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The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
de Loudoun County,  Northern Virginia
K 4 L R G   -  5A VA
Our Organization

The LARG Logo
Chairman, Field Day Cmte Jeff Slusher KE5APC Captains, Op Sign-Up Sta Cpts-FD Chair -
Ass't Chairman, FD Cmte - - Youth Op Coordinator Meg Gentges N4OGE
Captain, HF Station #1 Norm Styer AI2C Captain, Log - Rpt to ARRL Jeff Slusher KE5APC
    Co-Captain, HF Station #1 Jay Greeley KI4UTB Captain, Pins, Tee Shirts Jeff Slusher KE5APC
    Co-Captain, HF Station #1 Mark Johnson W3ZI      
Co-Captain, HF Station #2 David Mullins K4ARP Coord, Off'l Elected Gov't Visitor Randy Sly W4XJ
    Co-Captain, HF Station #2 Jeff Slusher KE5APC Coord, Off'l Red Cross Visitor David Mullins K4ARP
Captain, HF Station #3 John Unger W4AU Captain, Computers Paul Dluehosh N4PD
    Co-Captain, HF Station #3 Paul Dluehosh N4PD Public - Media Relations Randy Sly W4XJ
Captain, HF Station #4 Kurt Reber KI4FWB Captain, Site Power Woody Ebersold KCØTHS
    Co-Captain, HF Station #4 Chuck Graham KI4IEO Captain, Talk-In Station 147.48 Ass't FD Chairman -
    Co-Captain, HF Station #4 Rick Denney KR9D      
Captain, HF Station #5 Gary Quinn NC4S Captain, Photo Archiving Dennis Boehler KF4TJI
Captain, GOTA Station Jeff Slusher KE5APC Captain of Signs Tom Garasic NA4MA
Captain, V/UHF Station Frank Gentges KØBRA Captain, Natural Power Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain, SATCOM Tom Dawson WB3AKD Captain, SM Msg Origination Jeff Slusher KE5APC
Captain, APRS Demo Dave Putman KE4S Captain, Message Relay TBA TBA
Captain, Packet Demo TBA TBA Co-Captain, W1AW Message TBA TRA
Captain, Safety Woody Ebersold KCØTHS Co-Captain, W1AW Message TBA TBA
Captain , Food Charlie es Mary K4LJH Public Information Booth Randy Sly W4XJ
Captain, Sunday Breakfast Suzanne Grobbel - FD Youth Training Officer Meg Gentges AI4UX
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This report is written, edited and posted to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's K4LRG.ORG Internet Site by Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap, Virginia. For photographic credit place your cursor over a photograph. Non-profit use of this material is granted if the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia, its internet writers, photographers and publishers are credited. Best regards, Norm Styer - AI2C.