April 1995


The Loudoun Amateur Radio Group, P.O. Box 1004, Purcellville, VA 20134

President Gary Quinn NC4S
Vice President John Unger W3GOI
Secretary Larry Macionski WA2AJQ
Treasurer Dale Cabaniss KD4LSL

Regular Meetings held the Third Saturday of each month, 8:00 AM atthe new location of the N.C. BBQ Stop, located on Maple Avenue in Purcellville VA.


Our Club has finally received news from Newington that our request for A.R.R.L. affiliation has been approved. We have been eagerly awaiting this news. This will allow our club to utilize a wide  variety of the Leagues resources. A few of the many benefits include:

Field Forum: A Club newsletter.

ARRL Sponsored club liability and equipment insurance.

Referrals of prospective radio amateurs.

Films and other audio-visual aids.

Mailing labels and lists of ARRL members or clubs.

$5.00 commision for each club recruited ARRL member

$2.00 commision for each renewal handled by the club.


Please note that our meeting time has changed. A vote was taken at our March meeting and it was decided that our new meeting time will be 8:00 AM.

HIghlights of the MARCH meeting:

We had further discussion in preparation for Field Day. Jason,  KE4GUK, is eager to hear from those who will be able to bring  equipment for this years event. Jason has been busy preparing  lists of items required and would like to hear from you. 

Continued discussion on having a Radio Ballon launch. A vote  was taken to investigate the feasibility of having such a launch  as a club project. Plans are to begin some research into what  will be required for such as task. The club has agreed to delay  this launch until after Field day, possibly in the Fall, so that  we can concentrate our efforts on Field day first. Tom, WB3AKD,  was chosen as chairman for the project. Tom will be forming a  small committee in the near future to map out a tentative  schedule for the project.


Field Day antenna discussion. We will decide what types of  antennas to use, and choose locations for each. As a side topic  for our balloon launch, the club thought it might be a good  ideas to brush up on our fox hunting skills. With this in mind, Charles, K4LJH, has been planning a  demonstration for this  meeting. If everything goes well he hopes to have some  direction finding hardware for us to see.

PUBLIC SERVICE EVENTS, Request for Volunteers

The P.A.T.C. Dogwood 50K Foot Race, Saturday April 29. Jerry  Pixton, W6IHG, E.C. Shenandoah County, is recruiting radio  volunteers to assist in providing communications for this event.  This event is held in the George Washington National Forest near  Front Royal Virginia. Volunteers can reach Jerry at  (703)4653787.

The National Capital M.S. Society 150K Bike Tour, Saturday May 20, Sunday May 21. Radio Operators will be needed for this event which will be held in Loudoun County. For  information contact Dave Rogers, N4JGQ, at (703) 237-5465.

Calendar of Events:

April 15, 8:00 AM Club Meeting, Purcellville

April 16, 8:00 PM Club Radio Net, 28.360 MHZ USB

April 23, 8:00 PM Club Radio Net, 28.360 MHZ USB

June 24-25 Field Day, Ida Lee Park, Leesburg