

Frank - KØBRA

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