The Reston Bike Club Ride Across Loudoun County
Some After Action Thoughts

 First, our operation was very successful. Everyone conducted themselves very professionally and as a credit to our Group and the Amateur Radio Service. Second, well, maybe also first, we had fun. Being volunteers it is often hard to look at what could be better, so please do not take any of these thought personally. What we did right: we had complete circuits among all sites, most sites and links were tested in advance, we worked hard and together toward common goals, the customer interface was important; we listened to their needs and adapted as they changed, and radio discipline was outstanding under sometimes difficult conditions.

We all put this together and we pulled it off so be proud of what we've accomplished. We did meet a few weeks later and wrote down somethings to be worked for the next time we get called upon.

LARG Post Event Meeting


Mark Gillam N3GMW

Joel Glass K4JAG

John Donovan KG4HYH

Norm Styer AI2C

Bill Buchholz K8SYH

Tom Dawson WB3AKD

Charlie Preston K4LJH

Gene Harrison N3EV

We discussed the following topics.

1) Logistics

2) Procedures

3) Equipment

4) Communications

5) Liaison

6) General