Amateur Radio From Loudoun County VA

November 1997

The LARG Radio News - DE K4LRG

The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President John Unger (W4AU) (540) 338-4620
Vice-Pres. Gary Quinn (NC4S) (540) 882-3017
Secretary Tom Dawson (WB3AKD) (540) 338-4905
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss (KD4LSL) (540) 338-3521

NOTE: Next Meeting is November 15, 8:30 at the El Rancho Plus

October Club Meeting Notes

The scheduled Fox Hunt was postponed due to threatening weather and the absence of some of our key fox “hunters”. Don’t despair, we’ll reschedule this interesting and fun event again in the near future. Paul, N4PD, reported in the novice/tech class, which is rapidly coming to a close. We expect that most of our students will be taking their exams on November 15, when the rest of us will be at the next LARG club meeting. Otto, W4QDP, demonstrated his “third world” short wave radio, which is powered by a windup spring that drives a generator. If there was a companion transmitter, we could have a new class of Field Day station!

**NOTE WELL** We voted to have NO LARG meeting in December; the next meeting after November’s will be January 17!

November Club Meeting Notes

The Highlight of the November club meeting will be our annual or semi-annual mini-hamfest. So clean out the shack and bring all of those low-priced “valuables” to the meeting next Saturday. Remember, price tags should not exceed about $5.00 for any one item. Along the lines of club business, we will need to appoint a nominating committee to select a slate of officers for the club for 1998. Also, we will discuss an idea by Norm, AI2C, to have an annual club 10 meter DX contest; details will be presented at the meeting.

Club News

As of this newsletter’s publication, Gary, NC4S, now has two of his three antennas waving at the top of his tower; the BIG ONE is still to go up. John, W4AU, got lucky in the CW portion of the Sweepstakes contest earlier this month and got his first ever “clean sweep”, working all 79 ARRL and CRRL sections in the 30-hour contest interval. November 15 is not only the date of the next LARG meeting but also is the date of the SSB portion of the Sweepstakes contest. If enough club members are interested (like 2 or more…) we can have a club entry for this contest. If you can’t make the meeting but would like to participate in the contest, call John, W4AU. Another possibility for a team contest entry is for the CW portion of the CQ WW DX contest, which is the 29-30 of November. Contact Norm, AI2C, at 338-2584 if you want to participate as a team entry. LARG members, AI2C, and K4LJH report hearing the new Sputnik launched on November 3 from the Mir space station; listen on 145.820 for the beep…beep…beep; the tone is f(T).


Calendar of Events:

Every Third Saturday 8:30 a.m. Club Meeting, El Ranchero Plus Restaurant, Purcellville
Weekday Mornings and Evenings Commuter Net, 147.480 MHz Simplex
Every Sunday 8:00 p.m. Club Radio Net, 28.360 MHz USB