The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
Twelfth Annual Holiday Dinner


Happy  Holidays  To  All !!!
A Very Special Thanks to Ken Sullivan - KJ4GYL, John Unger - W4AU, Jeff Slusher - KE5APC,
Jay Ives - KI4TXP,  Dodson Brown - AJ4EY, and Allon Stern - KE4FYL for arranging this outstanding event !

       The Twelfth Annual Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's Holiday Dinner was enjoyed by all with plenty of fine food and fellowship. It was so nice to see all again this year.

         We again gathered at the Harmony Hall in eastern Hamilton, Virginia on Friday, December 11, 2009. Ken Sullivan - KJ4GYL arranged the invitations and dinner selections, John Unger secured the Harmony Hall, and Allon Stern provided the audio system. Jay Ives, Dodson Brown, and Norm Styer also helped set up tables and chairs and the arrangements. Norm Styer pulled photos from all our 2009 K4LRG.ORG activity reports and Ken Sullivan made them into a very special running slide show. We all brought our special dish. There was plenty for all..

         We recognized Jeff Slusher - KE5APC for his outstanding performance as Chairman of the 2009 K4LRG Filed Day Committee. K4LRG really did a nice job this year thanks to Jeff and everyone else who participated. Let us do it again.

          We also recognized the outstanding support of the Brown Family - Marcia - KJ4GYH, Patrick - KJ4GYI, and Dodson - AJ4EY - during the 2009 K4LRG Field Day Operation.

         Jeff Slusher did an outstanding job on selecting gifts and running the door prize program. For a second time in five years, Norm Styer - AI2C won a big one.

         And, finally, we held our Outstanding Member of the Year Ceremony. This year the Special OM Group selected Rick Miller - AI1V of Reston,, Virginia. Rick, thanks for a great year.

         All fifty-plus of us will continue to talk about this one. Thanks to all who helped pull this one off !!!

Fine Food & Old Friends  (There are 33 photographs - let them flip)

Jeff Slusher - KE5APC

Recognized As

Chairman, 2009 K4LRG Field Day Committee

        COMMENDATION: With deep appreciation, this certificate is awarded in recognition of your outstanding leadership of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's 2009 K4LRG Field Day Committee. Our sixty-five member operation yielded 1,754 Morse and 1,352 Phone QSOs and 1,770 Bonus Points for a Grand Score of 11,490. The K4LRG 2009 Field Day Operation placed first in the ARRL Virginia Section, first in the ARRL Roanoke Division and fifth in the United States and Canada in the 5A Operating Class. And, K4LRG placed 31st among all 2,612 entries. Congratulations to you for all the super planning, excellent organizing, timely station installing, superfine support operations and classy operating skills for an outstanding 2009 K4LRG Field Day event. Our Group is more prepared to serve our communities. I and all the members of the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group thank you for a job well done.

Jeff Slusher - KE5APC is recognized for his outstanding effort as Chairman, 2009 LARG - K4LRG Filed Day Committee.

The Brown Family

Marcia - KJ4GYH, Patrick - KJ4GYI, and Dodson - AJ4EY 

The Brown Family recognized for outstanding support for 2009 K4LRG Field Day Operation. Photogrpah by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.
Recognized For

Outstanding Support For The 2009 K4LRG Field Day Operation

        COMMENDATION: The Dodson Brown Family For their dedicated service to the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group during the 2009 ARRL Field Day Exercise. Each member of the family touched every part of Field Day from early planning, set-up, operations, food and administrative management, youth operations and antenna work. Both their individual and family contributions as a whole resulted in the club's success during Field Day 2009.

Marcia Brown, KJ4GYH For exceptional volunteer service during the 2009 Field Day Exercise. She enthusiastically 'pitched in' in a variety of areas including station set-up, food support, site management and many others. She was "on-site" for incredibly long hours throughout the operation. There was no task too large or small for her to tackle. The club's success is due to a large degree to her dedication and spirit.

Patrick T Brown, KJ4GYI, For his outstanding work as the Top GOTA Operator (and 8th top SSB operator overall) during the 2009 Field Day Exercise. Patrick also deserves credit for coaching other youth operators while developing considerable operating skills himself.

Dodson Brown, AJ4EY - For outstanding planning and management of the "GET ON THE AIR" STATION." As a result of his work, the club received the maximum number of points for operating a GOTA Station during the 2009 Field Day Exercise. More importantly, a number of new hams advanced their operating skills as a result of his work and he introduced - with enthusiasm -- many new young people to the hobby.

The Door Prizes

        Again this year, Jeff Slusher - KE5APC arranged a super selection of couple dozen very nice door prizes. There were cool things for every station. The ARRL's Pocket Ref Handbook has all the answers. Those that brought extra tickets at 5 for $5.00 really made out. The winner pulled the next ticket. And, the Ladies took home the Poinsettias.

Norm Styer - AI2C won the top door prize.

#1 Door Prize:

Kenwood TM-271A
2-Meter High Power Mobile Unit

Read About The TM-271A

And The Winner Is:

Norm Styer - AI2C
of Clarkes Gap, Virginia

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
Outstanding Member For 2009 Award

The Annual Outstanding Member Award


Individual Dedication, Singularly Valuable and Innovative Contributions

to the

Furtherance of the Goals and Ideals

of the

Loudoun Amateur Radio Group of Virginia.

The Outstanding Member Of The Year Award Selection is a secret vote by all previous recipients
and is presented at our annual holiday dinner.

Rick Miller - AI1V awarded the Outrstanding Member for 2009. Photogrpah by Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia.

Rick Miller - AI1V of Reston
The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
Outstanding Member For 2009

~~~  The Citation   ~~~

     "The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group hereby recognizes the outstanding contributions of Rick Miller - AI1V of Reston,, Virginia, for his outstanding support, attention to detail, and invaluable dedication as 2009 President, Station #2 Captain 2009 K4LRG Field Day, member of the 2009 LARG Training Committee, the LARG Virginia General Assembly Legislative Committee, the 2009 ARES Presidential Inauguration Communications Support Operation, as captain of Reston Century station at the Reston Town Center, and Net Control Station on many LARG weekly radio nets. He is also recognized for his valuable technical skills including K4LRG Balloon APRS payload design, APRS presentation to the LARG, many weekends of work on local 2-Meter Repeaters and his operations in the ARRL Sweepstakes and the Virginia QSO Party."

Selected By The Outstanding Members Committee
The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group
December 11, 2009

Paul Dluehosh, N4PD - Outstanding Member for 1998
Gary Quinn, NC4S - Outstanding Member for 1999
Tom Dawson, WB3AKD - Outstanding Member for 2000
Norm Styer, AI2C - Outstanding Member for 2001
John Unger, 2002 - Outstanding Member for 2002
Carol Boehler, KF4TJJ - Outstanding Member for 2003
Tom Garasic, NA4MA - Outstanding Member for 2004
Dennis Boehler, KF4TJI - Outstanding Member for 2005
Charles Preston, K4LJH - Outstanding Member for 2006
Jeff Slusher, KE5APC - Co-Outstanding Member for 2007
Dave Putman, KE4S - Co-Outstanding Member for 2007
Jay Ives, KI4TXP - Outstanding Member for 2008.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all !!!
Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Clarkes Gap, Virginia