The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President Gary Quinn NC4S
Vice President John Unger W3GOI
Secretary Larry Macionski WA2AJQ
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss KD4LSL

Regular Meetings held the Third Saturday of Each Month, 8:00 AM at the Tex-Mex Restaurant, 144 21st Street Purcellville VA.


     A great time was had by all on our clubs first fox hunt. In preparation for our balloon launch tentatively planned for the fall, we decided to practice our Fox hunting skills. Charles, K4LJH, volunteered to be the fox and departed our regular meeting a few minutes early to hide. Cha!rles was equipped with a low power transmitter of approximately 100mW and used.his memo-ry keyer to send a CW identifier at regular intervals. output power was held at a constant level which would be representative of our balloon transmitter. John, W3GOI, was chosen to coordinate the hunt and act as the control station. Many members responded with their favorite DF gear which included beam antennas, a DF loop, and several phase detecting type systems. John, with his topographical map and protractor, collected da-La and guided the operators to various locations in Purcellville to triangulate a location.
     On our first hunt, Gary (NC4S) and Tom (WB3AKD) working as a team were the first to locate the fox. Using a 3 Element Yagi and a DF loop they were able to home in on the Transmitter located in the parking lot of the Purcellville community center quickly. Everyone was eager to try again so K4LJH disappeared for a second time to another elusive location. on the second hunt Wes (WA4TSC) was the first to locate the fox located behind the Purcellville shopping center. Wes was using his homebrew handi-finder which has a small bowtie antenna with a phase detection circuit. Everyone participating had a great time and is eager to try again.


Tom, WB3AKD, has compiled a list of preliminary specifications for our balloon payload. Tom volunteered to design the telemetry package for the first launch. Charles (K4LJH) and Dale (KD4LSL) will be working together to build the Transmitter portion. John (W3GOI) will be working on the Package design and the Recovery Parachute. The payload will consist of a 145.650 Mhz FM transmitter with approx. 500mW of output power. A CW ID will be transmitted, followed by the telemetry data of temperature and pressure. on board will be a programmable timer to control a payload release to limit the flight duration. An audible beacon (solalert) will emit a tone once a second. The payload will be enclosed in a water tight, buoyant enclosure, which must withstand extreme temperatures. For obvious reasons the package will be painted a bright Aviation Orange color and will be clearly marked with instructions of how to deactivate the Audible beacon and how to return or arrange for pickup in the event we are unable to locate it.


A short business meeting followed by 6t-scussion of our upcoming balloon launch. Immediately following the meeting (Weather permitting), we will have another fox hunt to further refine our direction finding skills. Charles, K4LJH, will be increasing his distance to make our hunt more challenging. In the event of rain, the club plans to view a Video tape of a several balloon launches by Edge of Space Sciences in Littleton Colorado. This video provides some incredible footage of all aspects of a launch.

Calendar of Events:

Aug. 19, 8:00 AM Club Meeting, Purcellville, VA
Every Sunday, 8:00 PM Radio Net, 28.360 MHz USD
Sept. 10 F.A.R. Fest, Gaithersburg, MD