June 1998 Amateur Radio From Loudoun County VA

The LARG Radio News


The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President Gary Quinn (NC4S) (540)882-3017
Vice-President Norm Styer (AI2C) (540)338-2584
Secretary Nancy Dluehosh (KE4RTP) (703)771-9284
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss (KD4LSL) (540)338-3521
Editor John Unger (W4AU) (540)338-4620
Training Paul Dluehosh (N4PD) (703)771-9284

May Club Meeting Report
Field Day discussions continued, and John, W4AU, who was head of the LARG FD committee, said that he will, unfortunately have to be out of town for this year's event. Gary, NC4S, stepped in to assume leadership for FD this year. The club agreed to have a Fox Hunt as part of the July meeting; stay tuned.

June Club Meeting Notes
We will be making the final plans for Field Day at Ida Lee this year. If you cannot make the meeting but still plan to operate at Field Day, contact Gary, NC4S, and let him know your plans.

Club News
Congratulations to Norm, AI2C, for his fine 2nd place finish in the CQWW CW Contest in the 10-meter, single band category. Norm also has a big score in the LARG 10-meter Trophy Contest, so get on that band and give him a run for his money, guys! Tom, KF4FXT, has his new house (and, of course, ham shack) almost ready to move into; how many 6x6's did you have to move, Tom?

The final results were announced at the Manasses Hamfest last week, and LARG finished second in the club competition category of the VA QSO Party. We were only about 10,000 points behind the first-place finishers, the Central Virginia Contest Club; that's out of about 275,000 total points! The big winner for our club was Dennis, KF4TJI, who earned first place and a handsome plaque in the novice/tech all mode category. Even more impressive is the fact that LARG placed five members in the top 10 overall! Norm, AI2C, was 2nd, John, W4AU, was 3rd, Gary, NC4S, was 7th, Charlie, K4LJH, was 8th, and Craig, N4OHE, was 9th; Tom, WB3AKD, finished 2nd overall in the mobile category. It was a fine showing by LARG, and many club participants collected fine certificates from the SPARC VA QSO Party Officials at the hamfest. Well done, guys!

For Sale / Wanted
This is a new section of the Newsletter. The ground rules are simple: the ads are only for members of LARG; don’t list something for a “friend”; and no commercial advertising.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME! Need to match a weird impedance? Want to put two 100 ohm loads or antennas in parallel to 50 ohms? I've dozens of pieces of RG-71B coax with 50 ohm BNCs on the ends in lengths of 5' to over 16'. Take a few or take many. Call Tom, WB9RXJ at (h)(703)779-0665, (w)(703)471-2900x4602 email "[email protected]".

FOR SALE: Heathkit HW101 SSB Transceiver with Power Supply and Speaker. 95% completed. Just has the last couple bugs to work out. $50.00 Mark Gillam, N3GMW, 540-822-5690 [email protected].

Calendar of Events:
Every Sunday 8:00PM Club Radio Net, 147.480 MHz simplex
Every Third Saturday 8:30AM Club Meeting, El Ranchero Plus Restaurant, Purcellville, Va
Weekday Mornings and Evenings Commuter Net, 147.480 MHz Simplex