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Paul Dluehosh - N4PD    Captain, Station #5

     Station #5 was captained by Paul Dluehosh - N4PD of Leesburg and operated on 20-Meters Charlie Whiskey. Paul was assisted by co-captain Chris Souhrada - KJ4BRV. This year Paul filled in for Gary Quinn after being Captain of Station #3 on Forty Charlie Whiskey in 2007. Paul assembled a fine business station. He left nothing to be desired for a 24-hour field day operation.

     They initially set up next to the Red Cross Mobile Unit but sometime during the night they moved inside. Seven different single or paired operators manned this station. They put 744 QSOs in the log. The LARG's 60-foot mobile crank-up tower trailer and 3-element yagi made this station really fly. Thanks to all who made this station very competitive.

Station Captain, Paul Dluehosh - N4PD works a little Morse on 20-Meters

Bill Buchholz - K8SYH
Puts a few more in the log

The Roll-Out Shelter Was Great
But the potential for storms or the bugs moved them inside

Is This Really A Field Day Site ?
Thank You, Red Cross, maybe sometime we'll deploy with you for real.

Can You Identify All The Gadgets?
That's a Kenwood TS-450SAT HF Transceiver - Did Gary's Omni bite the dust after 2007?
Do we have another Kenwood vs Ten Tec Battle here?

On Sunday Morning Late, Bill Buchholz - K8SYH Is Still Busy
Actually they are trying to stay ahead of the 20-Meter Fone station

The Rates At Station #5     As expected 20-Meter was wide open all afternoon. There were some record runs in the log. The approaching storm shut things down around 8 PM and they never recovered. It looks like we needed some more over night operators but we always have low rates around 3 or 4 AM. Maybe one or two guys could have taken a rest and fired up during the O-Dark-Thirty hours. A rotor may have helped find the best openings. By mid-morning on Sunday conditions got better.  There were 749 QSOs in the log with 744 being good ones.

You can see when we closed for the approaching storm and the best rates on each band

Below, you can see how our operators did

There was some fast crew switching at times

The Antennas Station #5's antenna system is very impressive. It really talks and there is even talk of upgrading to a 4-element yagi. You roll in and in an hour it's ready to fire up. It's hard to beat this for emergency deployments. But like the antenna system on 20-Meters SSB and on 15-Meters, this tower is not very forgiving, so get trained and checked out before you roll with this one.


The LARG Mobile Crank-Up Tower


3-Element 20-Meter Yagi At 60-Feet

We could use a few more of these

Bill Buchholz - K8SYH Closing Out A Nice 20-Meters Charlie Whiskey Operation

          Year after year, the 20-Meters Charlie Whiskey operation just keeps rolling. Thanks for a very successful operation.

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