The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Of Northern Virginia & Its Radio Station K4LRG

     Since 2001, the Northern Virginia’s Loudoun Amateur Radio Group has operated in the 5A Class of the annual American Radio Relay League’s Field Day Operating Event. Each year we bring on more operators, more capable stations, bigger antennas and better training. Over the years, we have been exceptionally lucky with having nice weather and 2012 was no exception. This year we added a nice 2-element yagi for 40-Meters Fone; this was a very capable antenna and set a new record. We also got a nice early start on 20-Metwers Fone. The Fone Guys won the QSO Count for the first time. Some seventy-five licensed amateur radio operators and friends participated. Our 2008 operation was our best. Something happened in 2009 but it was a good score. It might have been conditions, operators, too many new operating schemes, antennas or a combination of these. In any light, we were back in 2010 and with a better score that was second to our 2008 operation. Our 2011 operation topped them all with a new LARG record and like 2008, placing us in the Top Ten again among all stations.

      Here is a summary of what we have done in 5A. As you know, “Numbers Count.” So there are a lot of them. You can look for more details by reviewing each of the annual reports. We hope you find this interesting and constructive.

Performance Of Stations


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