The Reston Century 2004  Ride Across Loudoun

SAG Operator Bruce Lunde - KF4KKZ of Leesburg assists riders before departing with them to the transportation transfer point at Loudoun County High School. Photo by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, VA.

Bruce Lunde - KF4KKZ loads a rider's bicycle before departing Hillsboro for Loudoun County High School Transfer Point

Ashburn & SAG Operator Bruce Lunde - KF4KKZ
As Posted To LARG Reflector On Monday, August 30, 2004 9:29 AM

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This year our operators were Bill McCourt - WF1L,
Chester Kmak - WA9LAZ and Bruce Lunde - KF4KKZ.

        "It seemed to go quite well for the club's assistance of the Red Cross. I was impressed at how the Net Control operations moved easily between several members of the group during troubles, and the big rush of rider pick-ups that came in the afternoon.

       I enjoyed working at Ashburn during the morning and as SAG-2 driver in the afternoon.

eems like this event was a good test of interoperability and the clubs ability to adjust to equipment problems and changing environment during the event.

         I was able to see my APRS unit on Was there other APRS running yesterday that I can get the call of to look-up? I would like to investigate how to get that same tracking data down to my machine to plot on more detailed maps too.

ook forward to working with everyone again at the next event. This was my second year of Reston Century and I enjoyed the "work."

Bruce, KF4KKZ, (APRS KF4KKZ-9)"