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John Unger - W4AU     Captain,  Station #3

     John Unger - W4AU's effort this year as Captain of Station #3 on 40-CW was another super performance. John was assisted by Co-Captain Jeff Rainey - KJ4BRQ. We returned to the set up, a Ten-Tec Omni VI HF Transceiver, that John used in 2005 to produce some great numbers. John's delta loop antenna was again pressed into service. This year he exceeded the 2005 score and almost doubled last year's performance. Seven different single ops drove this station. Is there a Ten-Tec vs Kenwood Battle going on here?

Rick Miller - AI1V at the controls with Erik Werner - KD5CTJ listening
Tom Garasic - NA4MA is in the background on 80-CW

Jeff Crawford - K0ZR
Late on Saturday night

Paul Dluehosh - N4PD
Racking Them Up !

Gary Quinn - NC4S
He too is racking them up !

The Rates At Station #3     Any well equipped club field day operation dedicates a full time operation to Forty Meters Charlie Whiskey. This band works so well in reaching stations throughout the United States.  As expected, John put a nice almost 80 QSOs in the log during the first hour. Everyone starts on Forty for a domestic contest. The Saturday night dinner slowed us a little then the threatening storm approached. Gary Quinn had some good numbers around 10 PM and John finished well on Sunday. They put 996 QSOs in the log of which 927 were good after we removed 69 dupes. It always amazes us how many call in a second or third time. Don't they have a dupe checking process. Maybe a new operator starts over, maybe they copied our callsign incorrectly, or maybe they just like our signal and want to say hello again. Though TR Log have this medium long automatic message that advises them that we worked before; we just go ahead and put them in the log. It's so much faster this way.

The rates are pretty steady except for midnight
to four when most stations take a break
and the prop is long

You can see when we shut down for the approaching storm

Check out this team of operators and their fine numbers

The Antennas Station #3 has used John's 40-Meter Delta Loop Antenna for many years. It seems to work very well and we would only replace it if we could come up with a big 70+ foot tower and a full size 2-element yagi. Anyone have some sources? The beauty of this simple antenna is one support, feed 1/4-wave down on one side and produces some nice low angle radiation. This is hard to beat for a Field Day operation.

John Unger's Delta Loop

Simple but very effective

Gary Quinn's Solar Powered Battery Source

This year we put it on 40-CW; worked five stations
and earned 100 bonus points.

John Unger - W4AU  - late on Sunday and it's just a little slow and hot!
He still managed about 40 per hour as Field Day closes down

Thanks for a nice operation on Forty. It must be a new record for K4LRG on this band-mode. We'll go back through the old logs and see

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