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Contact: Norm Styer - AI2C With Your Proposal If Interested
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Item # 1 -  For Sale or "As Loaner"

POSTED:            Thursday, April 19, 2007
BIDS:    This Open - Make An Offer !!!!

Item #1 - HEATHKIT HD-1416 Code Oscillator with Mounted Straight Key

STATUS: Operational.  SN: 03624   CONDITION: "An 8" - Back plate on housing missing - make you own


SUGGESTED PRICE: HD-1416 now on eBay at $12.00 at starting bid, at $30.00 with some bids, and at $79 for an "UNASSEMBLED KIT."   The Mounted Straight Key is valued at $8.00

Item # 2 -  "As Loaner - Preferred For A Starter"
                              But We'll Take Your "Gold" If You Really Need To Have This Fine Unit

POSTED:            Friday April 20, 2007
BIDS CLOSE:    At May 19, 2007 LARG Meeting - SOLD at Manassas 2007

Item #2 - Yaesu FT-7 HF Mobile Transceiver, Yaesu FT-110 Solid State Linear Amplifier and VISTA Model XX-R 20 Amp DC Power Supply


The FT-7 is an all solid-state mobile transceiver that provides high performance - circa 1970's - on the 80 through 10 meter bands. The operator may select upper or lower sideband or CW operation. Input power is 20 watts DC.  It draws 3A on transmit at 13.5 VDC.  

The FT-110 is an all solid-state linear amplifier deigned to match the FT-7 transceiver covering ham bands 160 through 10 meters. Maximum input power is 200 watts DC on SSB and CW, 75 watts DC on FSK and 50 watts on AM. Power requirement on transmit is 17 amps at 100 watts output.

The VISTA Model XX-R power supply is a solid-state 16 Amp continuous or 20 Amps I.C.S. at 2 minutes on and 2 minutes off or receiving.

Coax interconnect and power cables and mobile mounting brackets are included. Manuals which include operating instructions, diagrams and alignment procedures are available for the
Yaesu equipment and a diagram is available for the DC power supply.

STATUS: Operational.  This station was operated on the LARG 80-meter CW Net on April 17th and the LARG 75-meter Phone Net on April 19th.  The receiver is a little broad - typical of this vintage - but hears very well. The transmit signal is clean; phone operation is at about an average 70 watts output with the FL-110 powered by a 12.5-volt DC storage battery. The receive seemed good on other bands but no effort was made to check output on other then 80-75 meters. This radio should hear well with a decent antenna; you will need more than wires in the attic to hear and be heard well.

FT-7 SN: 80 060392     FT-110 SN: 7J040323  

CONDITION: YAESU GEAR: "An Good 8" - No scratches and well built cases. The VISTA is a "Good 7".

Please note this is older gear that should be handled carefully; you need to know what you and the radio are about to do. The only warning is 'smoke.' Read the manuals. An antenna matching unit would be worth its weight in gold for this setup.

INTERNET DOCUMENTATION:       eHam Review of FT-7       FT-7 Lovers Review      eHam Review of FL-110


FT-7 found nothing on eBay as of this posting but there was one at $140.00 on Tuesday on eBay.

FL-110 found nothing on as of this posting but should be good for $150.00. Look at other solid-state amps: the AMERITROM Mobile ALS-500M at 500W PEP/400W CW is listed by AES for $749.99.

VISTA XX-R found nothing on eBay. This is an older unit but will do the job of a 20-amp supply. AES lists ASTRON RS-20M 16A with meter at $119.99. How about $60.00.

OK a package deal: $140 + $150 + $60 = $350.    SO, HOW ABOUT STARTING AT $275.00 ? Am I off here?

Item # 3 -  "For Sale"

POSTED:            Friday April 20, 2007
BIDS CLOSE:    At May 19, 2007 LARG Meeting SOLD to AI1V Dec 2007

Close Ups:              Mount 



RSS-2 Resonator Spring 



Item #3 - Hustler HF Mobile Antenna System With 40 and 20 Meter Resonators
and Resonator Spring


The real Hustler Mobile Antenna System. The mast is the Model MO-2: 54-inch mount that folds over at 27-inches. The 20-Meter Resonator is the Model RM-20S Super rated at 1 KW. The 40-Meter Resonator is the Model RM-40 rated at 400 watts. The Resonator Spring is the Model RSS-2 stainless steel 3-inch spring used between the resonator and the mast.

CONDITION: Although purchased in 1984 at Madison Electronics Supply in Houston, Texas, the components cleaned up to a "9." The RSS-2 Spring is brand new in the box. There appears to be some mod to the mast mount but certainly can be used; a new BM-1 Bumper Mount may be necessary if you wish to clam it on your bumper without drilling holes. Just check your AES Catalog.

COMMENT: I've used Hustlers all over the world; actually worked all continents back in the '70s. I still have my complete set after 40-years. They tune nicely. On 20 you get a nice 80-kHz pretty flat bandwidth and about two-thirds of that on 40.
You can add a couple tuned radials and mount it in the clear in your backyard. Or when you get home to your Homeowners Association QTH, slap it on top your car in the driveway with a magnet mount, the Hustler's Model MBM, and run a coax into the shack. Of course, be sure to worry about where all the RF is going including into other on-board radios, computers, chips, etc. AES stocks all the other band resonators in 400 and 1000 watt models.

We should really sell this since once it gets a home, no body will want it to leave.

INTERNET DOCUMENTATION:       Hustler's Home Page     Reviews at eHam


Mast MO-2:  New de AES - $36.99
Resonator RM-20S : New de AES - $32.99
Resonator RM-40: New de AES - $28.99
Spring RSS-2: New de AES - $13.99

That is a total of $112.96. So, how about a round $65.00 as starters?