Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

The K4LRG Field Day 2002 Operation
This is a story of the dedicated and outstanding ladies and gentlemen
of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Northern Virginia in another incredible action.
Photos by Paul Dluehosh, N4PD, Dave Putman, KG4KZZ,  and Norm Styer, AI2C - Cursor On Photo Shows Credit

     It was a great! Most of us were there. The site was "location, location, location." The radios and antennas were super. The weather was perfect. Our everlasting friendships were renewed. The food was exactly what we needed and more. And, by the way, we made a lot of QSOs. Someone said, "We'll remember this one forever and will be afraid to try it again since we might be dreaming."
     We went to practice, to learn, to see how good we are, to make contacts, to meet old friends, to make new friends, to help a friend, to push ourselves a little, to see if we could, to try harder, to go faster, to hear better, to hear more, to hear further, to get it right, to pull another one off, to test our equipment, and to have fun.
     We went to prove to ourselves and others that folks can "Count On Us!" and to prove that in another emergency we'll be there again. Well, we did all this in Spades with Aces High and with Lots of Hearts! There were new Wing Ladies and Wing Men born, and they and the Aces look forward to the next time they will fly together. We are all better off for doing this. We were Ready! As Mary Oliphant, KF4UUY, always say, "This is the greatest radio club in the whole wide world." Thank You - Everyone. Count Me In Next Time! Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C.


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