LARG - K4LRG Field Day 2003 Organization
Catoctin Farm, Waterford, Virginia - The Homestead Of Patty and Gary Quinn, NC4S

Chairman, Field Day Cmte Buddy Brewer K4CJB Captain, Op Sign-Up Buddy Brewer K4CJB
Captain, HF Station #1 W4AU-NC4S-N4PD   Captain, Logs - Dupe Sheets John Unger W4AU
Captain, HF Station #2 Larry McCaig KC1YC Official Elected Gov't Visitor John Unger W4AU
Captain, HF Station #3 John Unger W4AU Official Red Cross Visitor Jay Greeley     -
Captain, HF Station #4 Denny Boehler KF4TJJ Official Government Visitor (POC:D Boehler)     -
Captain, HF Station #5 Gary Quinn NC4S Captain, Base Operations Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain, V/UHF Station Tom Dawson WB3AKD Safety Captain
Captain 1, Satellite Demo Bill McCourt WF1L Captain, Natural Power Gary Quinn NC4S
Captain 2, Satellite Demo Allon Stern KE4FYL Captain, SM Msg Origination Larry McCaig KC1YC
Captain, APRS Demo Dave Putman KG4KZZ Captain, Message Relay Dale Harrison K3CN
Captain, Computers Paul Dluehosh N4PD Copy W1AW Message Paul Dluehosh N4PD
Food Captain Ray Houff K4AJA Copy W1AW Message
    Copy W1AW Message
    Public Information Booth N/A - No Public
Captain, Pins, Teeshirts Buddy Brewer K4CJB Public - Media Relations Larry Hughes K3HE
Captain, Official Photographs Norm Styer AI2C Sign Captain Angi Garasic KG4AVR