Support Operations

Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

This Operation had some great support from the Food Committee lead by Ray Houff - K4AJA and assisted by Mary Oliphant - KG4UUY, Flo Oliphant, Carol Boehler - KF4TJJ and Angi Garasic - KG4AVR. Shadow was our constant companion. Angi's signs really paid off. And all the night operators send a special thanks to Angi Garasic for her early 6 AM hot cake breakfast; they were great.

Photo By Paul Dluehosh - N4PD

Photo By Paul Dluehosh - N4PD


.Photo By Paul Dluehosh - N4PD

The break area was always well stocked. And we enjoyed Flo Oliphant's fried chicken
after everything was down and packed on Sunday afternoon.


Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

Angi Garasic - KG4AVR showed up before sunrise to feed us all breakfast.
What a treat and what a beautiful morning at Fox Glen. Angi, Thank You.


Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

Joe Sheinman - W2BHK and Charlie Preston - K4LJH take a breather.

Photo By Paul Dluehosh - N4PD

John Unger - W4AU had this John strategically placed next to his Station 3 so he wouldn't miss a single QSO.



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