The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Of Northern Virginia & Its Radio Station K4LRG

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Chairman, Field Day Cmte Gary Quinn NC4S Captain, Op Sign-Up Gary Quinn NC4S
Ass't Chairman, FD Cmte Jeff Slusher KE5APC Captain, Training Steve Reed KW4H
Captain, HF Station #1 Norm Styer AI2C Captain, Log - Rpt to ARRL Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain, HF Station #2 Jay Ives KI4TXP Coord, Off'l Red Cross Visitor Larry Hughes K3HE
    Co-Captain, HF Station #2 Rick Miller AI1V Coord, Off'l Elected Gov't Visitor Randy Sly W4XJ
Captain, HF Station #3 John Unger W4AU Public - Media Relations Randy Sly W4XJ
    Co-Captain, HF Station #3 Jeff Rainey KJ4BRQ Public Information Booth Randy Sly W4XJ
Captain, HF Station #4 Rick Denney KR9D Captain, Talk-In Station 147.48 Nancy Dluehosh KE4RTP
    Co-Captain, HF Station #4 Doug Johnson KJ4BRN Captain, Photo Archiving Norm Styer AI2C
Captain, HF Station #5 Paul Dluehosh N4PD Captain, Site Signs Merc Skaggs N4TGA
   Co-Captain, HF Station #5 Chris Souhrada KJ4BRV Captain, Natural Power Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain, GOTA Station Dodson Brown AJ4EJ Captain, SM MSG Origination Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain, VHF-UHF Station Dave Putman KE4S Captain, W1AW Message Bill Buchholz K8SYH
   Co-Captain, VHF-UHF Station Frank Gentges K0BRA    Co-Captain, W1AW Message Rick Miller AI1V
Captain, Computers Paul Dluehosh N4PD Captain, Pins, Tee Shirts Jeff Slusher KE5APC
Captain , Food Charlie & Mary K4LJH Captain, Safety Jay Greeley KI4UTB
Captain, Sunday Breakfast BA Buchholz KI4WSO Captain, Message Relay Boyd Garrrett N5CTI

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