DX Police and Pileup Behavior

Date: 05/16/2000 7:36:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected]

   I agree that DX Police often cause MORE interference than the occassional on-frequency caller. This is because the Police (plural) come on after the caller finishes, usually _concurrent_ with the DX station and they often find in necesary to lecture and impune the inadvertent caller.

   I suggest for first offences, it is better to just let it ride. Usually the caller figures it out pretty soon. For callers who don't seem to get the picture, a simple "Listening Up" should suffice.

   One of my pet peeves is TUNING UP on top of the DX station. I suspect Packet and Internet spotting are partially responsible. Non-thinking DXers grab the spot from their computer, load it into their radio and proceed to Tune Up without realizing that their transmitter is on the DX station frequency. Check your transmit frequency before tuning. THINK FIRST.

   Why do SOME DXers take to long to tune up? Most contesters have figured out that their amplifiers tune to the same possitions every time they tune up and have added a 3 X 5 card with appropriate pencil marks for each band behind the tuning controls.

   DX Station Control of Pileups Frequent identification with instructions helps minimize confusion and keep callers in order. Not identifying for long periods of time creates confusion, especially when multiple DXpeditions are operating simultaneously. GOOD operators can work up to 300 contacts per hour (5 a minute) on SSB and up to 200 contacts per hour (3 a minute) on CW. Identifying on every contact at peak times would reduce rates but once every minute or two should suffice.

   NOT CALLING during other people's contacts is not only good ethics, it actually improves your chances of getting in the log by allowing the DX operator to maximize his rate. I have never understood why so many DXers, even long time experienced DXers, make calls DURING other peoples contacts. Such behavior just slows down the DX station's rate.

Would like someone else to call on top of YOUR QSO? If not, then please don't call on top of others. It will help the DX station get to you sooner! de Tom N4KG


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