On Saturday, July 21, 2001, Sky-Eye I flew a 36-exposure still camera to the Edge Of  Space taking a picture every 3 minutes. A separate Instrumentation Package carried telemetry and  the K4LRG/B beacon radio. This latter package is an upgrade of the Tom Dawson, WB3AKD, Tuna-Can Payload flown and recovered successfully on Flight 2000A.


Many thanks to Peter, for finding our equipment,
and for his interest in this operation.

14 year old Peter Buck, of Capon Bridge,WV found the K4LRG/B payloads and the remains of the balloon launched from the PA/MD border by the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group on the 21st of July. The condition of the payloads is good, as Peter kept the equipment indoors after he found it while walking in the tall grass near his house on the evening of July 28th. He called the toll free number on the instrument package and Tom Dawson, WB3AKD, retrieved the equipment Sunday.

The equipment had been inactive since about seven hours after launch due to battery discharge. The causes of the delays in re-acquiring the signal after touch-down are being examined.

The film has been recovered from the camera. Due to rains Saturday, there was some moisture is foam used in the camera payload package, but this does not appear to have effected the camera. The interior of the camera was dry, and the film re-wound easily after the batteries were replaced.

(Photo By Tom Dawson - WB3AKD  and published here with permission granted by Peter's mother to Norm Styer on July 30, 2001.)

Sky-Eye I Bearings Reported By Tracking Stations

Marshall, Virginia Tracking Station

Sky-Eye I Flight Telemetry by Tom Dawson, WB3AKD

Sky-Eye I Flight Photographs
by Andrea Beck and John Rehwinkel, KG4L

(Moderate resolution 599x345 pixel scans with JPEG compression)

Sky-Eye I Flight High Resolution Photographs
By Andrea Beck and John Rehwinkel, KG4L

(Higher resolution scans 1797x1035 pixels - 5 meg file size
Of selected images in uncompressed TIFF format
Useful for people who want a closer look or as screen backgrounds)

Sky-Eye I Launch Pictures by Allon Stern, KE4FYL

Pre-Launch Dinner
Sky-Eye I Pre-Launch Dinner

Mission Control

Tracking and Recovery

Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
Early RDTE Efforts        Operational Test Telemetry              Flight Battery Test