Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

Station 1 By Norm Styer - AI2C

No mikes at Station 1. It was strictly Charlie Whiskey on 15 and 80-Meters with the LARG's Kenwood TS-440S Transceiver with 90-watts out to the Johnson KW Matchbox that fed an AI2C-homebrewed 3-element 15-Meter Yagi at 30-feet and a 80-Meter Inverted-Vee Antenna at 55-feet. Add in a Bencher Dual Paddle Keyer, a MFJ Grandmaster Keyer, WoMAZ's Bug, and a Compaq 486-75 Laptop with TR Log. When things got a little slow the computer did all the CQ'n. We operated the rig from two deep-cycle 12-volt dc batteries and used the KG4L-Regulator on a KC1AT 24-volt dc aviation battery for the computer. There was a 300-foot run of 9913 coax cable to the 80-Meter antenna and 250-foot of 9913 coax cable to the 15-Meter antenna. A special "Thank You" goes to John Hawley, N2PBY, for a super job in erecting the 80-Meter antenna, and to all who helped with the ladder tower and yagi antenna. There are 630-plus QSOs in the log and they are all on Charlie Whiskey. The operators of Station 1 were Jim Banks - WoMAZ, Paul Dluehosh - N4PD, Gary Quinn - NC4S, Tom Carney - WB9RXJ, John Unger - W4AU and Norm Styer - AI2C. A grand time was had by all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C.

Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

  Norm Styer, AI2C Was Dancin'
To Some Charlie Whiskey !


Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

  Jim Banks, WoMAZ, Was Puttin' Out A Sweet Tune !


Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

 Nancy Dluehosh, KE4RTP and Mary Oliphant, KF4UUY
And the Ladies stuck around, join in and enjoyed the Charlie Whiskey tunes !

Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

 Jim Banks, WoMAZ, really had 80-Meter Charlie Whiskey Smokin' throughout the night.


Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

With our trusty 80-Meter CW Inverted-Vee at 55-feet we worked the 'Left' Coast around Sun rise.

Photo By Norm Styer, AI2C

Paul Dluehosh, N4PD looks for 'One More New One'.

Photo By Paul Dluehosh - N4PD

As the Sun rose, Jim Banks, WoMAZ, closes out 80-Meter Charlie Whiskey. 



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