The LARG Fox Hunter's Attenuator Project

By Denny - KF4TJI of Leesburg, Virginia

How It All Got Started

     Some of you have expressed an interest in building the Attenuator that was in the May, 1998 QST. To my knowledge, three club members (myself, NC4S and NA4MA) have already built the attenuator. I have used mine in both of the fox hunts. If you are interested, the original article was in the May, 1998 QST on pages 41-43. There was a correction in the June 1998 QST on page 62. The correction states the 24.9 ohm resistors in the 20dB sections should have a value of 249 ohms. There was a follow up with a changed design and ordering information in the December 1998 QST on page 64.

     If you are interested in building one of these attenuators, let me know. If there is sufficient interest, maybe it can be a group project. This possibility will be discussed at the next club meeting. 73 and happy fox hunting, Denny KF4TJI October 7, 1999.

Here is the information I got about purchasing the attenuator boxes

     "Hi Dennis, There is a nice writeup in this month's CQ VHF about the attenuator. There are two kits, a 6 switch and a 10 switch version and they are $45 and $59 with shipping, brass, switches, BNCs, cover plate, resistors. Each additional one on the same order is $4 less. The price also includes the engraving and your call on the unit. 73 Pete"

     As you can see they are now available as kits with switches and the total cost is less than what I paid. The attenuator I have is the six position one. I do not have the magazine Pete refers to, but I am assuming the attenuation values are the same as the ones on my attenuator. The six position attenuation values are 5, 10, 20, 20,20, 20 for a max of 95dB attenuation.

     Tuesday the 26th I may have to go to Alexandria. If I do, I will go to HRO and get a copy of the magazine. If anyone has the current edition, please let me know. Currently there are 10 people signed up to build an attenuator. Assuming they all want the six position one the cost will be just over $41 ( $45 for the first one and $41for the other nine) each.

     Please help spread the word about this project so that all club members will know about it. If anyone else is interested, have them contact me. The best way is probably email ([email protected]), but they can also call (703-777-9427). I am keeping a list of those who want one and will place the order for them. All you have to do is pay for it and put it together. We can set up a group assembly for those who want it. That way the tools and help would be available for those who may need them. 73, Denny KF4TJI