June 1995


The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President Gary Quinn NC4S
Vice President John Unger W3GOI
Secretary Larry Macionski WA2AJQ
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss KD4LSL

Regular Meetings held the Third Saturday of each month, 8:00 AM atthe new location of the N.C. BBQ Stop, located on Maple Avenue in Purcellville VA.


Field Day 1995 is only two weeks away, and next LARG meeting on June 17 will focus on this upcoming event. Some of the decisionsconcerning FD that have already been made: We will operate in the  3A category, which means we will operate three separate HF stations plus additional VHF stations from portable generators. Two of the HF stations will use SSB as the primary mode and the third will be on CW most of the time. We will be using G5RV antennas as our main HF systems; the club has purchased two G5RV's for this purpose.

Because the 1995 FD rules eliminated the 100 point bonus for a Novice/Tech station, we decided not to set up a specific Novice/Tech station this year. However, we will still have a lot of operating time available for all club members and we encourage Novice and Technician class hams to come out and operate. If you plan to operate at FD this year and will not be at the June 17 club meeting, please let Jason, KE4GUK, or Gary, NC4S, know the times/modes you would like to operate because we will be trying to set up schedules for all of the stations this year.

CLUB NEWS: The balloon project is still rolling along. Bob, W4POF, has a hydrogen regulator and access to hydrogen, and Charlie, K4LJH, has perfected a balloon beacon some fox-hunting equipment for locating the downed balloon; this gear will be tested after FD. You will notice two extras with your newsletter this month: The first is a membership list; the names with the stars in front of them are members who are in our records as having paid their 1995 dues. The second is a list of equipment from Russ Davis's, KE4PJ, estate.  Russ became a silent key earlier this year. John, W3GOI, (338-4620) is helping Russ's widow to sell the contents of Russ's shack.  Contact John directly if you are interested in buying any of this equipment.