First Night Leesburg

Friday, December 31, 2010
Leesburg, Virginia

Operation Plan

Dated: December 20, 2010

(Revised December 30, 2010 for New Primary Simplex Frequency.)



LARG will provide communications for First Night Leesburg, beginning with the set up of Net Control at 1630 and continuing until about 2330.




Amateur Radio Operators will provide communications support between the event headquarters and the various venues including downtown Leesburg, County Government center and other locations. Generally all venues are within walking distance of headquarters. Support consists of relaying needs of information to the headquarters station, and the occasional transfer of supplies between HQ and the various venues. Also, the amateur volunteers will pick up the large venue signs after the last event.


Leesburg Police Auxiliary handles cash transportation and escorts.




At approximately 1630 Net Control will be set up at the Event Headquarters. To be announced.


Jay, KI4TXP, will supply all equipment needed and will lead the HQ installation.

By 1800 we will need at least 3 portable radio equipped hams to be available with all others reporting by 1900.


Early children shows will commence at 1800 with the other venues commencing at 1900.


A list of venues and the schedule will be posted at a later date.


About 15 minutes into the performance a head count will be taken. Net control will poll each venue for the total numbers at each venue. When reporting your count PLEASE do not disturb the performance, whisper, go into another room or out doors.


Head counts do not need to be exact. You may count the seats in a row and multiply by the number of rows.


Service and Support:


Participating LARG members should insure that they have extra batteries, and appropriate clothing for the evening.


Food and drink will be available at HQ. Each Amateur  Radio Volunteer should be self sufficient as far as equipment, batteries, antennas, headsets, and any individual needs like medications, hand warmers, etc.


On  December 31, 2010, check the weather forecast and dress accordingly.


Command and Communications:


Claire Mitchell & Desiree De Haven will be the overall event lead.


Jay Ives KI4TXP will be the Amateur Radio Support lead.


Net Control (K4LRG) will be located at the event Headquarters. (to be determined)


We will be using the following repeaters thanks to Dave WA4TXE

The Primary Frequency will be 445.925  simplex  No PL WX4TXE

The Secondary Frequency will be 442.100 + offset  No PL  WX4TXE

Talk around will be 147.480 simplex No PL will be used.


Please be prepared to relay if the repeaters are down and Net Control can not hear a calling station. (This is KI4TXP may I relay, OVER) then follow Net Controls instructions.


Please wear headphones so you will not disturb the performance.


The plan now is to operate as an open Net but if we get a large amount of traffic we will become a directed net.


If you have an Emergency please use your cell phone and dial 911. Note the location and the nature of the Emergency. If you don't have access to a cell phone call Net Control who will then make the 911 call.


When making an Emergency call so specify in your first transmission. (This is KI4TXP EMERGENCY, OVER.) If an Emergency call is sent the net will automatically become a directed net with K4LRG as Net Control. Stations not involved with the Emergency will stand by until Net Control terminates the emergency.


First Night Volunteers as of Dec 20, 2010


Jay - KI4TXP
Norm - AI2C
Sally - K4NOB
Luther - K5NOB
Jay - KI4UTB
Dodson - AJ4EY
Nancy - N1NCY

Denny - KF4TJI
Carol - KF4TJJ
Kurt - KI4FWB
Patrick - KJ4GYI
Marcy - KJ4GYH
Paul - N4PD


Thanks to all who have volunteered and I'm looking forward to working with you New Years Eve.


Jay Ives, KI4TXP





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