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Food Captain - Charles Preston - K4LJH

     For another year, we enjoyed great delicious food and beverages throughout our Field Day. Charlie - K4LJH and Mary Preston of Hamilton provide a great spread on Friday night and throughout the entire weekend. We had a special family-style dinner on Saturday night with many family members joining us. Then on Sunday morning, BA Buchholz - KI4WSO of Potomac Falls surprised us all with a great Sunday morning sunrise breakfast. There was always more than enough for everyone.

     We were caught off guard on Friday afternoon when we learned that the site management had changed their plans for our use of the facilities but we were saved with the great GP-Medium tent provided by members of A Co, 33rd Battalion, Black Horse Brigade, Virginia Defense Force from Leesburg. Thanks so much to Chris Howlett and son, Giles and other Defense Force members who belong to the LARG. We were close to abandoning our plans and looking for a new site.

     We were also supported by the Loudoun County Chapter of the American Red Cross. Charlie Nelson - KG4KZY brought out the very well equipped mobile unit for use by our 20-Meter CW station. Thanks so much.    

     Merc Skaggs - N4TGA did a wonderful job with posting all the site and direction signs.

     Nancy Dluehosh - KE4RTP was great on the Talk-In Station on Friday and Saturday morning. We had installed a separate cross-band repeater on site so 70-Centimeter hand-held transceivers could be used to talk out to in coming members.

     Frank - KØBRA, and Meg - AI4UX, Gentges of Great Falls with assistance from Jeff Slusher - KE5APC of Leesburg set up a monitoring station to watch the National Weather Service reports on the Saturday evening storms that threatened parts of the Mid-Atlantic. This was very handy and key to minimizing our downtime.

     Of course, a very special thanks is offered to Loudoun County's Parks and Recreations's Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve for once again accommodating this community-based volunteer organization's emergency training exercise.

    Without all these very kind and timely efforts, our exercise would not have been so successful. Thanks to all.

Jay Greeley - KI4UTB of Leesburg allows that the GP-Medium is A-1 !!!

The Mobile Unit provided by the Loudoun County Chapter of the American Red Cross

Our Many Site & Direction Signs

Jay Ives - KI4TXP did a great job

Charlie and Mary Preston serve the Saturday night family-style dinner
Many family members attended including Patty Quinn, YL on Gary - NC4S

Monitoring live weather RADAR during Saturday night's threatening storms
Rick Denney - KR9D of Lovettsville and Meg Gentges - AI4UX stand watch.
The 40-Meter SSB Station was only 20 feet from the monitor and used it to great advantage.
They saw the front lifting to the north and never stopped like the rest of the stations did for almost an hour.

BA's Sunday Morning Sunrise Breakfast
It's so very nice for all of the night crew to take a break at sunrise
Most of us went back for seconds - thanks BA.

Yes, this is the Sunday morning sunrise breakfast

Look at those happy faces

Rick Miller - AI1V, Bill Buchholz - K8SYH and Jay Ives - KI4TXP

          Again, support operations continue to be the backbone of this or any deployed operation. Whether you are a small one or two man team or a larger group like us, you still must plan for and provide food, water, shelter and other support to survive. Once again we learn this lesson. Thanks to all who helped make this a success.

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