The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group Of Northern Virginia & Its Radio Station K4LRG

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's
K4LRG 2009 Field Day Exercise

Operating from the farm of John Westerman - WB5ODJ in northern Loudoun County

         (Purcellville, VA. November 13, 2009) The 2009 Loudoun Amateur Radio Group's K4LRG American Radio Relay League Field Day Operation was our 16th annual event. It is always our premiere operating exercise. This year, under the superb leadership of our 2009 Field Day Committee Chairman, Jeff Slusher - KE5APC and a great team of Captains, over 65 folks planned, organized, installed, supported, and operated Amateur Radio Station K4LRG to a 1st place in the ARRL Virginia Section, 1st place in the ARRL Roanoke Division and 5th in the United States and Canada in the 5A Operating Class. And, K4LRG placed 31st out of 2612 among all entries. Congratulations to all.

       This is the story of our great emergency communications exercise. There are twenty-eight sections covering the many aspects of this successful operation. Imagine doing this for real under stressing conditions in response to community needs in distress. We do this "Just In Case." We will be better prepared and we know who we "Can Count On!"

       Use the Silver-Gray Menu and Drop-Down White-Yellow Link Tabs in the upper left of each page to navigate. Some 600 photographs and video files were provided by members of the LARG. Photographic credits are contained in the photo file name that is accessible from the Property Tab; just right click on any photograph. Thanks to all. In addition, there are some fifty specially prepared charts and graphs that help tell the story.

       A special thank you goes to John Westerman - WB5ODJ who allowed us to roam his family farm. A special thanks goes to members of A Co, 33rd Battalion, Black Horse Brigade, Virginia Defense Force for providing the great General Purpose Medium Army Tent for our support operations, VHF-UHF and Get-On-The Air Stations.

       It was nice riding with you all. Best Regards, Norm Styer - AI2C de Canby - Clarks Gap - Loudoun - Virginia