January 1999 Amateur Radio From Loudoun County VA

The LARG Radio News


The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President Gary Quinn (NC4S) (540)882-3017
Vice-President Norm Styer (AI2C) (540)338-2584
Secretary Nancy Dluehosh (KE4RTP) (703)771-9284
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss (KD4LSL) (540)338-3521
Editor John Unger (W4AU) (540)338-4620
Training Paul Dluehosh (N4PD) (703)771-9284


November Club Meeting Reports

The big feature of the November club meeting occurred after breakfast and the formal part of the meeting when everyone moved to Gary's, NC4S, basement for an antenna construction project. We all pitched in and made about 25, 2-meter loop DF antennas, per Tom's, WB3AKD, design. Henry Ford would have been proud of the assembly line that we had set up! Even more importantly, this activity provided everyone with the opportunity to talk and work together and just plain have a good time. Thanks for your hospitality, Patty and Gary!!!

January Club Meeting Plans

The major event for this LARG meeting will be a report from the Nominating Committee and election of officers for 1999. Also, due to renewed interest in the long-term LARG balloon launch, we will have a discussion of where the club is going with this project in 1999 (besides straight up…).


The inaugural Holiday LARG Dinner Party that was held on December 3 at the Beautiful South Restaurant was a great success. Over 30 LARG members and their spouses, significant others, and friends enjoyed good food and a wonderful social time together. Paul, N4PD, was recognized with a special award from the club for his service to LARG, especially for his work with the novice/tech classes that he has organized. We had unanimous consensus to make this dinner an annual event, so those of you who couldn't make it this year be sure and mark your calendars for 1999!

Club News & Events

LARG, through Paul's, N4PD, efforts, again provided communications and support for the Leesburg New Year's First night celebration. Tom, WB3AKD, Tom was net control this year; he used the tower on his "communication vehicle" (aka pick-em-up truck) with a j-pole on top as the base station antenna and his mobile rig for the high power base station operated from inside the building. Others LARG members participating were Paul, N4PD; Nancy, KE4RTP; Pam, N4OPN; Jacob, KF4VLQ; Norm, AI2C; Tom, KF4FXT; Angie, KG4AVR; Mary, KF4UUY; Bob, KF4VBM; Dale, KD4LSL; and Tom, WB9RXJ. We think that this is the largest turnout that we've had for the four years that we have been participating in First Night. Good job, everyone!


It is that time of year again; your modest membership fees for 1999 are due! We still only charge $12.00 per year (that's only $1.00 per month, or about $0.03 per day…) for membership in the finest amateur radio club in western Loudoun County. To make it easy for you, we have provided a pre-addressed envelope and membership form for you to fill out and mail in or bring to the January meeting. This form not only helps you to get your dues paid, but it also will let us update our membership data base so that we can provide you with a new membership list early in 1999. Our big expense is mailing out this newsletter and we need the $’s to keep it going!

  • 1998 Loudoun Amateur Radio Club Membership and dues form. Please include $12.00 for 1999 club dues.

    Name __________________________________________________________ Callsign ______________

    Address ________________________________________________________

    City _____________________________ State ______ Zip ______________

    email address ____________________________________________________

    Home phone __________________________ Work phone _________________________

  • Calendar of Events:
    Every Sunday 8:00PM Club Radio Net, 147.480 MHz simplex
    Every Third Saturday 8:30AM Club Meeting, El Ranchero Plus Restaurant, Purcellville, Va
    Weekday Mornings and Evenings Commuter Net, 147.480 MHz Simplex