EMI of High Efficiency Bulbs
July 21, 2009   From: Tom Dawson - WB3AKD      Photos By Tom Dawson - WB3AKD
Published To The Loudoun Amateur Radio Reflector on Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:31 PM

        I finally got a chance to check the conducted emissions from compact fluorescent and LED (with Edison base) lamps.

        The plots show the conducted signal strength as measure in a MIL-STD 461 type setup. Vertical axis is dB over a microvolt and horizontal is frequency in Hz.

        CE102 is the requirement for conducted emission on power lines. The limit shown is for 115 Volt systems.  

[Editor's Note: Reference: MIL-STD-461E - Emission and Susceptibility Requirements and a Internet Site Reference.]

       Thought these might be of interest.   73, Tom - WB3AKD


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