Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
K4LRG 2014 Field Day Exercise
Friday - Saturday - Sunday June 27, 28, and 29, 2014
Always The 4th Full Weekend In June
Test Your Prep

2014 LARG - K4LRG Field Day Committee
Kick Off Meeting

(L-R) John - W4AU, Gary - NC4S, Shannon - KK4NMR & son, Luther - K5NOB, Ben - KD7UIY,
Paul - N4PD, Dave - KE4OKY, Frank - K0BRA, Henry - K2BFY, Ken - KI4GYL
Plus On The Dial-In Conference Line: Jeff- KØZR, Bryan - KG4UPR and Ben - N3FQ
Photograph By Norm - AI2C

(Purcellville, VA. March 29, 2014)  We held our 2014 LARG - K4LRG Field Day Committee kick off meeting out in eastern Loudoun at the brand new sheriff office. We met to organize a 2014 campaign to defend our National ranking. We met to encourage all to work on "Preparation," and to think that we might be called upon again to respond to an emergency in our communities. We met to find ways to integrate our new amateurs and the many other amateurs throughout Loudoun into our emergency preparedness. We met to find ways for our new members to participate. So, we met to "Test Our Prep." For all the rules and official instructions, please down load the ARRL Field Day Package.
We rung out several issues; this was not easy. Some wanted to try something new even if we didn't think we would have the numbers while others hung in there for placing high. The biggest discussion centered around using HF triplexers to "reduce" the number of towers while some viewed HF triplexers as a way to get more transmitters on the air and a higher Class Number. It was clear that some digital operations may be tried but most didn't see it as producing big numbers and would need to be very band switchable. After much exploration we settle down to our time honored class: 5A VA. But Norm - AI2C did order an Inrad HF Triplexer on line as meeting continued; it will be delivered to Jeff - KØZR for testing in a couple days. There is a chance that Station #1 might test run an HF triplexer set up including some digital efforts but others felt the GOTA complex should exhibit some digital tech stuff for all the newbies. It may only be a demo operation / display. We also talked about how lonely Station #1 must be but Norm convinced everyone it was nice and quiet and a great RF free location. By the way, Jeff wants to add a Breverage Antenna to Station #1; we will need the room. The VHF/UHF guys have asked for more room away from the tree line and separate from the SATCOM station.; several place were suggested. Anyway, it's 5A Va and we may hang a few extra on this years effort. Oh, yes, we are returning to Lovettsville and John - W5ODJ's farm; it a great site.

There is plenty to do. The draft Equipment List was passed out and Station Captains were asked to up date everything. The Organization Chart was discussed and a 2014 version is forth coming from our Cochairmen. Look for a few new names and some holes to fill. Norm, at 74 years of age, is retiring from station captain duties even though he intends to support as in the past; so Jeff will need a new Co-Captain for Station #1; this is a great opportunity to learn from the best in CW operations. Please talk to Jeff for an audition.

Plus, we learned that Gary and Patty are heading to North Carolina soon and we will need new homes for several large antennas and the LARG's Tower Trailer; anyone besides Norm, have a large barn?
So, expect some messages from our Cochairs soon. Plan to sign up to set up on Thursday and Friday, plan to sign up to operate on Saturday and Sunday, and plan to sign up to take down on Sunday afternoon. We'll meet again after our regular April LARG meeting; do not miss it. Look for more news to be posted here in the 2014 edition of the K4LRG Field Day as the FD Index get populated and of course, more official messages from our Cochairmen on the QST de K4LRG Reflector

Best Regards, Norm - AI2C

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