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VHF - UHF Station Captains, Dave Putman - KE4S & Frank Gentges - KØBRA

     Dave Putman - KE4S and Frank Gentes - KØBRA assembled a fine station for 6-Meters, 2-Meters, and 70-Centimeters. A big crew helped assemble all that smart aluminum on Friday night. Some wondered if they could get it up. They did and it stayed there on a Radio Shack 40-foot telescoping mast. 

     Throughout the weekend, many tried their hand at finding someone. Six meters did not open for us and it was a struggle all weekend. After working all the hot stuff during the first couple hours it was easier to just take a break.

Dave Putman - KE4S
Calling CQ Field Day

Jay Greeley - KI4UBT & Dave Putman - KE4S

Keep At It
Maybe it will open

Waiting For An Opening
Dave put in a lot of hours trying

The Rates At Station #1     There aren't rate of these bands unless six opens. Than all you know what happens. We didn't experience that this year. It's just the luck of the draw or weather or something.

The Antennas Each band had multi-element yagi antennas. They were nicely spaced and up about 35-feet. They tuned nicely and hopes were high on Friday that stuff would get hot. A lot of folks learned a lot about assembling all this hardware.

Dave - KE4S, Gary - NC4S, Frank - KØBRA, Luther - K5NOB and Chester - WA9LAZ
Is All This Stuff Going To Work !!!

Doesn't That Look Pretty ?
6 - 432 - 2

Dave Putman - KE4S Looks For One More Contact
When the band is not open, it not a lot of fun - like when the fish aren't biting

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