The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
Outstanding Member For 2004

Tom Garasic - NA4MA

Awarded Annually for Individual Dedication, Singularly Valuable
and Innovative Contributions
to the Furtherance of the Goals and Ideals
of the
Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Virginia.

      The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognizes outstanding contributions of Tom Garasic, NA4MA of Haymarket, Virginia, Chairman of the 2004 LARG Field Day, Balloon Tracking/Recovery Team Chief, and former LARG Treasurer, for his excellent technical, superb organizational and unique leadership abilities. He is also recognized for his outstanding operations in 9/11 Emergency, Hurricane Isabel Emergency, Red Cross - Reston Bicycle Rides, Virginia QSO Parties, Leesburg First Nights, his 'Elmering' and his CW. Signed and Sealed by LARG President Dale Harrison, K3CN of Leesburg, Virginia on December 8, 2004

Tom Garasic - NA4MA LARG Oustanding Member for 2004. Photo by Norm Styer - AI2C of Clarkes Gap, VA.

Tom Garasic, NA4MA of Haymarket, Virginia
selected LARG Outstanding Member for 2004
at the Seventh Annual Holiday Dinner on December 8, 2004 at The Beautiful South, Hamilton, Virginia.