The LARG Direction Finding Antenna Projects

     Members of the LARG have built two types of Direction Finding Antennas. The first was a small closed loop that was mass produced at a Group Meeting help at NC4S - Gary's home in the Spring of 1999. A total of 31 loop antennas were made. Enough for each of us. We hope to add details of this project to this section.

     The second direction finding antenna was a two element array built by KF4TJI - Dennis. It is like the commercial version that W4AU- John operates in the Fox Hunts and Balloon Tracking Operations.We have some notes on this second antenna posted below. You may wish to contact these members if you plan to try these.

Two Element Direction Finding System

by Dennis - KF4TJI

     After our simulated balloon launch today - October 2, 1999, a couple of people asked me for information about the Radio Direction Finding (RDF) antenna I am using. For general info about fox hunting and RDF antennas try There are lots of links to other sites. Another interesting site for fox hunting information is

     The website for the RDF antenna I am building is There is a circuit board available from FAR Circuits for the antenna. I had some difficulty printing some of the information about the antenna. To solve the printing problem I copied the information into WORD so I could control the size. If anyone wants the WORD file, send me an email and I will email the WORD file to you. In the email tell me the version of WORD you are using so I can send the file in the correct format. 73, Denny

   Note de Norm - AI2C. I watched Dennis walk right up to the fox at the Round Hill Elementary School during our October 2, 1999 Fox Hunt. This was impressive to me, since my gear fooled Ray - K4AJA and me into going the other way and driving away from the site. So I'm committed to building a better DF-ing System. Best Regards, Norm - March 28, 2000.