The Reston Bike Club Ride Across Loudoun County
The Operation

On Sunday, August 27, 2000, LARG personnel deployed to their assigned sites and were operational by 0700 hours.  2 Meter VHF and 40 Meter HF links were established.  The networks came alive as each station came up on frequency and checked their communication links..The KD4CSO cross band station experienced several problems and Art - KD4CSO and Gene - N4EV configured the radio equipment and antennas several times to minimize the problems. But throughout the operation the 440 MHz link continued to experience considerable interference generated by out-of-band signals into the 2 Meter receiver. Over 700 bike riders made their way across Loudoun County over the three bike routes. The Loudoun  County American Red Cross team with the assistance of the Army National Guard personnel and vehicles were busy delivering and refreshing supplies throughout the day. The VHF and the HF communications links proved to complement each other as the operational and communications situations continued to change throughout the day. The threat of rain and thunderstorms was on our mind as the operation continued well passed it's announced closing time of 1400 hours.  From about 1600 to 1730 hours a thunder and lightning storm moved across the operational area. By 1700 hours all but the Reston Town Center Station had been closed. At 1745 hours the Red Cross Event Director and support vehicles closed on the Reston Town Center and the close down phase was completed.

Reston Town Center

RTC Cross Band

Loudoun County Stations

Event Director Shadow