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     Though they say "Field Day is not a contest;" many will argue with those who say it's just "An Operating Event, an Emergency Exercise, or a Fun Day in the Sun." For those please bear with us as we examine the numbers, the intensity, and the score as it is what eventually is reported and we are graded by. This was a great event no matter what you consider it to have been. Twenty-four different single and multi-operator teams manned the five regular HF and the VHF-UHF stations, while another eleven guest operators learned a lot at the GOTA station on 15-Meters SSB during the twenty-four hour operation. Twelve different band-mode combinations were operated.

  They always say "Numbers don't lie." And in this report, I hope we have all apple in all cases. At least, we tried. There are 4429 QSO entries in the log of which 4223 are good QSOs. We removed 206 Dupe QSOs. Only the good QSOs are counted in this report. This report will examine the band-mode performance, the performance of our our operators, the battles between CW and Fone, and between Low and High Bands, and a mode comparison on each band. Finally, we have incorporated Honor Rolls recognizing our top operators and stations.

  We are missing timing and the operator sign-in and sign-out entries for the 20-Meter SSB operation; therefore, some charts and tables don't reflect the entire operation. A simulated timing schedule has been included where appropriate that mirrors timing on 20-Meters CW. There is also a minor difference from what's included here and what was submitted as our claimed score. Reported here are 19 good QSOs on 10-Meters CW and 5 more QSOs by the GOTA station. For some reason, our 10-Meter CW operation did not get included in our submission. It's also important to note that the numbers here are the good QSOs. In this rates report the dupe QSOs have been removed. And, finally, in most cases, our operators did sign into and out of the TR Logging program and so we have a pretty accurate record of their performance. Though, there may be some who didn't follow this practice and some performance may not be recognized. The record of the ten or so operators on the 20-Meter SSB station is not available. We hope you can find your numbers. Thanks for a great operation.

Band - Mode Operations

Performance Of Our Operators

All  Our   Numbers

The CW vs Fone Battle

The Low vs High Band Battle

The Best Of The Best

Station Point Contributions

The 2008 K4LRG Field Day Performance Honor Rolls


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