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K4LRG 2007 ARRL Field Day
Another Fine Business Operation By The

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
de Loudoun County,  Northern Virginia

VHF-UHF Station Captains:    Frank Gentges - K�BRA

The AMRAD VHF-UHF Communications Van. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.

The VHF - UHF Station Provided By AMRAD - K4CIA and Frank Gentges - K�BRA

     The very well equipped AMRAD - Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation - Communications Van is an impressive sight with antennas for 6-Meters through 23 Centimeters.

     Frank Gentges - K�BRA, Meg Gentges - AI4UX, Paul Mooney - K4KRE of Annandale, Elton Sanders - WB5MMB of Vienna, and Jake Guepe - KI4SPX of Gainesville did a great job putting it all together.

Frank Gentges - K0BRA. Photograph by Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA.

Frank Gentges - KØBBA
Of Great Falls, VA.

The impressive antenna system of the AMRAD Communications Van. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.
Have Trailer - Will Transmit
The 15-Meter Hy-Gain BA-153 Yagi

The Rates On VHF - UHF  Six-Meters proved to be the best band as usual with 34 QSOs. Frank came looking for a key on Sunday but the fellow had moved on by the time that Frank got it hooked up. Grant Russell - KB3EMT was the only other fellow signed up to operate or it is clear that more stuff could have been added to the log. Their 2-Meter Yagi had a broken driven element so they pondered and instead horizontally mounted a small mobile whip. They managed 3 QSOs with the little 2-Meters mobile whip at 50-feet and an additional QSO on 432 MHz. All were on Fone. Last year, 6-Meters proved best with 46 and 12 on Two. And in 2005, the numbers on VHF/UHF were 6M CW - 9, 6M SSB - 72, 2M CW - 6, 2M SSB - 18, 432 CW - 1, and 432 SSB - 3. For a total of 93 Fone QSOs and 16 CW QSOs in 2005.

The Rate Chart for VHF and UHF operations.

The Running Totals Chart for the VHF and UHF Operations.

This is some
very impressive hardware!

The VHF-UHF antennas ready to to pumped up. Photograph by Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA.

Ready To Pump It Up!
You Need A level Spot

The Prime 2-Meter Yagi
Half A Driven Element

The broken driven element of the 2-Meter Yagi. Photopragh by Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA.

The quick fix 2-Meter mobile whip at 50-feet. Photograph by Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA.

The Back-Up 2-Meter Antenna

Frank Gentges - K0BRA

On 2-Meters With TR Logging Program

Frank Gentges - K0BRA at the controls with TR Log on the computer. Photograph by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.

Paul Mooney - K4KRE
of Annandale


Jacob Guepe - KI4SPX
of Gainesville

Helped With Setting Up The VHF-UHF Stuff But They Are Sitting Here Listening To 20-Meters CW - Cool!

Meg Gentges - AI4UX

Of Great Falls, VA.

Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA. Photograph by Denny Boehler - KI4TJI of Leesburg, VA.


Emergency Fuel Cell
For The Return
To Home

O   Pull The Engine Cover

O   Trouble Shoot It

O   Disconnect The Fuel Line From The Malfunctioning Internal Fuel Pump In The Gas Tank

O   Hook Up A Gravity Feed Line From Your Generator Gas Can

O   And Crank It Up

Thanks For a Great Effort !!!

The emergency gas can set up for the return to home trip by Frank Gentges. Photograph by Meg Gentges - AI4UX of Great Falls, VA.

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