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Rick Denney - KR9D    Captain,   Station #4

     Rick Denney - KR9D of Lovettsville captained Station #4 to some record breaking numbers for K4LRG on 20-Meters SSB. Rick was assisted by co-captain Doug Johnson - KJ4BRN. This was Rick's second year with us on this band. Much work was put into beefing up this station. The LARG bought a new 3-element Hy-Gain yagi and put into service a donated a 50-foot AB-577 military tower for a nice antenna system. Rick also upgraded the radio to a Ten-Tec Omni VI HF Transceiver. All this proved very worthwhile. He did run into a little computer glitch with the 'automatic save to disk' feature and so good timing and operator sign-in information are missing. Notwithstanding this, this effort is a big step above our previous efforts on 20-Meters SSB with 721 good QSOs in the log. Thanks to all who helped to assemble and operate this station. Congratulations!

Randy Sly - W4XJ at the control on 20-Meters SSB with Dave Putman - KE4S listening

Making Another Contact

Luther Guise - K5NOB Pulls In Another One
Rick helps with the timing

Bill McCourt - WF1L
Luther - K5NOB listening

Luther Guise - K5NOB
Running Solo !

Dave Putman - KE4S
Doing A Nice Job !

Randy Sly - W4XJ
Talking it up !

Tom Carney - WB9RXJ - The Bear
Tries 20-SSB During The Early Hours

Operating At Night Is Cool !!!

OK, Give me your call again !!!
Sometimes a break is worth it

The Antennas Station #4's antenna this year is all new for K4LRG. We purchased a new Hy-Gain LJ-203BA Long John 3-element yagi in May and in early June we assembled it at Gary Quinn's farm. We also put into service a very nice, almost new rotating Military Mast, AB-577/GRC. This mast is an all-aluminum guyed tower designed to be field deployed by one or more people and extends to 50-feet. This year we rotated the antenna using the supplied rotation spanner applied at the bottom of the tower, not with a drag rope. to orient the yagi. Maybe a rotor is something for next year. This is nice mast for emergency deployment.

        Be advised that this tower is well engineer but folks need to be trained before installing this system. See some of the photographs on the Friday Night Set Up page The technical manual is available here.

Luther Guise - K5NOB
Again, running solo !

The folks on 20-Meters SSB proved that it can be done. It was nice to see so many new folks step up. Thanks.

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